As you already know, WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications. However, there is one that little by little is becoming increasingly popular. This is WhatsApp Plus which is nothing more than an unofficial WhatsApp MODBut it has certain improvements and customization options that are not available when downloading WhatsApp in the official version. Remember that an alternative to Whatsapp Plus is GBWhatsapp.

Although this version of  WhatsApp is a more powerful tool than the official version. It has had certain compatibility problems and blockages by WhatsApp.  Security problems and other issues that you probably already know. But this time WhatsApp + has returned with an incredible improvement, much more secure and powerful, it’s WhatsApp Plus JiMODs.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp + managed at the time to be one of the most used unofficial MODS of WhatsApp.

MODS are modified versions of applications designed to be executed with Android. This operating system has an open source. This implies that anyone with programming knowledge can modify it and add improvements. And make those improvements available to other mobile devices.

WhatsApp + was a MOD. That is, it was the same app as the official one but with more personalization options. Able to offer a lot of features that the official client does not have, not even today.

WhatsApp + allows us to make changes in the interface that the official version of WhatsApp did not allow. That made it very popular. However, this does not please WhatsApp. He said that since it was not an official application, he could not guarantee security in any way. And that the personal data of the phones that had WhatsApp Plus installed were at risk.

The distributors of the official application exerted a lot of pressure against the WhatsApp + developers to remove the application from the market. Since they did not want to use other applications that were not the official one.


In the end, they decided to ban all users of WhatsApp +. Not without first issuing a statement announcing “It is possible that WhatsApp + share your information with third-party applications without your knowledge or permission.” In this way, they managed to leave the application in disuse for a few months.

The distaste for the disabling of the MOD was huge. Even becoming Trending Topic on Twitter. But at that moment there seemed to be no turning back. The good news is that in 2015, and thanks to a group of developers. The application was re-launched under the name of WhatsApp Plus ReBorn. In essence, it is the same application, although in each version it is improving. The best thing is that you avoid the WhatsApp ban on your mobile or cell phone. So you can rest assured installing WhatsApp Plus ReBorn. Also, installing WhatsApp Plus is free.

What is WhatsApp + able to do?

The new MOD goes beyond the aesthetic improvements compared to the official version of the application. It offers a good number of differences concerning WhatsApp.

WhatsApp + is capable of:

  • Change visual themes of the app so that in this way we can customize each of our conversations.
  • It has a wide variety of emoticons available, and you can even access Google Hangouts.
  • You can share videos and images with the original quality without any kind of limitation.

One of the functions that contributed most to the popularity of the WhatsApp MOD  is: It allowed us to hide the last hour of connection and even deactivate the double check that informs of the reading of a message. When both options were not yet available in the official version of the application.

Now the main novelty that we have in the MOD and that we do not enjoy the official version of the application is the “Hidden” mode. Once you activate it, even if you are connected, your contacts will see in your “Last connection to …” status. In this way you avoid others having information about your connections. At the same time, you do not have to give up having information about the last connection time of your contacts. Which happens if in the official application you choose the option not to show your last connection time.

Rumors circulate that to install WhatsApp + you need to root your device, but this is completely false. There are many rumors surrounding this application. That’s why we’re going to give you a detailed guide on how to install and download WhatsApp Plus for Android. Our goal is that any of you can download the application for free from this page and that you can do the installation without any problem.

What is WhatsApp + JiMODs?

This is a WhatsApp MOD for Android devices That allows you to enjoy additional benefits that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Plus JiMODS for Android the substitute of WhatsApp +

To download WhatsApp Plus For Android, you need to download the file. This is not possible from the Google Play Store.  So it will be necessary to use a third party site to download the application. Something completely simple, since we will put at your disposal a link to download WhatsApp +.

After having downloaded the file with.Apk extension. You must do something very important before installing this version. It is necessary to permanently delete the original version of WhatsApp from your device. Why? It is not possible to have both applications installed on the device at the same time. But do not worry, this will be an improvement since WhatsApp +  has many advantages over the official version.

To remove WhatsApp from your phone, you must enter the Settings menu and then Applications or Applications Manager. In this option you must search WhatsApp and click on the application, then in the new screen click on the Uninstall button.

Now that you have completely eliminated WhatsApp you can install WhatsApp Plus 2018 on your phone. But first, you must enter Settings and enter the Security menu. In this menu, you should look for the option that says Unknown sources and activates it. Otherwise, you will not be able to install WhatsApp +  because it is not downloaded from the Play Store.

We are almost there. Now you must search the memory of your phone the file with.Apk extension of WhatsApp +  that you have downloaded and clicked on it to install the application. The installation is very fast. In a matter of seconds, you can be using the latest version of WhatsApp + on your Android.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications worldwide. But the official evolution of the application has always been slower than desired by users. That has led to the rise of unofficial versions that have reached thousands of users. Exactly as it happened with WhatsApp +.

In this article, we are going to give you a way to have a much more personalized version of WhatsApp. With options that the official application does not allow. Yes, indeed, let’s talk about WhatsApp +.

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What is WhatsApp + GB?

As you should know, WhatsApp has decided to block user accounts that do not use the official version of the application. This means that many users of WhatsApp + are being banned because it is an unofficial version. This can be fixed by downloading WhatsApp Plus GB.

GB WhatsApp is a new WhatsApp MODSo what you will do is download WhatsApp Plus but a much-improved version. Among the features you can find when  downloading WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp GB) we can mention the following:

  • Supports calls and video calls.
  • It has statistics for the groups.
  • It has more privacy options.
  • It allows blocking chats.
  • Allows you to view multimedia files without loading them.
  • It is possible to change messages and change notifications and the WhatsApp icon.
  • It allows sending heavier files than the original version.
  • It allows you to download many new themes.
  • It is possible to preview the received videos.
  • Allows you to change the icon of calls in the call window.
  • It allows changing almost all the buttons of the application.
  • You can change the color of the call counters.
  • It allows changing the tonality of “connected,” “writing …” and “recording …” on the screen.
  • Allows you to change the key of the GB WhatsApp application name on the main screen.
  • You have the possibility to hide the States.
  • Added options to hide chats and save States or WhatsApp Stories.
  • New emojis have been added.
  • Now the name of the groups can reach 35 characters and the State 255 characters instead of 139.
  • It allows hiding the blue check (message read) and the second check (received a message).
  • This Mod allows you to be online 24 hours (take into account that it would consume much more battery).
  • This version of WhatsApp can be installed next to the official version without any problem.
  • This version of WhatsApp has no problems of banning user accounts.
  • You can create your own WhatsApp theme.
  • You can send up to 90 images at once instead of 10.
  • It has support in more than 100 languages.
  • It allows translating messages to your language.
  • You can block your WhatsApp without the need to download any other security program.
  • With this version of WhatsApp, you can keep two different WhatsApp numbers at the same time on your mobile.

whatsapp plus

These are just some of the most important improvements of this new version of WhatsApp, so if you want to know all it is necessary to install GB WhatsApp. If you want to download this version, then you’re in luck because we’ll explain how to do it in this guide to download WhatsApp Plus.

How to download WhatsApp GB 5.7

If you want to download WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp GB), you just have to enter this link and download the APK. But first you must do the following:

  • Remember to activate the Unknown Origins option. You can do this from the Settings -> Security menu.
  • Make sure you have at least 35 MB of available storage space since this is what the application weighs.

After you have done this, you should only download a file browser like ES File Explorer. Search the APK of this version of WhatsApp in the memory of your mobile. Then click on it to start the installation.

The best part of this is that as we mentioned earlier. It is not necessary to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp to download WhatsApp Plus GB. So now you can have a number in the original version of WhatsApp and another number in the new version of WhatsApp +. Dubbed WhatsApp GB.

Update the version of WhatsApp + (WhatsApp GB) on Android

If you already have this WhatsApp mod installed then you can update it directly without the need to download another APK.

To update and download WhatsApp Plus GB you just have to open the application menu and go to PLUS -> Updates. Of course, if you prefer you can also download the APK from the link that we gave you before and install it. Without the need to uninstall the previous version as it w