6 Important Things to Consider Before Buying Yourself a Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs are becoming ever more popular. In the next three years, the industry is expecting to see a $66m growth.

Since lockdowns were enforced around the globe, people decided to invest in all kinds of gaming chairs to enjoy their free time playing more video games.

If you are considering purchasing yourself a brand new gaming chair for the coming months, then you have come to the right place. As here, we are going to discuss everything you need to consider before investing in your very own gaming chair.

Please read on to learn more about the types of chairs, how much they cost, and more.

Gaming PC

1. The Cost

First thing’s first, can you afford one? Depending on where you are and what you want out of a gaming chair, you could be looking at anything from $300-2000.

That’s a lot of money for some, and it is certainly an investment, and this gaming chair review helps break down these costs for you.

There are varying features in different chairs, such as vibration, speakers, padding, and lights. If you decide you want all of the above, you will be at the higher end of this cost bracket.

However, if you simply want a more comfortable chair with fewer mod-cons, you can find a basic set-up for fewer pennies.

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2. Do you Have Space?

Gaming chairs can be quite bulky. Upright chairs are similar in size to a standard office chair, so consider whether you have room to tuck it away when not using the chair.

Other chairs, such as ones designed more for racing games, are much bigger as you will be sat in a more horizontal position.

Some of these fold up to some degree but are quite big and heavy overall, so make sure you have room to either leave them set up or fold them away neatly.

3. Which Type To Buy

There are three main types of gaming chairs, and which one you purchase really depends on what types of games you play.

If you are playing mostly console-based games such as strategy or shooter games, you can consider rocker chairs. These have no legs and simply balance on the floor to create a more comfortable and laid-back gaming experience.

PC gaming chairs, as previously mentioned, are more like office chairs but with extras.

These can create great immersive gaming experiences when you are sat upright at a PC desk. Finally, racing chairs.

These are self-explanatory, aimed at the gamer who loves racing more than anything else. Consider which games you play the most before looking into different chairs.

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Gaming chair

4. How Much Do You Play?

Another consideration before splashing out on a brand new gaming chair is how often you are likely to use it.

A more relaxed gamer who spends less time in front of the screen may find the chairs are more expensive than necessary for the small amount of use that will be received.

However, if you are a games streamer or simply love spending many hours in front of your console, then a gaming chair is probably a far more enticing prospect.

5. Gaming Style

The way you play games, as well as the games you play will have a massive influence on whether you’d need or get good use out of a gaming chair.

If you are a very animated and aggressive gamer who jumps out of their seat a lot whilst playing sports games, you may find your sofa a far more suitable spot for gaming.

However, if you find you like to spend plenty of time being fully immersed in the realisticness of your games, a gaming chair should be an excellent addition to your games arsenal.

Obviously, what games you play mostly has a huge impact on what chair you should buy as well.

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6. Your Back

And finally, a word on your back! Sitting for long periods is obviously never ideal for your health or posture, and while many gaming chairs are designed to be ergonomic and support your back well, you should definitely take your posture into consideration.

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Long periods in a racing chair could cause lower-back issues, whereas sitting up straight in a PC gaming chair could definitely be easier on your back.

Either way, make sure you don’t sit still for too long. Get up and stretch your body and your legs whilst regularly taking gaming breaks.

So, there we have everything that you need to consider when in the market for a gaming chair.

Read through the above once again and make sure you are convinced a gaming chair is the right purchase for you.

Then, read some reviews and figure out what style and budget you want to go for. Happy gaming!

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