What Social Media Pages are Best to Promote if You’re an App Developer?

Some people would say that app developers don’t need to promote their social media (well, except for LinkedIn, maybe), but it actually isn’t true: not all developers are working for companies that take care of their products’ advertisements, and the ones that work individually should definitely put some effort into not only producing, but also spreading a word about their product.

How can they do it? Using social media, for sure. Today we’re going to cover 2 social networks that can provide you with nice tools for advertising: Instagram and Youtube.

Everything’s almost surely clear about Instagram promo, but what can Youtube be good for? This is probably the most used platform when it comes to uploading video tutorials and reviews to make people interested in some sort of product.

Promote app on social media

If you’re an individual game or app developer, showcasing your product would be a great idea: people love when everything is well-explained to them, it increases the chances of your product becoming virally popular – especially, if you’d film the demonstration creatively and interestingly to the masses.

So, having a channel on Youtube that would be dedicated to your product is a very smart thing to do, but what’s next? How do you actually develop it and attract the first viewers of your videos?

The easiest way would be using a chance to buy Youtube subscribers – this is a paid method that takes almost zero of time and effort, but requires some money. However, it is practically the only way that you can attain as many subs as you need in the shortest time period possible, and if you decide to use it, you only have to keep in mind two things.

First one: never go for almost free packages of subs – these are almost surely bot ones, and bots are unwanted if you’re willing to do a decent promotion of your channel. And the second one – try to look for a monthly or weekly subscription for subs, because it will help you to save even more time and effort, as you won’t have to reset the deliveries of the packages to your channel.

The other thing that can be done except for using an opportunity to buy real Youtube subscribers is putting all the links to your product on all marketplaces and to all of the social media pages that you have under each video that you post.

And tell your audience on other social media networks about your new channel as well – this is called cross-posting and it can actually sufficiently enlarge your audience on Youtube by conjoining all of your audiences from the other platforms.

However, the key to your product’s success will still lay in creative demo and review of the app or game that you have developed. Without it, any paid promotion will hardly work and won’t show half as good results as it could.

If you don’t quite understand how to film things like that, you can always hire a professional and ask them for help with directing and processing the videos that you need to film: surely, it won’t be free, but you have put some much effort and time into creating an app or a game, so why wouldn’t you put some money into making sure that you’re going to get a payoff?

Stay motivated to take your product to success from the very beginning to the very end, and don’t underestimate the help that professional promoters can offer you. Even if it somehow seems unnecessary to you, you’d see that without it you would be spending way more time on elementary things that can be done in a blink of an eye.

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