Stick War Legacy Mod Apk Download for Android 2024

Download Stick War Legacy Mod Apk and reign supreme in Inamorta! Dive into this guide for gameplay tips, mod features, and installation steps.

I must admit, there’s something irresistible about strategy games. And when it comes to strategy, there’s no game that gets me as thrilled as Stick War Legacy. I’ve spent countless hours maneuvering my way through the world of Inamorta, and I’m here to share my experiences and some handy insights about this game and its Mod Apk.

Stick War Legacy Mod

Stick War Legacy (Game Overview)

Stick War Legacy, developed by Max Games Studios, has easily become one of my all-time favorite strategy games. Set in the world of Inamorta, it’s a thrilling journey where you’re pitted against different nations, each wanting to be the dominant force. Your task? To lead your nation, Order, to victory.

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

The thrill of the game intensifies with Stick War Legacy Modded version. Imagine having unlimited gems, a mega menu, free shopping, a high damage level, mining increase gold, god mode, and unlimited everything at your disposal! It feels like being a superpower, and I tell you, it’s quite an experience! No wonder it’s rated very high among the best mod games for Android.

App Details

Details Information
App Name Stick War Legacy Mod Apk
Developer Max Games Studios
Latest Version 2023.5.141
File Size 114.7 MB
Compatibility Android 4.4 and up
Genre Strategy
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Mega Menu, Free Shopping, High Damage Level, Mining Increase Gold, God Mode, Unlimited Everything
Updated January 2, 2024
Downloads 100,000,000+
In-App Purchases Yes (Free with Mod Apk)
Price Free
Rating 4.7/5


The storyline of Stick War Legacy took me by surprise with its depth. As the leader of the Order nation, I found myself in a world where other nations either adored or despised my way of life. These nations, each boasting their own unique way of waging war, set the stage for some of the most challenging and exhilarating battles I’ve ever encountered in a game.


The plot thickens as the game progresses, with each rebel state determined to overthrow the Order’s rule. Each state has its unique form of attack and defense, requiring you to adapt and devise strategies accordingly. Trust me, the plot twists keep you on your toes!


The gameplay of Stick War Legacy was one of the main factors that got me hooked. The ability to control an entire army, deciding their formations, choosing to play as any unit, and even down to the aspect of mining gold – it all adds up to an immersive experience like no other.

Gameplay Modes

The game offers a variety of gameplay modes, which are:

  • Classic Campaign
  • Tournament Mode
  • Endless Deads (Zombie Survival) Mode

I personally love the adrenaline rush of the Tournament Mode, where I get to face players from all over the world.

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Key Features of the Game

Here’s a breakdown of some of the game’s standout features:

1. Diverse Skins

One of the things that make Stick War Legacy apk really special is the sheer diversity of character skins available. Each skin not only alters the visual appearance of your characters but also provides them with unique abilities and advantages in battle.

2. Leaf Skins

These lightweight skins, made from the finest and most supple leaves, provide your units with a speed advantage. They enable your troops to move and build at a rapid pace, which can be the difference between victory and defeat in tight battles. I remember one match where my quick-building leaf skin characters managed to fortify our defenses just in time to fend off an incoming wave of attacks!

stick war legacy skins


3. Ice Skins

These skins come with a frosty touch. Crafted from enchanted arctic ice, these skins endow your characters with potent magic that can slow and even freeze your enemies in their tracks. There’s nothing more satisfying than halting an enemy charge with a well-placed freeze spell!

4. Savage Skins

The Savage Skins, forged from mystical beast furs and bones, channel the primal ferocity of nature itself. This gives your units an increased attack speed and a damage bonus against Deads. Trust me when I say that these skins can turn the tide in your favor during intense clashes.

5. Lava Skins

These skins are as fiery as they come. Forged in the heart of raging volcanoes, the Lava Skins cause burn damage to your enemies while reflecting some of the damage dealt to you. There’s nothing quite like the look of horror on an enemy’s face when they realize their attacks are hurting them too!

6. Vamp Skins

Shrouded in mystery and rumored to contain Chaos power, the Vamp Skins offer a slew of benefits. They not only increase your attack speed but also provide a bonus to stun. Perhaps the most fearsome feature of the Vamp Skins is the ability to leech an enemy’s health, siphoning their vitality to heal your own units.

Each of these skins adds a whole new level of strategy to the game. You must carefully select which skins to use based on your battle plan and the challenges you face. The variety and strategic depth offered by these skins truly set Stick War Legacy apart in the realm of strategy games.

Mod Features

The Stick War Legacy Mod amplifies your gaming experience with these unique features:

  1. Unlimited Money: Imagine the power of unlimited gems at your disposal. It’s an unbeatable advantage!
  2. Mega Menu: This offers an extensive list of options for easy navigation and game control.
  3. Free Shopping: You can unlock powerful weapons and units without breaking a sweat about the cost.
  4. High Damage Level: Inflict more damage on your enemies with this mod feature.
  5. Mining Increase Gold: This mod feature helps you collect more gold faster, boosting your resources.
  6. God Mode: Feel invincible with God Mode, taking your gaming prowess to a whole new level.
  7. Unlimited Everything: This allows unrestricted access to all the game’s features.

Stick War Legacy Strategy Game

The Game Cheat Codes

Cheat codes in Stick War Legacy are available in the options panel. They unlock perks like unlimited gems and free shopping, akin to the mod apk features.

What’s new in the Latest Version

The latest version introduces an improved user interface, bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new skins. 

Others are:

  • Every Friday presents an exciting opportunity with new levels becoming available in the Missions Mode. Maintaining order will indeed be a challenging task.
  • The game unfolds like a saga, with a map filled with numerous rewards to be won.
  • Test your skills with the three distinct difficulty settings: normal, hard, and insane, each offering Crowns for unlocking.
  • A whole new array of game modes await your exploration. These include Mini-Bosses showdowns, Win Before Sunset, Triple Barricaded Gold, Deathmatch, and Forward Statue, among others.
  • Additionally, the game’s realism is further enhanced as arrows remain embedded in units they hit. New and improved damage animations, coupled with enhanced blood effects, contribute to a more immersive gaming experience.

Download Stick War Legacy Mod Apk for Android

Download Stick War Legacy Mod Apk 114.7


Download the Original Version on Play Store

Installation Guide

Once the Apk file is downloaded, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your device’s settings and enable installations from unknown sources.
  2. Locate the downloaded file and click on it to start the installation.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  4. Once installed, open the game and embark on your journey in Inamorta!

How to Play The Game

The game begins with a tutorial that introduces you to the controls and basics of building units and mining gold. Your ultimate goal is to protect your statue while destroying the enemies. The thrill of devising a winning strategy is unparalleled!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Is Stick War Legacy Mod Apk safe to download? Yes, as long as you’re downloading from a reliable source like, it’s safe. However, remember to check the required permissions to ensure your data’s safety.
  2. What’s the age rating for this game? The game is rated for ages 12 and up due to moderate violence.
  3. Can I play the game offline? Yes, the game can be played offline, which is a feature I absolutely love. It’s perfect for those long trips without internet access!
  4. Are there in-app purchases in Stick War Legacy? Yes, there are in-app purchases, but with the Mod Apk, you get to enjoy free shopping!



In the end, Stick War Legacy has truly redefined mobile gaming for me. The thrill of leading an army, the adrenaline rush of the battles, and the sweet taste of victory – it’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. The Stick War Legacy Mod Apk enhances this experience, making the game even more exciting. So, if you’re a strategy game enthusiast like me, this is one game you should definitely try. Get ready for an epic journey in the world of Inamorta!

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