WebCam Settings: Fix Skype Not Working Issues for Windows

Is your webcam not working while trying to make video calls on Skype? The solution is here in this post. Read to the end to see how we fixed webcam issues as it relates to making video calls on Skype using the best webcam settings for windows PC. You will see how to properly activate the webcam on skype if the video or audio does not work on windows 10 and previous versions.

Skype allows you to make voice calls and video calls with the integrated webcam of your laptop and also with an external webcam connected to your PC.

The webcam connects families and friends and simplifies intercontinental business meetings. A malfunctioning webcam, however, can lead to frustrations when using Skype.

In fact, it may happen that Skype may not recognize the camera integrated in Computer due to an update, privacy, security or an incorrect configuration, so enabling it becomes really difficult and ends up becoming a problem for thousands of users.
It is important to clarify that from the moment you install Skype you will have the possibility to configure the camera that you will use. From there we can verify that everything works as expected.

If it’s a laptop with integrated webcam, Skype will normally detect it automatically and use it when you want to video chat but if it’s an external camera, you need to set it up before you can start using it. In normal circumstances, below is how to set it up.

Fix skype webcam not working

Skype Webcam Settings for Windows

  • Connect the webcam to your computer.
  • Run Skype.
  • Close the Welcome Screen if it comes up.
  • Open the Tools menu at the top of the window and Click “Options…” to open the Options window.
  • Now Click the General button on the left side of the Options window. The button has a light switch icon next to it.
  • After that, Click Video Settings.
  • Click the “Select webcam” from the drop-down menu. You will see a list of available webcams attached to your computer. Select the one you would like to use.
  • Click the “Webcam settings” button.
  • Adjust the contrast, brightness, and contrast settings to produce a clearer picture.
  • Skype webcam settings
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The above is the basic Skype Webcam setting to activate your camera for video calls and chats but if after this, it didn’t work, read on to see how to fix Skype webcam problems.

How to Fix WebCam Problems on Skype for Windows PC

  • Obviously, the first thing we will have to do is verify that the webcam, microphone and speakers are well connected in case these elements are not embedded in the device.
  • Once this is verified, we will have to open the Skype program and go to Tools which is located at the top of the program window.
  • A configuration window will open where you will need to click on the Video configuration section on the left side of the window. This will bring up its settings on the right side.
  • In the center you should see a box showing what the WebCam is framing and right below you will see the button: Webcam configuration, on which you have to click.
  • A new window will open where you will need to click on the tab: Camera Control . This will display a series of adjustments among which you will have to check the box that says: Low light compensation. One of the most common problems on Skype is the annoying black screen camera problem.
  • Now, click the OK button for the changes to take effect.
  • The next step is to go to the section: Sounds, this will bring up the corresponding settings in the menu on the right. For example, you will see all the microphones and speakers connected.
  • In these sections you need to check whether the microphone and speakers are the active ones in the program. For this you will need to click on the down arrow that will display the list of available devices, in this list you need to select the device currently in use. If the one selected by default in Skype doesn’t work, try several options until one of them works.
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Other Methods Of Fixing Webcam Issues for Skype includes:

Set the Speakers or Microphone as the Default Communication Device

The Windows operating system does not always configure the correct device by default. To configure the devices you want to run by default,

  • You need to access Sounds by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray.
  • In the next window you will need to click on the tabs: “Playback and Recording” to show the available devices.
  • Right-click on the device you want to set as the default.
  • A menu will appear where you will need to select the option: “Set as default communication devices”.

Important note : if the device is not connected, it will be shown with a red icon at the bottom right. If it has been disabled, you will see an arrow down icon. If it works properly, a green icon will be displayed.

Check the Webcam, Speaker and Microphone Drivers in Windows Device Manager.

Another problem that can cause errors in video calls can be solved by updating the device drivers: webcam, microphone and / or speakers. See these software to automatically update drivers.

The latest drivers for your webcam may include updates that can handle the methods used by Skype to access video streams from the camera.
So updating device drivers for the camera may make it work with Skype. Here’s how you can check and update your camera device drivers in Windows 10.

  • Press the Win + X key and write Device Manager from the menu or go to find it directly on the control panel.
  • Now click on audio and video devices where you should find your webcam listed.
  • Then right click on the webcam and select the Update Driver Software option from the context menu.
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The Update Driver Software window appears where you can select Search automatically for updated driver software .
You can also select Uninstall and restart Windows. Windows will automatically install the latest webcam drivers.

Automatically update drivers (suggested). After uninstalling the drivers, we recommend that you reinstall or update them automatically. Manual driver download and installation is a process that involves the risk of installing incorrect drivers, which can lead to serious system malfunctions.

The safest and easiest way to update drivers on a Windows computer is through the use of an automatic tool. These tools automatically identifies each device on your computer and compare it to the latest driver versions from a large online database.

Verify that Other Programs are Not Using the Webcam

Another thing to note is that other background software integrated with the webcam may capture the video stream. That’s why the camera doesn’t work on Skype. You can verify this by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting Task Manager. Then select the third-party software, especially web or instant messaging applications, listed under Background processes and click the End Task buttons. Then restart the Skype app.

These are measures you should take to make your webcam work again for skype on windows PC. Don’t forget to drop any question or comment and I will attend to it as soon as possible. Please remember to share this post on social media by hitting the share buttons.

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