Spacebar Counter Test: How to Improve Your Skills?

Spacebar games are not so popular among users as they do not share a very fascinating idea. They always seem boring because not much activity can be done in those games. But the spacebar counter helps you know how fast you are on the keyboard.

The spacebar test helps you to know your speed by registering the no.of clicks on the spacebar you do at a particular time. 

If you also want to check your speed on the keyboard you should take this test. It will help you know where you need to improve to be fast.

Features of Spacebar Counter Test:

Spacebar Counter Test

  • Click count:

The most important feature of the spacebar counter game

Whenever you click on the spacebar it registers that and if you are working with a timer start the timer when you start clicking. 

When you stop clicking stop the timer and you can see how many clicks you made in that particular time.

  • Restart button:

Spacebar restart button

There is a restart button using which you can refresh the space clicks. When you press the restart button the count becomes zero. 

You can press the restart button when you are done clicking the space button.

  • No registration required:

You don’t need to install any application or sign up on the browser to test your spacebar skills. 

Simply go to the website and click on the start button to begin the test.

  • Fun and engaging:

It is one of the most fun and challenging exercise that you can do with your friends. Simply start the test and ask your friends to beat your high score. 

Many users find the game quite addicting and they often keep on playing the game to build a muscle memory connection.

  • Score Count:

Spacebar game score count test


The spacebar test measures your pressing speed and displays your results once the timer is finished. 

The score count helps you to find your spacebar pressing speed. If you want to become a professional in spacebar clicking then you will have to constantly measure your score and keep on improving your speed.

How to Take the Test?

Taking the test is fairly simple. Just follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the website and navigate to the spacebar test.
  • Step 2: Select the preferred time and hit the start button.
  • Step 3: Start pressing the spacebar key as soon as the timer begins. The goal is to maximize the presses in the selected time.
  • Step 4:  Your results will be reflected when the timer stops. You also get the option to restart the game and take the test again.

How Accurate is the Spacebar Counter Test?

The click count is very precise and it does not give any wrong counts at any time. 

You can test the count by clicking the spacebar and seeing how much the count bar is reflecting. If you pressed the spacebar once the count bar should be showing the right count.

No problems have been reported by users to date with the spacebar counter. The count is precise and you can decide your performance based on count the provided to you by the spacebar counter.

Is it Worth Your Time?

The spacebar counter does not take much time of your time. You can take a test speed of the keyboard. 

So if you are thinking about whether you should invest your tia me in the spacebar counter or not then just to let you it won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.

And as the click count is very specific so can rely completely on the spacebar counter and know how good you are on the keyboard.

Is it Addicting?

Spacebar game

The test seems pretty simple and easy at first. However, because of its simplicity, users find themselves playing the game for hours. 

The constant urge to break your high score and keep on improving drives you to keep playing the game. 

A word of caution, take a rest in between if you find yourself constantly playing the game for more than an hour.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a space bar counter?

Ans. Spacebar Counter is an application you can use to know your speed on the keyboard. 

Q2. How fast can you hit the spacebar?

Ans. You can hit the spacebar up to 36 times in a minute. The world record is held by Evan H as he clicked the spacebar 58 times in five seconds

Q3. How do you win a spacebar counter?

Ans. You can win a spacebar counter by clicking the spacebar as many times as possible in 30 seconds.

Q4. What is the average spacebar CPS?

Ans. The average spacebar cps is 6.27. 

Q5. Are 7 clicks per second fast?

Ans. A clicking speed of 3-6 clicks is considered to be a very good clicking speed. It is better than an average cps. 

Review in a nutshell:

The spacebar counter helps you to know how fast you are on the keyboard. It is a very precise application that you can use to test your cps. 

More Games

You just have to click the spacebar as many times as possible in 30 seconds. Just use a timer when you start clicking and stop the timer when you stop clicking so that you can calculate your cps.

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