How to Make a Slideshow for Facebook in 2024

A slideshow is a useful tool for business and fun alike. Whether you want to present an idea to your colleagues or do a recap of your trip with friends, you can do it rather effectively in the form of a slideshow.

However, if your target audience resides on Facebook, you might have to jump through a hoop or two to reach them this way. But that’s where our guide comes in! Keep reading and discover a couple of easy ways to make a slideshow for Facebook.

How to Make a Slideshow For Facebook Online

Among the variety of tools provided by Facebook for working with media, there’s a built-in slideshow maker. So, you can make a presentation right then and there with no extra software, provided your images are ready for inclusion into a presentation. Here’s how to make a Facebook slideshow with its editor:


  1. Go to your Facebook page (important: your page, not your profile). Then navigate to the timeline and select Photo\Video.
  2. Click the Create Slideshow button and open the Settings tab. There you can adjust the aspect ratio, duration, and transition type.
  3. Add some music, either suggested by Facebook or some royalty-free tracks.
  4. Click Upload Photo and add your images. Note that you can add only up to 10 pictures and cannot import video.
  5. Click the Play button to preview the presentation. Then, if everything looks great, click Create Slideshow.
  6. Type a description and a title for your presentation and click Publish. Done!

However, since Facebook itself is limiting its slideshow creator, you might experience difficulties with this tool. But accessing it from Facebook’s mobile version might be easier. Either way, this is an online method and has inherent drawbacks, such as dependence on the speed and stability of your internet connection.

How to Create a Facebook Slideshow on a PC

If you wish to have more control over production and don’t rely on the stable work of some server somewhere, a desktop tool is a way to go.

Create a facebook slideshow on PC

There is a great number of tools available, but most of them have the same design philosophy at their core. This time we will show how to create a slideshow for Facebook using SmartSHOW 3D, but these guidelines are more or less applicable to almost any popular app you can find. Here’s what to do:

  1. Install and run the program. Then drop the photos you want to use into the program window. You can even open a whole folder at once! Also, you are not limited to 10 images, with desktop tools you can make slideshows much longer.
  2. Edit your slideshow. Arrange photos in the needed order, adjust the duration of each frame, and crop and rotate pictures if need be. Add transitions –  just drag one to the timeline from the library. 
  3. Spice it up with effects and animation. There are over 100 templates, including moderate and mellow, fast-paced and aggressive. Any effect can be easily previewed, adjusted, and applied. Simply drag what you fancy to the relevant position on the Timeline.
  4. Add music to the mix. If you have an audio track ready, just drag it into the program window. Otherwise, a library of 200+ royalty-free music tracks is at your service. Furthermore, you can record a voice-over into a dedicated track.
  5. Share your work. Go to the Create tab, choose to Create video for Internet, select the Facebook preset, and click the Start button. Then go to your Facebook page and upload your work.

And that’s it! We’ve recommended two approaches for creating a slideshow with music on Facebook. Start SmartSHOW 3D on your computer if you want to make a stunning video with 3D effects and gain hundreds of likes from your friends.

To rapidly share up to ten photographs on your page, use the Facebook feature to build and post a simple picture slideshow.

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And if you wish to learn more, check this guide on how to create a Facebook slideshow that covers this topic in greater detail. Whatever you decide, follow the rules above to create a great slideshow!

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