Resident Evil 2 Remake Unlockables, Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox

Resident Evil 2 is a scary-horror video game developed by Capcom and available for Playstation, PC and Xbox. However, Resident Evil 2 Remake is a modded version of the game which includes unlockables and cheats to unlock weapons and characters.

With the instructions here, you will be able to unlock Leon’s Desk and other characters and scenes such as Leon story second run mode, beat Claire’s second run to unlock, beat the fourth survival mode, beat Tofu survivor mode, beat Konjac survivor mode with Rambo-inspired skin, unlock Uiro-Mochi Survivor Mode, advance through Flan Survivor Mode and play as Annin Tofu in Annin Tofu mode.

You’ll be welcomed with a note stuck on Leon’s desk, telling you his new colleagues have locked it and the solution is their initials. In the game, police call each other by their surnames, but you need to use their forename for this. Tricky right? Let’s move on.

Resident evil 2 Remake

Codes and Keys to Unlock Resident Evil 2 Remake Unlockables (Cheats)

Find the corresponding unlocking codes and key combinations to unlock any aspect of the game including weapons, characters and difficulty modes.

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Unlocking Leon’s Desk

  • To unlock the right hand side, use the code: MRG.

You can find this by looking at the other police desks to the right and checking out the name cards: Marvin Branagh (M), Rita Phillips (R), and then George Scott (G), whose name plaque has been knocked onto the floor.

  • To unlock the left side of Leon’s desk, use the code: NED.

The logic is exactly the same as the last one, with David Ford (D) and Elliot Edward (E) giving you two of the three solutions, but remember that you’ll have to enter the names the other way around to make NED.

If you’re playing as Leon, you’ll get a High Capacity Magazine for your pistol. If you’re playing as Claire, you get a Speed Reloader for your revolver.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Cheats Locker Combinations

  • 3rd Floor Locker: DCM
  • 2nd Floor Shower Room Locker: CAP
  • Upper Sewer Control Room Locker – SZF

Resident Evil 2 Remake safe combinations

  • West Office, 1st Floor Safe Combination: left 9, right 15, left 7 – gives you a Hip Pouch
  • East Wing Waiting Room Safe Combination: left 6, right 2, left 11 – gives a Muzzle Brake for Leon, or an Extended Mag for Claire.
  • Treatment Pool Room Safe Combination: Left 2, right 12, left 8 – Shotgun Stock for Leon, Hip Pouch for Claire.
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Resident evil 2 unlockables

Resident Evil 2 Portable Safes

Do you need spare keys for the keypad in the safety Deposit Room? Then unlock these portables to help you get a HIP Pouch and a bunch of consumables.

Playthrough A

  • Shower Room locker Portable Safe
  • Linen Room Portable Safe

Playthrough B

  • Portable Safe Interrogation Room
  • Linen Room Portable Safe

The cheat to solve these is to click the buttons so they trigger the lights in a counter-clockwise sequence. It doesn’t matter where you start, so long as the next light from the button you press is next to the one you just triggered. You can’t fail these, so just have a play around until you see which button controls which lights, then work out the best sequence.

Resident Evil 2 Unlockable Weapons

  • Unbreakable Combat Knife – it is used to destroy all Mr. Raccoon Toys to unlock.
  • Unlimited Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun – helps you S-Rank the game on Standard Difficulty to unlock it.
  • Unlimited Ammo LE-5 Submachine Gun – S-Rank the game on Hardcore Difficulty to unlock.
  • Unlimited Ammo Rocket Launcher – S+ rank the game as Leon on Standard Difficulty
  • Unlimited Ammo Minigun – S+ rank the game as Claire on Standard Difficulty
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Normally, you will need to complete a character’s story or second run in record time in order to S-Rank the game.

Other Games:

On Standard Difficulty, you must complete the Main Story in under 3:30, or complete the Second Run in under 3:00. On Hardcore Difficulty, it’s even shorter – under 2:30 for the Main Story, and under 2:00 for the Second Run. The only thing that effects the S-Rank is time – nothing else matters, and you cannot achieve this rank on Assisted Difficulty.

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