Top 5 Programs to Improve Windows File Explorer

Windows Explorer, or File Explorer, is the standard Windows option for managing files and although it has improved over the years, there is still room for improvement.

These improvements can be achieved through programs that extend their functionality. Check out five programs that you can try in Windows Explorer to improve your experience.

Program to improve the Windows File Explorer:

1. QTTabBar

QTTabBar file explorer toolQTTabBar is a free program that adds a very useful feature to Windows. With it you can work with multiple Windows Explorers because windows open at the same time in tabs, just as you browse the internet with dozens of tabs open in your favorite browser.

Download QTTabBar

2. TeraCopy

TeracopyTeraCopy is a free program that improves the functionality of copying and pasting files in Windows Explorer. It is faster than the native copy of Windows and is especially useful for copying large files, as it allows you to resume interrupted transfers, check for errors and more.

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Download TeraCopy

3. File Converter

File converterFile Converter is another free program that adds a very useful feature in Windows File Explorer that allows you to convert files of many formats. Once installed, just right-click on the file you want to convert and select the “FileConverter” option.

Download File converter

4. Listary

Listary toolListary is another program that improves a feature that already exists in Windows Explorer. It offers a more practical and faster way to search for files in Windows Explorer. With it you can quickly find files stored on your computer and perform actions based on that.

Download Listary

5. FileMenu Tools

Filemenu appFileMenu Tools is a free program for Windows that adds a number of useful functions to the File Explorer context menu, which perform operations on files and folders. Once installed and configured, all you have to do is right-click and select FileMenu.

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Download FileMenu Tools

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