Download They Are Coming Mod APK for Android (God Mode)

Download and install They Are Coming Mod APK on Android for unlimited money, free shopping, god mode, and ultimate gaming fun.

Greetings, gaming enthusiasts! We all have those fond memories of spending countless hours immersed in the world of video games, right? Well, I still remember the first time I got my hands on the legendary game ‘They Are Coming.’ The adrenaline rush, the captivating storyline, and the challenging gameplay – it was something I’d never experienced before.

But, what if I told you there’s an even better version of this masterpiece? Yes, you guessed it right! I’m talking about They Are Coming Mod APK.

In this comprehensive blog post, I’ll walk you through the endless possibilities this modded version offers. Plus, I’ll share my personal experiences and provide a step-by-step guide to help you get started. So, ready to embark on this exciting journey? Let’s go!

Overview of the They Are Coming

“They Are Coming” is a fascinating adventure-packed game that sets you in the midst of a world threatened by powerful, otherworldly forces. Your mission? To rise above the chaos, Zombies, unleash your inner power, and save the world from impending doom. And, with the They Are Coming Mod APK, this thrilling experience reaches a whole new level! As for me, it’s one of my favorite Zombie Games on Android.

They Are Coming Mod APK

The Mod APK version of “They Are Coming” is a modified edition that brings you all the charm of the original game but with some extra perks. Think unlimited money, free shopping, god mode, and more. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

they are coming for Android

Game Information

App Detail Description
Game They Are Coming
Developer OnHit Developments
Genre Adventure
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, God Mode
Version 1.17.0
Size 35 MB
Android Required 5.1 and up
Rating 4.4/5
Mod APK Price Free
Safe to Play Yes
Last Update August 4, 2023


In the world of “They Are Coming,” the peace of your homeland is shattered by invading supernatural forces. The game beautifully combines elements of adventure, action, and strategy, compelling you to step into the shoes of a hero determined to protect his world.


You start as an average citizen, but as these eerie forces approach, you reveal your latent powers and stand as the only hope for your people. In my gaming journey, I’ve experienced some epic moments of survival, strategic battles, and thrilling encounters that kept me on the edge of my seat!


The gameplay of “They Are Coming” is intense yet gratifying. You’re required to strategize, build defensive structures, gather resources, and combat the approaching foes. And with the Mod APK, this turns out even more fun. Imagine having unlimited resources to build your defenses. I’ve been there, and trust me, it’s exciting!

7 Features of the Game

  1. Exciting Gameplay: An action-packed gaming experience that tests your strategizing skills.
  2. Detailed Graphics: The game comes with high-quality visuals that enrich your gaming experience.
  3. Powerful Enemies: Face and defeat menacing creatures to protect your world.
  4. Build and Upgrade: Establish and upgrade your defenses to fend off the invaders.
  5. Unique Power-ups: Discover power-ups to boost your gameplay.
  6. Multiple Game Modes: Switch between Campaign and Survival mode for varied gameplay.
  7. Leaderboards: Compete with players around the globe on the global leaderboards.

Other Features

  • Custom Playground Game Mode
  • Zombie Shooting
  • Zombie Defense
  • Firearms
  • Melee Weapons
  • Traps
  • Ragdoll Physics
  • Bloody Kills
  • Simple Game Mode

Equip your favorite gear

Mod Features

1. Unlimited Money

With They Are Coming Mod, you’ll never run out of money. This means you can unlock all the power-ups, upgrade your defenses, and ensure you’re always ready to face the invaders.

2. Free Shopping

Have you ever wanted to buy that ultra-cool item, but just fell short on resources? Well, no more! Free shopping in Mod APK ensures you get all your desired items without spending a dime.

3. God Mode

As if unlimited money and free shopping weren’t enough, the Mod APK also offers God Mode. This means you’re invincible and can enjoy the game without worrying about losing.

Download They Are Coming Mod APK for Android

They Are Coming Mod Apk 35MB


Step-By-Step Installation Guide

  1. Download the Mod APK file from the provided link.
  2. Go to your device’s security settings and enable installation from unknown sources.
  3. Locate the downloaded file in your device’s file manager and click on it.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. Once installed, open the game and start your adventure!

The Best Game Settings

You want to get the most out of your gameplay, right? Here are some tips:

  • Always upgrade your defenses.
  • Use the unlimited money to unlock power-ups early in the game.
  • Exploit the free shopping feature to get your hands on premium items.
  • Enable God mode when facing tough invaders to ensure victory.


“They Are Coming Mod APK” truly offers an exhilarating gaming experience that has kept me captivated for hours. Its compelling storyline, intense gameplay, and thrilling mod features, like unlimited money, free shopping, and god mode, ensure you have an unmatched gaming journey.

So, why wait? Download the They Are Coming APK now, immerse yourself in this enthralling world, and let the adventure begin! Let me know about your experiences and fun moments in the game. Happy gaming!

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