20 Best Websites to Download Free Cracked Software 2024

The best websites to download cracked software for free are listed in this post. So if you are looking for the best free cracked software download sites, this post is for you. We included the direct link to access each site mentioned the site description and a screenshot of their home pages.

Interestingly, you can actually download cracked software programs for Windows PC for free from the websites mentioned in this article.

What is Cracked Software?

Cracked software is a modded software/program that gives users free access to premium features. In other words, they are paid software that you can download and use for free. They are often referred to as pirated software or illegal software. The user obtains and has access to the premium version without the license key.

But before you continue reading, kindly go through the disclaimer below.

websites to download cracked software free


This article is solely for educational, research, and reference purposes. Mokoweb is not encouraging anyone to download cracked, pirated, or illegal software programs from untrusted sites. So we strongly advise you to download legal and original software from the official Microsoft store.

Also, note that some cracked software may be harmful to your device. For instance, some of the software may contain malware, spyware, ransomware, and other dangerous viruses. Although most of them are safe especially, those downloaded from popular third-party software downloading sites.

Having said that, you are responsible for what you use the information in this article to do. keep reading to see the websites for downloading cracked software for Windows, macOS, and other platforms.

Best Websites to Download Cracked Software for Free


Cnet website to download cracked software

CNET is one of the best websites to download cracked software for free. It is among the few safe sites to download paid software for free. CNET delivers thousands of Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS cracked software that is free of malware or viruses.

The website is very strict on users’ security, so they usually remove software that can pose a threat to your device. There is also a blog section where users can comment on apps they have used.

CNET is an American media website that also publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally.

Visit CNET

2. FileHippo

FileHippo Website

FileHippo is another safe website to download free cracked software for PCs. The site provides the latest software, freeware, shareware, and demo programs from a reputable download site.


So FileHippo is another website that offers software and web programs that may be safely downloaded into many categories

Avast Secure Browser, WinRAR, VLC Media Player 64-bit, uTorrent, Avast Free Antivirus, Rufus, Google Chrome, and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC are just a few of the top software programs that are available in the most recent editions on FileHippo. Additionally, you may feel safe downloading software that has been scanned for viruses, spyware, and adware. Programs that bundle software are prohibited.

Visit FileHippo

3. Softpedia

Softpedia website to download cracked software

Softpedia is another website to download cracked software for PCs. It is also rated among the safe sites to download paid PC programs for free. It has a large database of PC software for you to download and use for free.

Over one million free and free-to-try software programs for Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphones, and other devices are available on the website Softpedia, along with games and drivers.

It is a well-known website that offers comprehensive information, including downloads, reviews, tutorials, etc., about software packages and games. Because of this, we listed it among the best resources for legally downloading free PC games; be sure to see the other websites mentioned in the post.

In addition to offering free software, several websites let you download paid software legally along with feedback from prior users. Check out Softpedia, an encyclopedia of free software, if you’re seeking a place to obtain cracked software.

Visit SoftPedia

4. Softonic

Softonic website

Softonic is another great website to download cracked PC programs for free. Softonic.com is a web portal based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was founded in June 1997 and is owned by Softonic International.

On the Softonic website, you can download programs for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Some of the most popular software that you can download from the site include VLC media player, Avast free antivirus, uTorrent, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop CC, WhatsApp, and so on.

You can also download paid games for free on the Softonic website as well as other apps from different categories. 

There is a search bar on the website that you can use to search for particular software to download for free.

Visit Softonic

5. FileHorse

Filehorse website

FileHorse is another impressive site to download cracked software for PC. The website provides the latest version of each software for you to download for free.

On the website, you can search for software based on categories, release dates, popularity, or functions. The website loads very fast and it’s very simple to find whatever you are looking for on it. However, there are ads all over the website.

Visit FileHorse

6. MajorGeeks

MajorGeeks website

If you are looking for a website with high-quality applications, MajorGeeks is one of the best. On this website, you will find all kinds of quality freeware programs.

Their publishers check that the downloads are legitimate, reliable, and safe before offering them to users. The website loads very fast in a simple design.

Its main limitation is that, as it is limited to very high-quality applications and many of them are even technical, you may not find some software on this website.

But yes, everything you find on this portal will be completely trustworthy. 

MajorGeeks is one of the best websites to download cracked software without adware.

Visit MajorGeeks

7. GitHub

GitHub website

The best place to find all kinds of open-source software is on the GitHub website. Although the earlier websites made it simple for you to obtain the files, this platform will give you direct access to the program’s source code.

Additionally, you will be able to open an incident straight to the developer and view a list of all the versions and modifications that have been found.

Its shortcomings include the fact that it is not particularly user-friendly or intuitive. However, there will be no closer link to the original if we download open-source software.

Visit GitHub

8. Ninite

Ninite website

Ninite is not as complete a page as the previous ones, although it is true that, if you know how to take advantage of it, it can be very interesting. Ninite allows you to install and update all your programs at once.

This website has a list of the essential Software that most users may need on their computer, it allows you to select the ones that interest you and download an installer with all of them.

When you run this installer, all the software you have selected will automatically be downloaded and installed. The installation of the software is silent, so you will not have to be aware of accepting Windows or deactivating the consent to install unwanted software.

Visit Ninete

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9. Crackzoom

Crackzoom website

Crackzoom is yet another site to download cracked software for PC. In fact, downloadable cracked versions of MS Office, Smadav, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe CC, and other programs are available from Crackzoom.

Another great resource for downloading high-quality software with a crack, keygen, and activation code is this website.

However, I can’t attest to the security and data protection of this website, therefore use caution while installing software from here as it can contain malware that steals your personal information.

Visit Crackzoom

10. Download.io

download.io website

Download.io is one of the innovative websites to download paid software for free (cracked software) on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

In addition to offering free paid apps, they also run giveaways, which are accessible through their main menu. You can start downloading software with or without registering on the website, which is simple to use.

Visit Download.io

11. AlternativeTo

AlternativeTo website

If the options available in the Microsoft Store do not satisfy your needs, you should give the AlternativeTo website a try. 

It is a website where you have a large number of cracked software of all kinds at your disposal. 

It is a crowdsourced software recommendation platform and its operation is very similar to SourceForge (except that it does not include additional software) since it shows information about the software’s operation, such as screenshots, user reviews, and download links to official websites.

Visit AlternativeTo

12. Download.com

download.com website

This is one of the oldest portals to download cracked software, and it has been on the market for more than 14 years. It is currently owned by the well-known CNet portal.

It has a huge repository of software for all kinds of platforms, both Windows, macOS, and Linux, in the case of PCs, and mobile devices. In total, you can download more than 100,000 programs from their servers, both free and trial versions of commercial programs.

All downloads are validated by the platform’s own editors, which gives you a plus of security and reliability when it comes to avoiding possible threats.

You can also find ratings and comments from registered users, which can help you find out if an alternative is the best program depending on what we are looking for.

Visit Download.com

13. FilePuma

FilePuma website

FilePuma is another safe website to download paid software for free. There are many popular cracked software that you can download for your PC on this website without malware or any type of adware.

It doesn’t have any features that make it stand out from the rest, except that the programs are very well organized and it has the most interesting categories with the most popular programs.

Visit FilePuma

14. SnapFiles

Snapfiles Website

Another very interesting website to download programs is SnapFiles. This portal is one of the oldest that we can find. From it, we can find practically any program that we are looking for and know its quality based on the votes of the editors and the users who download it.

Among its best features, its “top” lists stand out, where we will find the best programs (general or free), as well as a list with the best portable programs and the editor’s selection, where those responsible for the portal recommend programs that should not be missing in our pc.

Visit SnapFiles

15. Download Crew

download crew website

Although its interface may not be the prettiest or the easiest to use, Download Crew is also one of the best download portals from which we can find all kinds of free programs for Windows.

In addition to having a search engine, this portal has different sections that allow you, for example, to find the most downloaded programs, the best-rated, the editor’s edition, etc. In addition, many of the programs are analyzed by users and by the members of the web, which is very useful when downloading programs.

Visit Download Crew

16. FossHub

FossHub website

FossHub is another good website to download cracked software with no adware, no spyware, no bundles, no malware, and a fast downloading server.

This website is designed to host and allow you to download all kinds of free and open-source programs, although you can also find some options that, although they will always be free, are proprietary, closed source.

In addition to offering free applications, this website is against pop-ups and all kinds of adware or potentially unwanted software. Everything that you download from their servers (the download is direct, with no intermediate downloaders) will be reliable.

Visit FossHub

17. GiveAwayOfTheDay

GiveAwayOftheDay website

Numerous versions of all popular software are available on this website, including Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit, Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, and others. GiveAwayOfTheDay operates by offering consumers one or two pieces of free software each day that can be downloaded in only one day.

Because it offers user evaluations and also has a selection of Android and iOS apps for mobile devices, this website was added to our list of the top websites to download cracked software.

Visit Website

18. SharewareOnSale


This website is unquestionably among the “best sites to download crack software for free“. It offers the best software for Mac and Windows PC every day, all for free.

In addition, the platform provides access to top-notch iOS and Android apps.

However, before you can begin downloading software from the platform, you must first sign up by providing your email and other information.

It is simple to activate the software after installation because the software activation code is also made available straight on the download page. Interesting right?

Visit SharewareOnSale

Websites You May Not Visit At All

While some of the free cracked software download sites mentioned in this article are safe, you may take serious precautions visiting some.

We already told you before that despite the enormous number of websites that there are to download programs, not all of them are completely reliable. 

In fact, below, we are going to show you some of the websites of this type that have generated the most controversy in recent years. So much so that millions of users have been forced to look for other alternative sites to download PC software.

Specifically, we are going to show you two clear examples that at the time became very popular, and because of this, they took the wrong path.

They tried to take advantage of that great market penetration for their own benefit, at least more than they should have. This led them to generate great mistrust among a huge number of users around the globe. 


Softonic has been one of the most popular websites when it comes to finding all kinds of software for our computers. However, in recent years, a lot of people have reported that it is riddled with bloatware, PUPs, and adware.


It is true that today this downloader has disappeared and the downloads are usually clean. However, users have lost confidence in this software download website.

We do not recommend using it to download programs if you are really concerned about the security of your computer and avoid filling it with bloatware.

Torrent Websites

Another type of website that users usually go to when they want to download a program is the torrent download page. This, of course, is another practice that you must avoid at all costs since it can bring you more problems and dangers than benefits.

Starting, first, with the old versions of the programs. We always recommend downloading the latest versions of the programs to be able to use them without problems or errors and take advantage of their latest features.

However, we can only be sure that we have the latest version of a program if we have downloaded it from its website. When downloading it from a torrent page we cannot know where the version is from.

That is not to mention a large number of fake applications bundled by pirates with adware (or malware, in the worst case) that will infect our computers. If many developers already added this type of sponsored content to their programs, imagine what pirates will not do to profit at our expense.

And of course, you should never download paid programs from these networks. Not only because it is illegal (although it is the main reason), but also because it is rare to find an activator or key generator, that does not have malware inside it (even undetectable by antiviruses), and that, for sure, endangers all your computer.

Safe Websites to Download Software

We at mokoweb strongly advise you to use the websites mentioned below to download your PC software and programs if security is very important to you. But note that you must pay for premium software and applications before you can use all the features available on them.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

One of the novelties that came with Windows 10, and that remained (of course) in Windows 11, was its official application store. Although it has had a very limited launch due to Microsoft’s policies and limitations, today we can find a large number of programs available, more and more.

This application store offers us many advantages compared to the download websites that we have just seen. For example, it allows us to download programs quickly and safely, and install them without having to read each of the installer screens several times. 

In addition, all the applications downloaded from this store will be automatically updated to the latest versions without us having to do anything. In this way, we will always use the latest version.

Unfortunately, it is not a perfect platform. Although the number of programs available is considerable, there are still many that we will not find in this store. 

And, as if that were not enough, the number of fake and malware apps is considerable, so we must also be careful and use a lot of common sense.

Visit Microsoft Store


Steam website

Although the Steam platform is widely known for being focused on the world of video games, it is also an excellent option for downloading applications for Windows to customize our equipment. It can be seen as an alternative to the Microsoft Store.

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On Steam, we can find a large number of applications to customize the wallpaper of our Windows computer, to start taking the first steps in the world of video games through programming and animation, photo editors, and applications to transmit by internet among other applications.

Unlike other websites, Steam works based on an application, so it is necessary to create an account on this platform or use the same one that we are using to buy games. 

Once we have purchased the applications, they remain associated with our account forever, so it is not necessary to store them on our computer to have them at hand when we need them.

Visit Steam

Portable Apps

Portable Apps website

One of the oldest web pages that allow us to download Internet applications without any risk is PortableApps. This website, as we can well deduce from its name, is a website where we can find portable applications (that are not installed) created by the vast majority of the user community. 

These applications are downloaded through the PortableApps application, an application that is also responsible for updating the new versions of the applications that we have downloaded.

And I say the vast majority because most developers do not create portable versions of their applications, since their performance is much lower than what we can find in applications that are installed natively on any computer, since they make use of the Windows libraries and not the ones included in the portable version.

Visit PortableApps

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Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many websites to download cracked software for free. But some of them are not reliable and safe. Also, it’s illegal to download cracked software in almost all parts of the world.

So, we advise you to always download original software and programs from the official Microsoft Store to be on the safer side.

As a matter of clarification, this article is for research, reference, and educational purposes. Mokoweb is not encouraging you to download illegal software or use them. Therefore, we are not responsible for anything mishaps that arise from the use of the information in this post. BE GUIDED!


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