Flip Clocker: Free Digital Clock Widgets to Decorate Your iPhone

Time may be an illusion, but your clock app doesn’t have to be. The ability to keep time has been a landmark among human achievements, and the importance of being able to do so in our day-to-day lives goes unnoticed.

We transitioned from sundials and candle clocks to pendulums and analogs to atomic clocks and quartz-based digital watches. Now, in this age of screens, the classic visuals and sounds of a clock on the wall or table often lie forgotten in mind.

For those who wish to enjoy the retro feel of a classical clock Flip Clock is here to provide a customizable, easy-to-use visual clock on your Apple device.

Flip Clocker Tool Details

Game Name Flip Clocker
Website http://flipclocker.com/
Available football, soccer
Version ///
Developer Tong Zhang.
Available on App Store by Apple
Updated December 9, 2022
Device and System Requirements iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS 14.0 or later), or Mac (macOS 11.0 or later).
Review Five stars by user Verline Rosalinda. “The representative of simplicity and practicality.”
Price ///
Supported Languages English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Downloads 1,082,000+

Flip Clocker App

Flip Clocker: What is it? 

Flip Clocker is a visual clock app to turn your display into a classic flip or analog clock for idle viewing. We offer various quick and customizable options to fit your aesthetic and preferences. See an example at flipclocker.com or go to the App Store page to download it for free on your Apple device.

Run the app, and Flip Clocker will display the date and time on your device according to your preferences in full-screen view and while idle during your work or bedtime hours. Customize the options to fit your style.

what is Flip Clocker

Flip Clocker – How Does It Work? 

Flip Clocker can display the date and time in full-screen view in both landscape or portrait mode. Use either 12 or 24-hour mode, light or dark mode, as a flip clock or an analog clock, with or without the flip animation, and with or without the background ticking sound.

Choose over 30 different styles, fonts, skins, and skins and over 30 different backgrounds. Use for free or pay an optional, one-time fee to be guaranteed lifetime use.

In the app, tap the corners for options. Choose styles, fonts, or skins under the named sections. Toggle options for light or dark, sound on/off, 24/12 hours, show/hide animation, show/hide seconds, show/hide date, and select backgrounds from solid colors, gradients, and animated backgrounds. Close when not in use to preserve power.

Open the App Store app or navigate to the App Store in your browser. Select “Get” to download (26.2 MB filespace required) and tap “Install.” Review Apple ID info if prompted. Press the home button to return home. Select Flip Clocker from your apps. Press the home button to exit when finished.

How Flip Clocker Work

Flip Clocker: Key Features

  • Multiple background styles for your selection, including solid color background, gradient color background, and pattern background.
  • Turn your iPhone or Mac into a black-and-white number clock for fun.
  • Easy switch between the 12 and 24-hour modes, as well as dark modes & light modes.
  • Show and hide today’s date.
  • Add animation effects to your clocks, such as waves, rectangles, fireworks, and clouds.
  • Varying styles, skins, and fonts.
  • Support classic black and white digital clocks and retro dial clocks.

Decorate Your iPhone with Flip Clocker: Step by Step

  • Download Flip Clocker from the App Store or from the official website.
  • Run Flip Clocker on your iPhone and turn your iPhone into a full-screen flip clock.
  • Customize your clock by choosing your favorite background, style, theme, and animation effect.
  • Choose the time display modes between 12 and 24-hour modes.
  • Your iPhone is now a flipping number clock. Enjoy it!

Note: The Flip Clocker application can automatically save your settings. The next time you run the application, you can apply the same customizations directly.

What are the Benefits of Using Flip Clocker? 

  • Provides distraction-free timekeeping to use while you study, work or sleep.
  • Displays the date and time in customizable, classical flip clock or analog clock aesthetics, including sound effects.
  • Hide any distracting notifications while open to keep you focused on your work or a good night’s sleep.
  • Keep you focused and improve your efficiency in study or work hours.
  • Repurpose an old device as a visually satisfying timekeeper.

Features of Flip Clocker

Flip Clocker FAQs:

1. Can I use Flip Clocker for free?

Yes. Flip Clocker offers both free and paid services. You can download it and apply it to your iPhone for free. If you like the app, consider upgrading to a paid account. There will be more advanced features for paid users.

2. Is the Flip Clocker App an Accurate Timekeeper?

Yes. Your device has an internal clock battery that functions even when the power is completely off. This time is also verified via the device’s network connection by a satellite’s atomic clock. Flip Clocker will always display the time accurately and help you undoubtedly focus on your current work.


3. How Do I Get a Retro Flip Clock on a Mac?

Flip Clocker is a good retro flip clock to customize your Mac’s desktop. To apply it, download the application from the Mac store and run it as a screen saver on your Mac.

4. Can Flip Clocker Act as an Alarm Clock?

No. Flip Clocker is designed to provide a fun aesthetic clock without distractions. Your default clock app will have an alarm function for when you need one.


If you miss the looks and sounds of your old clocks or want to brighten up your space with a nice visual clock, try out Flip Clocker for free on your Apple device today. Feel free to customize Flip Clocker as a flip clock or an analog clock in various modes, settings, and looks.

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Improve your work-study balance with this distraction-free display, or get a restful night of sleep without panic-checking your phone for the time. Save distracting notifications for later by keeping them hidden while you finish your work. Download for free or opt for our one-time lifetime payment of $7.99 to keep guaranteed access.

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