The Best 5 Logo Design Apps That Are Easy and Free

For business starters or brand creators, a unique outstanding logo emblem for your business is urgently needed. A logo represents what you are building, and there is no reason to take it casually. Hiring a qualified graphic designer is one of the best options, but many of new venture owners can’t afford a professional designer, or the expense is too high to be reasonable. Then you should consider other alternatives, like getting helps from the best logo design apps, which make it easy and free/cost-effective. If you have thought about how to make a logo before, then your choices will be plenty – those apps support designing from zero and those apps with pre-design logo templates. While if you have no experience in designing or lack ideas for a good logo that could represent your company well, then this article can be really helpful. Stay tune!

In this article, we pick 5 best logo design apps that are free and easy, therefore, anyone can use them to get a handsome logo in minutes.

1. DesignEvo Logo Maker with 7000+ Human-proven Logo Templates

DesignEvo Logo Maker is one of the best and most convenient logo design apps used by PC users, Android owners, iOS users and Macbook masters. With a big collection of pre-design logo samples to begin with, it makes logo design easier than ever. First, you need to focus on what type of service/product you are about to build, then find a best keyword to describe it, then the rest work will much smooth. Enter its homepage, hit [Make a Free Logo] and on the following pop up page, enter your keyword to run, DesignEvo will show you hundreds of logo inspirations at once. By clicking one of them as your most favorite design, you will be taken to the design phrase where you can easily make customizations & modifications, also, edit your logo on the online logo app.

For layman, the simplest shortcuts to design a logo with a picked template are entering a proper company name and a resounding slogan, then clicking [Download], DesignEvo will get you the logo with your letters in a size of 500 x 500. That’s the simplest way to design a logo. We think designing things couldn’t be easier than this, which takes roughly 10-20 seconds. For creative people who have great ideas in mind but lack real design skills, you are most welcome to put your great ideas into action with the option [Start From Scratch] on the right top, where you will be able to find related icons, fonts, graphics, colors easily, and assemble them together with DesignEvo in minutes, to get a pretty design. It supports 6 real-occasion previews and 3 ways to download your logo design – FREE without registration, BASIC with high-res (5000 x 5000) package with PNG, JPG and PNG-transparent, and PLUS with vector files (PDF +SVG) + royalty-free rights.

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Besides the online designing app, DesignEvo also has iOS version, Android version and Mac version. Mobile versions are free to download with different but still simple navigations. This app is designed to help millions of users who know nothing about design but hope to create his logo.

designenvo logo design apps

2. Tailorbrands with AI Technology

Alternative to DesignEvo designer-made templates, Tailorbrands utilizes AI algorithm renders endless unique logo templates and lists them in random for solopreneur, freelancers, small-medium businesses and large businesses in early stage. Tailorbrands incorporates artificial intelligence into designing logos, practicing AI machine with designing principles in math. You are required to feed it with a keyword in the beginning, then it generates logos based on your inputs. Since these designs are without human tests and placed in random, you may take some time to look at them and find a better design. If you don’t have many requirements, it usually takes 2-3 minutes to finish a logo. You should know that some results are not satisfactory, it doesn’t guarantee you with 100% on design quality. Judging it with DesignEvo logo maker, Tailorbrands prevails in rendering many more design choices, but it’s a little complex in navigations with tens of auxiliary supports for brand creation, which makes it take longer to design a wanted logo. Also, note that Tailorbrands is no cheap service online, its advanced download price is relatively higher. The pitfalls: It offers a subscription-based service, the whole subscription and payment process is tricky – it may charge you for a monthly subscription. If you don’t want it, remember to cancel it. Or it just auto-renew your billing cycle. We find that its subscription is not much useful.

Tailorbrands logo maker

3. PhotoShop Logo Maker – Free for 15 days.

After reviewing 2 logo maker apps online, we’ll return to a renowned desktop application that everybody has heard about- Photoshop, the most powerful software for graphics designing. Let’s say, you just want a logotype or a simple combination logo for basic web use, PS can be easy as well: Follow the tip of A Beginner’s Guide on How to Design Logo in PS. It’s nothing like the logo design apps mentioned above, which has a full potential to work out any kinds of logo designs with any effects. On the other side, it requires its users to master the skills in PS navigations offering no logo templates. For a normal PC user, you will be able to find that it’s fine to add cool effect to the logo design to make your design eye-catching and one of the kinds. In addition, Photoshop gives you the capability to utilize your favorite images when designing a logo, which other online apps don’t support.

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Photoshop is perhaps the most obvious option when we talk about logo design and think about other branding elements. While, the result totally relies on your drawing skill and your creativity. If you are no good at drawing, you may lose some advantages. On another side, since it’s a designer only supports designing from zero, you must work very hard to grasp the design principle before starting it, if you don’t have gift for art and design. So you can create a logo today with this app.

photoshop log design app

4. Canva Logo Maker with 2500+ Logo Templates.

Canva is a graphic app online. As web app supporting many graphics-rendering tasks, Canva is the choice of many users. Preparing hundreds of logo ideas and having powerful design tools, Canva makes it a piece of cake to DIY a unique logo for you. These logo ideas are easy to apply to your logo, the design tools are free to utilize, and you may find that those free images and graphics useful to upgrade your logo design. There is a premium option unlock premium images, which requires you to pay $1/image for a use. In Canva, you can choose from numerous professional fonts for designing, and create your font combinations and design them further. This app supports for iOS and Android, which makes it possible to design/re-design your logo on the go. It has a feature supports you collaborate with your colleagues, which DesignEvo and Tailorbrands don’t have. You can invite your teammates into the design project. The team work on logo design is seamless.

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canva logo maker

5. Logojoy, AI-Powered Logo Designer

Another Artificial Intelligence (AI) logo maker, Logojoy has increasingly been used to make an instant logo design for people who don’t know a thing or two about design. It uses complex AI technology to deliver unique and handsome logo samples for its users instantly. Working as an online logo helper, Logojoy has used its AI technology to help thousands of logo users to build a unique and good-looking logo for brands and companies with the least effort. To use it to build a logo design, all you need to do is to give it some basic information, e.g. Company Name, Industry, and then it will give you some logo ideas to select what you like, after that Logojoy will generate logo designs with those selections. The app only makes logos with your data, in the end, you just need to pick the one you like most. Once a logo is chosen, you will be able to customize it or just download it. Likewise, it offers dozens of fonts, allowing you to change font size, and the rest elements. To preview the logo design made by you, Logojoy prints your logo design on various business cards, websites, T-shirts, and more. Logojoy downloads high-resolution PNGs and vector files (require payments), which can be used almost anywhere.

logojoy logo designer

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That is all about the Best 5 Logo Design Apps you can download and use for free without paying any dime. So you can now go on and download your preferred logo app right from this blog