Top 15 Google Play Store Alternative Websites/Apps 2021

Google Play is one of the best Android app and game store for Android users which fulfills every one of our requirements for applications and games. In any case, even with its huge collection of a huge number of applications, you probably won’t discover the application that you are searching for. The application may not be accessible in your region, it might be in the improvement organize, or your device might not approach it in Play Store. This isn’t a big issue at all Android users because there are a lot of other Android app stores as like Google Play Store that is protected to visit.

The alternative Android app stores have many applications in APK format, however, they additionally offer third-party applications, Mod apps and premium apps for free, give a markdown on premium applications, or give other cash-saving offers.

Installation of applications from any source other than Google Play Store is blocked on Android as a default. So the main thing you have to do is to enable application installation from unknown sources. Go to Settings > Security. Tap on “Unknown sources” to enable it.
Google Play Store is the best place to download Android apps and games for the majority of users. For some users, however, the Play Store may be too restrictive. And see how one request from the US government. USA It can do full OEM without use, can no longer rely on a single source of apps and I would say we should look for alternatives to Android. Fortunately, there are several Play Store options on the market that offer you a place to download applications and games. Some offer more application options than Google Play Store because their policies are not as restrictive as those policies. So if you are interested, here are the top 8 best Google Play Store Options that you can download and use during 2020.
Before we get to our list, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should use the Play Store alternatives along with the reasons why you shouldn’t.

Why we Need Alternative Google Play Store

One of the main reasons why we should not trust the Google Play Store has been related to Huawei recently. It was a very big case but it gives us a personal insight into the problem that arises by creating a monopoly like Google. If that doesn’t bother you, consider the benefits of using alternative app stores. First, you get access to apps that the app developer cannot launch in your region. Second, and You have access to powerful applications that offer better customization features.
Another reason why you need Play Store alternative is to install Modded games not which are not available on the official google play store. These applications are not allowed in the Play Store for security reasons. And finally, some useful apps on Play Store are paid but you can actually get them for free on alternative app stores.

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Disadvantages of Using Alternative App Store Options

But just as every coin has two sides, the major disadvantage of installing apps from alternative app stores is security problems. This is because some of the apps are modified by hackers, some carry malware/viruses. So becoming dangerous to the user. They also have a weak security policy, so the chances of getting malicious software are higher here than in the official one on Google Play Store.
To alleviate these problems, we have only considered reputable alternatives offered by very secure app stores. But users should also be vigilant when downloading applications.
Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself:
Do not download a free paid app in these stores without checking the name of the developer. Always download apps from trusted developers. If you are unsure, stick to the applications you know and trust.
Now that you have a brief idea about the pros and cons of using third-party app stores, let’s move on to our list.

Best Google Play Store Alternative 2021

1. Aptoide

Aptoide website
Aptoide is one of the few Android trading markets that offers good competition for the Google Play Store. While the smartphone landscape has a huge monopoly, at least for apps on Android TVs, Aptoide has created its niche space. Aptoide is known for offering apps that are not typically found in the Play Store. So if you are looking for Google Play option to install apps that are not available due to geographical limitation or violation of Play Store policy, Aptoide is the best choice in this category. Beyond, you will find all popular apps like Facebook, Roblox, Supercell and others.
For security, yes, the APKs are uploaded by ApkSide directly in Aptoide and verified by Aptoide through many security measures. Therefore, there is no third party intruders in the process. In short, it has a library of over 1 million Android apps and is capable of replacing the Play Store.
Get Aptoide Now

2. APKMirror

Apkmirror websiteAPKMirror is another popular choice among Android community to download apps without using Google Play Store. While not an app marketplace in the strictest terms, it is certainly an archive for almost every Android app you might otherwise find in the Play Store. Generally, people use APKMirror to download geo-restricted apps so if you are looking for an option to break the restriction, APKMirror is a good choice. In addition, APKMirror has launched an Android app in the Play Store to make it easy for users to install and manage APKs downloaded from APKMirror.
You still use the site to explore apps, but now you can download the APK package to install apps seamlessly through the dedicated app. For security, verify the signature of each new APK with the original to verify the publisher. As for security, I would say APKMirror is top notch. In summary, APKMirror is a great place to download Android apps with no limitations, so it’s a serious alternative to the Play Store.

Get APKMirror Now

3. F-Droid / Aurora Shop

F-droidF-Droid is an open source and free App Store for Apps developed primarily for the Android platform. It is one of the most popular and cleanest app stores where you can get secure apps to install on your Android device, if you choose to lead Google ‘s free life. Note that you may not get all popular apps from the Play Store, but instead you will find open source and popular apps (like NewPipe) on F-Droid. To access all apps available in the Google Play Store, but if Google does not track your activity, you can install Aurora Store from F-Droid.
It is a Play Store client where you can remove Android apps directly from Google archive but without Play Service or other tracking rooms. That said, you need to use a one-time Google Account for Aurora Store and Google Play Store. Aside from this, the Yalp Store is also on F-Droid, but it hasn’t been in development for a while, so I chose Aurora Store.

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Goto F-Droid Now

4. Huawei AppGallery

Huawei app galleryAppGallery was a dedicated app store for Huawei and Honor devices, just after the latest U.S. sanction. USA With the subsequent Google ban, the company opened its Android app store to everyone. Basically, this means you can install and use Huawei AppGallery on any Android device. And based on the latest news, the company seems to be accelerating development and offering incentives for developers to upload APKs directly to their platform. Nowadays, of course, Huawei AppGallery is now a strong alternative to Google Play Store.
According to Huawei, there are more than 1.3 Million Android apps, including all popular apps and editors. In addition, AppGallery currently has about 400 million users, so that’s something being said. In short, if you need a real Google Play Store Or, Huawei AppGallery is a competitive choice.

Download Huawei AppGallery

5. Samsung Galaxy Large

Galaxy app store is exclusive to all Samsung Android devices including smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs and many more. While Samsung smartphones came preloaded with Google Play Store, there are many applications that do update and manage Galaxy Storage in the background. In addition, Samsung has recently partnered with many publishers to make its platform popular and more profitable for developers.
Fortnite is a new example that is available in Galaxy Store, but not in the Play Store. Similarly, we hear that Forza Street for Android will be exclusive from the launch of Galaxy Series S20 via Galaxy Store. So in a way, Galaxy Store shows great promise and with millions of apps it is a great choice for Play Store, at least on Samsung devices.
Get Galaxy store or you can find it in the app drawer on Samsung devices

6. GetApps

like Galaxy Samsung Store, GetApps is an app store dedicated by Xiaomi to its devices. So if you have a Xiaomi device either Redmi, Poco or Mi: You can browse, install and manage millions of apps with GetApps . You don’t have to use the Play Store at all. Due to Google’s certification and compliance standards, all original equipment manufacturers (OEM), including Samsung and Xiaomi, must preload and deploy the front and center of the Play Store. However, you can disable the Play Store and use GetApps for all your app and gaming needs.

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Other than that, Xiaomi seems to be driving GetApps to a wider audience with exclusive apps (like Mi Credit and Mi Pay) and games. Not to mention that GetApps has all the popular apps on Facebook, TikTok and many more. So if you have a Xiaomi device you can replace it with another Google Play Store with GetApps and I am sure you will not be disappointed.
You can find GetApps in the app drawer on Xiaomi devices

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7. APKPure

APKPure is a popular website that offers both modded apps and paid apps for free. The site also has an app just like MokoWeb site has its app.

On this site, you can download games from on different genre including strategy, shooting, action, running, card games, football games, educational games and other apps.

Visit ApkPure

Tips To Installing Apps Not Available in Your Country

The best trick to install apps or games not available in your country (geo-restricted apps) is by using a good VPN. In this way, you mask your real IP from being detected. Some of the best apps that allows you access restricted or blocked apps includes Evozi, 24Clan, HTTP Injector, Psiphon and so on.

There are many other stores that can be added to the list, but we are focusing only on those that offer that Google Play Store experience and security. That said, be careful when testing third-party app stores, as there are stores that offer pirated apps at the expense of violating your privacy and security.

google play store alternative websites

Other Google Play Store Alternatives

  • Downloadapks
  • Blackmart
  • Uptodown
  • Amazon app store
  • Mobogenie
  • ApkUpdater
  • GetJar
  • SlideMe

Downloadapks has unlimited free applications and games in APK format. No paid applications are available here. It doesn’t have its own Android application, so users should visit their site for APK downloads. The website accessible are without malware and safe to download Android apps and games.

If you are searching for an application store where you can discover third-party applications for free of cost, at that point, look no further because Downloadapks can be your last apps and games store. Developers offer the latest applications for free on this site. This website promotes different Android applications and games. This App Store option permits you access to broad details of applications that you won’t discover at some other spot. The majority of the applications in Downloadapks are from Google Play Store. It has both an application and a site to enable the user to get to its list.

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Final words

Did you discover this list of the top 3 best Google Play Store alternative helpful? submit your opinion and recommendations in the comment box.

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