Iconosquare Review: The Social Media Analytic Tool

Today, it is important for any brand or business to have a following on social media. People use social media platforms a lot. Millions use it almost daily. So, if you want to promote your products or services to target audiences you have to be on social media. But growing on social media fast requires one to follow a process.

A systematic approach will help you grow much faster and outperform your competitors. One of the systems that you have to implement in your social media marketing is using analytics. Analytics tell you everything about your social media performance.

Using it you can have a solid understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. Not only that you can often get quality insights on various trends and topics.

Today, let’s take a look at one such analytics tool, “Iconosquare”.

iconosquare review


Iconosquare started in 2011. Yeah, it is more than a decade old. The team has a lot of experience with social media platforms because they have been a part of the growth of the industry. Iconosquare began by measuring performance statistics for Instagram.

It was limited in its features but people found the tool useful. Thousands started using the tool. The company soon realized the potential of such a tool and started upgrading the software. Today, Iconosquare is one of the most powerful analytics tools that support the most popular social media platforms.

The company has even partnered with Facebook and Instagram for its powerful features. It is a great tool for businesses looking for better analytics from their social channels.


The reason Iconosquare has become such a popular social media marketing tool is that it is very powerful. Not only that but it isn’t too hard to use which makes it a great application for marketers and brands to keep a tab on their social media growth. Here are the three main use cases for Iconosquare.

Social Media Analytics

The biggest use of Iconosquare has to be analytics. Analytics form such an important part of social media marketing and promotion. Doing manual work can be quite hard and you might not be able to crunch a bunch of data single-handedly. That’s why using powerful tools like Iconosquare has become the norm. Iconosquare aims to provide high-quality analytics for your social media.

With Iconosquare you can make sense of all the data from different social channels. Currently, the company supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn. So, if you want to gain all kinds of insights from the data you gather from these platforms, you can definitely use Iconosquare.

There are many quality metrics and KPIs that you can focus on using this tool. All of these will tell you which campaigns are working and what you should stop focusing on. Once you have all the info you can get the reports in a portable format as well.

Social Media Publishing

Consistency is one of the most important things to follow while growing on social media. There are hundreds of thousands of brands and creators on each platform. If you only post once in a while then it will take you a lot of time to grow on social media.

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You have to create a content schedule and regularly post quality content to get more exposure. Iconosquare provides its users with a content calendar that allows them to schedule their posts and plan ahead.


You can even publish via this tool. If you are feeling creative someday or you have all the setup ready for creating multiple posts then create them. Once you have all the content ready you can schedule them on Iconosquare and they will be published when you want them to be.

Scheduling posts to be auto-published later can help you plan ahead and always stay on top of your content game.

●  Social Media Monitoring

Once you have created your profile and started posting content, analytics can help a lot. But besides analytics one thing that brands and businesses need to know is what people are talking about them. This is called social listening.

With Iconosquare you can listen on social media platforms to keep tabs on the mentions of your brand. How did your campaign affect your audience? Did they like it? Are they annoyed by your content?

Knowing the answers to questions like these can help create stuff that your audience likes. With Iconosquare you can monitor the real-time engagements about your brand on social media platforms.

This gives you a good idea of how well your campaign or brand as a whole is being perceived by your target audience. Social listening can be a great tool in fixing mistakes early on and steering the campaign in a profitable direction.


Iconosquare offers three packages to its customers. Depending on your needs and budget you can choose one of them. They do have varying features. More features are added to the expensive ones.

  • Pro (Starter Pack)

This is the starter pack. If you are looking to use this tool and have around 50 bucks as your budget then you can try it out. It costs $49 per month if paid annually. Add another 10 bucks to that if you want to pay monthly.

You can only track 3 profiles using this pack and two team members can work on the same package. You do get the basic features. But a lot of customisation comes with the bigger packages.

  • Advanced Pack

If you want more features or want to manage more profiles using this tool then you can go for the advanced package. It costs $99 per month if you choose to pay monthly. If you choose to pay the entire annual subscription the price comes down to around $79 per month.

In this pack, you can manage 5 profiles and unlimited team members can use the same package. You get almost all the features except a couple of them that are reserved for bigger corporations.

  • The Enterprise Pack

This one is for big companies. There’s no price tag as the pack is customizable. You have to contact the company to get the price details. You get all the features and some more with this pack.

iconosquare social media analytics tool

Final Words

That’s Iconosquare for you folks! So, does it actually help with social media growth? Yes, it does. It is a tool that can be quite helpful. Analytics, social listening and creating a content calendar are big parts of growing on social media platforms.

The tool isn’t promising iconic results. It just tells it, as it is. It shows all the features you get while using the tool and you will get these features. Any marketer can automate a lot of tasks using this tool. So, if you are looking for a sort of companion in your social media marketing strategy then you should check it out.

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