20 Best War Strategy Games for Android 2024

If you love playing war strategy games on your Android phone, we’ve got something exciting for you. We’re taking you into the world of war games – those cool ones where you make strategies and win battles. Stick around, and we’ll tell you about the best war games you can play on your Android. Whether you’re new to gaming or a pro, these games are for everyone. Let’s explore the awesome world of war strategy games together!

What Are Strategy Games?

Okay, before we jump into the games, let’s talk about what strategy games are. These are the games where you don’t just run and jump. Nope, in these games, you need to think and plan. Imagine you’re the boss of an army, and you have to decide where to go, what to do, and how to win battles. That’s what strategy games are all about – using your brain to outsmart the enemy and become the champion.

Best War Strategy Games for Android

1. World War Armies: Modern RTS

World War Armies

Play Like a General in Modern Wars

World War Armies is one of the best war strategy games for Android that brings modern real-time strategy (RTS) to the palm of your hand. It is like being in a real war but on your phone! You build your army, use cool weapons, and fight in real time. It’s not just a game – it’s like being a general in a big, modern war. You’ll love making smart decisions and winning battles. It’s developed by Hypemasters, Inc.

Cool Stuff in the Game:

  • Real War Feeling: It feels like you’re in a real modern war with high-tech weapons.
  • Decide in Real Time: You make quick decisions during battles that can change everything.
  • Exciting Battles: The fights are super exciting and happen right away.

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2. Game of Warriors

Game of Warriors

Become a King, Rule Your Kingdom

Game of Warriors by Games365 is a strategy game that thrusts you into the shoes of a medieval king, tasked with building a thriving city and defending it against relentless enemies. The game’s charm lies in the meticulous city-building aspect, where every upgrade strengthens your kingdom’s resilience. As a ruler, you’ll recruit an array of warriors, each with unique powers, to forge an unstoppable force. The game’s appeal extends beyond battles; it’s about nurturing your city into a bastion of strength and dominance.

Game of Warriors unveils a rich tapestry of medieval intrigue, with quests and challenges that propel the narrative forward. The varied warriors at your command aren’t just characters; they’re your trusted allies, each contributing to the kingdom’s grandeur. The visually stunning battles add a layer of excitement, but the heart of the game lies in the city’s growth. Upgrade structures, strategically position defenses, and witness your kingdom evolve into a formidable force in the expansive world of Game of Warriors.

Awesome Features:

  • Build Your City: Make your city awesome and defend it from enemies.
  • Different Warriors: Get warriors with special powers – they’re like your superhero team.
  • Big Battles: Fight big battles to show everyone you’re the best king.

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3. Doomsday: Last Survivors



Survive After the World Ends

Developed by IGG.COM, Doomsday is a game where the world is not the same anymore. It’s one of the top strategy games you can play today on Android. You and your friends have to survive. It’s like being in a movie about the end of the world. You find things, make decisions, and survive together.

What Makes It Cool:

  • Post-Apocalyptic Adventure: Explore a world that’s not normal anymore – it’s an adventure.
  • Decide to Survive: Make decisions to survive with your friends – it’s teamwork.
  • Find Resources: Look for things you need to stay alive and keep going.

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4. Viking Rise

Viking Rise War Strategy Game

Be a Viking Captain on the Sea

Viking Rise is like being a captain of a Viking ship. You go on big sea adventures, fight other ships, and conquer places. It’s an amazing game for people who love stories about Vikings! The game is also developed by IGG.COM.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Epic Sea Battles: Fight big battles on the sea with your cool Viking ship.
  • Explore and Conquer: Explore new places and conquer them to be the best Viking captain.
  • Viking Heroes: Have powerful Viking heroes on your team – they’re like your Viking friends.

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5. Mafia City

Mafia City

Run Your Own Crime Empire

Developed by Phantix games, Mafia City is a war strategy game that is all about being the boss of a crime family. You build your empire, make deals, and fight other families. It’s like being in a movie about the mafia! It’s one of the best Android games with over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone.

What Makes It Exciting:

  • Build Your Crime Empire: Make your empire strong and powerful in the world of crime.
  • Turf Wars: Fight against other families to control different parts of the city.
  • Cunning Strategies: Use your brain to be the smartest boss and win against other families.

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6. Defense Legend 3

Defense Legend 3

Defend Your Base from Enemies

Defense Legend 3 is about defending your base from lots of enemies. You use towers and weapons to stop them. It’s like building your own defense army and making sure no one gets past! It’s developed GCenter.

Why It’s Fun:

  • Build Defense Towers: Create towers with cool weapons to protect your base.
  • Upgrade Your Defense: Make your defense stronger by upgrading towers and weapons.
  • Fight Big Bosses: Face big bosses who are super strong – it’s a big challenge!

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7. The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead Survivors

Survive in a World Full of Zombies

The Walking Dead: Survivors is another top strategy game for Android that is about living in a world where there are lots of zombies. You build a safe place, find friends, and fight to survive. It’s like being in a TV show about surviving against scary zombies! This game is developed by Galaxy Play Technologies Limited.

Cool Things in the Game:

  • Meet TV Show Characters: See characters from The Walking Dead TV show in the game.
  • Build a Safe Place: Make a safe place for you and your friends to live and survive.
  • Fight Zombies: Fight against zombies and other people trying to take your safe place.

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8. Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Pagani Go

Build Your Kingdom and Rule

Developed by IGG.COM, Lords Mobile is all about being a ruler and building a big kingdom. You make alliances, fight battles, and become the strongest ruler. It’s like being in charge of a big, exciting kingdom!

Why You’ll Enjoy It:

  • Build a Kingdom: Create and make your kingdom strong and powerful.
  • Fight Other Rulers: Battle against other players to become the best ruler.
  • Cool Hero Commanders: Get special heroes to help you in battles – they’re like your powerful friends.

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9. Plants vs Zombie

Plants vs Zombies

Defend Your Garden with Funny Plants

Plants vs Zombie is one of the best Zombie games for Android. It is a funny strategy game where you defend your garden from zombies. You use animated plants with different powers to stop the zombies. It’s a game where you can have a good laugh while playing! It’s developed by popular game developer Electronic Arts.

What Makes It Fun:

  • Funny Tower Defense: Use funny animated plants to stop the zombie invasion.
  • Different Plant Powers: Each plant has its own special powers to defeat different zombies.
  • Funny Gameplay: It’s not just about battles – the game is funny and entertaining.

Download Plants vs Zombies

You may also be interested in the modified version of the call known as Plants vs Zombies Mod Apk.

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10. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Build, Fight, and Conquer Online

Developed by Supercell, Clash of Clans is a famous game where you build your village, train armies, and fight against other players online. It’s a strategy game that many people love, and you can join millions of players worldwide.

Why It’s Popular:

  • Play with Others: Join clans, battle against other players, and chat with people from around the world.
  • Build Your Village: Make your village strong, protect it, and customize how it looks.
  • Plan Strategies: Think of smart strategies to win battles against other players.

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11. Total Battle: Strategy Game

Total Battle strategy game

Lead Armies to Total Victory

Total Battle takes you to a fantasy world with medieval kingdoms. You build your castle, recruit armies, and fight against other players. It’s like being a king in a world with knights and castles. The game is developed by Scorewarrior.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Fantasy Setting: Dive into a world with knights, castles, and epic battles.
  • Big PvP Battles: Fight against other players in big battles to show you’re the best.
  • Upgrade Your Castle: Make your castle strong and upgrade it to become a powerful kingdom.

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12. Alien Creeps

Alien Creeps

Defend Earth from Alien Invaders

Developed by Outplay Entertainment Limited, Alien Creeps is about defending Earth from aliens using tower defense tactics. You use heroes and towers to stop the alien invasion. It’s fast, action-packed, and visually impressive!

Cool Features:

  • Heroic Commanders: Get heroes with special powers to lead your defense.
  • Fast Tower Defense: Stop waves of alien invaders using quick tower defense strategies.
  • Impressive Battles: Enjoy visually stunning battles against lots of alien enemies.

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13. Last War: Survival Game

Last War

Survive in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Last War: Survival Game puts you in a world that’s not normal anymore. In this game developed by First Fun, you gather resources, make shelters, and form alliances to survive. It’s a game about making smart decisions to stay alive.

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Why It’s Exciting:

  • Post-Apocalyptic Adventure: Explore a world that’s changed and survive in it.
  • Gather Resources: Find things you need to stay alive and keep going.
  • Alliance Strategy: Work with other players to make your survival stronger.

Download the Game

14. The Grand Mafia

The Grand Mafia

Rule the Criminal Underworld

The Grand Mafia is about ruling the criminal underworld. You build your empire, recruit henchmen, and fight against other gangs. It’s like being the boss in a movie about the mafia! The game is developed by Phantix Games.

What Makes It Thrilling:

  • Build Your Empire: Make your criminal empire strong and powerful.
  • Turf Wars: Fight against other gangs to control parts of the city.
  • Story-Driven Gameplay: Enjoy a story that unfolds as you climb the ranks in the criminal world.

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15. War Planet Online: MMO Game

War Planet Online

Join Massive Battles, Conquer the Globe

War Planet Online is all about massive battles against players from around the world. You join alliances, build bases, and fight for dominance. It’s a game where the whole world is your battleground! This game is from the popular game developer Gameloft SE.

Exciting Features:

  • Massive Multiplayer Battles: Join big battles with players from around the world.
  • Global Domination: Use strategy and warfare to dominate the online world.
  • Base Building and Alliances: Construct bases, form alliances, and strategize with other players for mutual success.

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16. Narcos: Cartel War and Strategy

NARCOS Cartel Wars

Step into the World of Narcos, Build and Defend Your Cartel

Narcos: Cartel War and Strategy immerse you in the world of drug cartels. You build and manage your cartel, produce narcotics, and fight against rival cartels. The game brings a story inspired by the hit TV series Narcos. It was developed by Tilting Point.

Why It’s Awesome:

  • Cartel Management: Build, upgrade, and manage your drug cartel’s operations.
  • Tactical Battles: Fight against rival cartels and law enforcement using smart strategies.
  • Narcos-Inspired Narrative: Experience a story influenced by the intense Narcos TV series.

17. Grow Empire: Rome

Grow Empire Rome

Build an Empire in Ancient Rome, Fight Epic Battles

Grow Empire: Rome takes you back to ancient times, where you build and grow your Roman empire. Construct cities, recruit armies, and engage in epic battles against other civilizations. It’s like being a commander in ancient Rome!

Why It’s Fun:

  • Ancient Rome Setting: Explore the historical vibes of ancient Rome.
  • Empire Building: Build and upgrade cities to expand your Roman empire.
  • Strategic Warfare: Plan strategies for epic battles against other civilizations.

Download the Grow Empire Game

18. Among Us

Among Us

Infiltrate or Defend, Unravel the Mystery Among Us

Among Us is a different kind of strategy game developed by Innerslot LLC. In this game, you work with a group to complete tasks, but some are impostors trying to eliminate the crew. It’s a game of strategy, deception, and mystery in a space-themed setting.

Cool Things in the Game:

  • Social Deduction Gameplay: Interact with other players to uncover impostors or deceive as the impostor.
  • Task Completion: Work with crewmates to complete tasks and maintain the spaceship.
  • Intriguing Space Theme: Immerse yourself in a space-themed setting with a suspenseful mystery.

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19. Boom Beach

Boom Beach

Command, Plan, and Conquer Tropical Islands

Boom Beach takes you to tropical islands where strategic warfare unfolds. As a commander, you build a base, amass troops, and engage in battles against the Blackguard. The game combines base building, exploration, and tactical combat in a visually stunning world.

Why It’s Great:

  • Tropical Archipelago Setting: Explore and conquer a visually appealing tropical world.
  • Base Building and Upgrades: Construct and upgrade your base to withstand enemy attacks.
  • Tactical Combat: Plan and execute strategies in battles against the Blackguard.

Download Bloom Bleach

20. Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc (1)

Stabilize Regions and Bring Peace

Rebel Inc. by Indemic Creations is a game that adds a unique twist to the war strategy genre, emphasizing the challenges of post-conflict management and peacekeeping. It puts you in charge of stabilizing regions and bringing peace after a conflict. You’re not just fighting battles; you’re making tough decisions to win hearts and minds. It’s a game that challenges your strategic thinking and leadership skills.

Why It’s Worth Playing:

  • Post-Conflict Challenges: Navigate through the complexities of rebuilding regions after conflicts.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Make decisions that impact the stability and progress of the region.
  • Unique Peacekeeping Gameplay: Unlike traditional war games, Rebel Inc. focuses on maintaining peace.

You may be interested in more strategy games for Android which I have already written in previous posts.


So, there you have it – the best war strategy games for your Android phone! Each game offers a unique experience, from surviving a zombie apocalypse to ruling the criminal underworld. Whether you enjoy medieval battles or futuristic warfare, there’s a game for everyone. Dive into these immersive worlds, sharpen your strategic skills, and conquer challenges in the dynamic landscape of Android war strategy gaming. Get ready to be the commander, ruler, or survivor in your own virtual adventure! It’s time to have some serious fun on your Android device!

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