How to Compress/Reduce PDF File Size Online for Free

How to compress PDF file size online, how to reduce PDF file size, online PDF compressing sites, tools to compress PDF free; no matter the search term that brought you here, you are in the right place. In this post, we have described the easiest way to compress any PDF file online to reduce the size.

Reducing the size of a PDF file may be necessary when trying to send document by email or if you want to take up less storage space. It is possible to reduce the file size using online tools or native Windows and macOS methods.

MokoWeb gathered the best options for compressing PDF for free. Check out!

How to Compress a PDF File Online Free

There are several websites that offer free and online PDF compression service. is one of the best free tools, as it allows you to easily compress PDF files in three different qualities.

The tool is totally free with no limitations unlike some other online compression sites that has paid and free versions.

Additionally, the tool does not limit the number of documents you can shrink, it is possible to reduce as many as you need. You can load PDF files from your computer or from cloud and compress using the tool.

Here is the steps to compress PDF file size for free.

  • Visit website.
  • Click the choose file button to use a file saved on your device; alternatively, click Google Drive or Dropbox to choose a PDF file from cloud. However, you need to login to your Google account or Dropbox account if you select them.

SodaPDF compress PDF

  • Then choose your desired compression quality. For instance, low quality (less quality with smallest file size), good quality (favourable quality with moderate level of compression) and high quality (best quality of image with minimal compression done).
  • Now click Compress PDF Files and wait for the process to be completed.
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compress PDF online

  • Finally, click “view and download in browser” to download the compressed PDF file to your computer. Another option is to enter your email to have the file sent to your email address.

download compressed pdf

Summary of PDF File Compression

  1. Choose a file to compress – select the PDF file you wish to compress from your device, Google drive or DropBox.
  2. Compress the file – after uploading the file and clicking on compress button, it will be automatically compressed to the quality you selected.
  3. View and download file – Once the file is ready, you can download it in your device and view with a PDF reader

Mokoweb tested the three reduction level options offered by SodaPDF and the result was convincing. So we recommend it for everyone looking for free online PDF file reducing tool.

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Other Tools/Sites Used to Compress PDF

When doing a search on the internet, it is possible to find several PDF reduction services that promise to shrink the size of PDF files. Most of them work similarly to SodaPDF but some offer paid services.
In general, what sets them apart is the file limit, the maximum supported size, compression capacity, extra features offered, among other factors. Check out good options below.

1. Compress PDF with Adobe:

  • allows you to compress only one file at a time;
  • just one level of compression for free;
  • allows you to save the file to your device.
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adobe pdf compressing

2. SmalPDF:

  • allows you to compress only one file at a time;
  • just one level of compression for free;
  • allows you to save the file to your device, Google Drive and Dropbox, create a link or share by email;
  • limit of two documents per day.

smallpdf tool


  • Insert page numbers ;
  • Insert watermark ;
  • Rotate PDF: changes the orientation of the document;
  • Protect PDF : prevents changes to be made to the file;
  • Organize PDF pages : allows you to change the order of the pages;
  • Add PDF : join one or more files of the same format;
  • Split PDF : removes unwanted pages from the document.
  • Download the optimized PDF : save the file on your computer or smartphone by clicking the main button;
  • Save to Google Drive or Dropbox : click on the corresponding icon to save to these services;
  • Create a link or QR Code for sharing : using the two chain links button.

ilovepdf website

How to Reduce the Size of a PDF File in Windows

Windows 10 offers a native tool for compressing folders and files. To use it, just right-click on the document you want to compress.
Then follow the path: Properties → Advanced → check box next to Compress content to save disk space → OK . In the Properties window, go to Apply .
At the same time, it is possible to check how much the file has been reduced. End the process with OK .
The result may be less effective than that obtained with file compression utilities. But it offers the benefit of not needing any unpacking program or process when you want to open a document.
The difference in practical terms is that the compressed file is indicated with the icon of two arrows. Just click on it, as you do with any other document or folder, to open it.

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How to Compress PDF File on MacOS

MacOS also has a native file compressing feature, available in the system’s preview tool. To do this, open the file in Preview or Preview and open the PDF you want to reduce.
Then, click on File and, in the menu that opens, go to Export . Now, choose to Reduce File Size from the menu next to Quartz Filter and save.

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What is PDF?

PDF is a file format called Portable Document Format. It was launched in 1992 by Adobe with the difference of sharing content safely.
Items saved in the .PDF extension could not be changed. Currently, it is possible to edit PDFs, but only those that are not saved in a password protected manner.
Another advantage of files in this format is the possibility of opening it on any device, regardless of the operating system, without tampering the content. The saved images do not lose quality or change.

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