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WizyTechs Telegram Group is the best and most active Free Browsing Cheat Group on Telegram. With over 24,300 active members, the group is your sure place to get all the latest working free internet cheats for all networks.

WizyTechs Telegram Group and Channel is a very lively community where everything shared is “FREE“. No body will ask you to pay any dime to get any stuff you want. In fact, the admins don’t waste time in banning any member found guilty of scamming people and that’s why it’s one of the most cleanest and genuine Telegram group you can join.

Free Browsing cheat telegram group

The Telegram group and channel covers latest working free browsing cheats in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, USA, Cameron, Egypt, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Jamaica, India, United Kingdom, UAE, Australia, Belgium, Guinea and so on.

Being a member of this group on Telegram gives you access to unlimited free internet tips and free config files for unlocking free browsing cheats for the network you are using.

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Topics Discussed on WizyTechs Telegram Group & Channel

Why Telegram is Better Than WhatsApp

  • Telegram accommodates a maximum of 200,000 members in a group while Whatsapp accommodates just 256 members.
  • Telegram allows you to compress media files
  • Telegram has unlimited server storage
  • Chat with any person even without having their phone number
  • Telegram channels accommodates unlimited number of members
  • Telegram supports secrete chat using self destruct timer
  • The presence of bots makes Telegram more powerful and good for businesses
  • Voice and video calls in both private chat and in the group
  • Send any kind of file without limit
  • Multiple sections
  • Use more than one account in one device
  • HTML and inline text support

Join Free Browsing Cheat Telegram Group

Join Free Internet Cheat Telegram Channel

WizyTechs Telegram Group & Channel Rules

  • No posting of fake cheats in the group
  • No posting of fake config files or apps in the group
  • No spam messages
  • No advert without group owner’s consent
  • No Racism abuse
  • Don’t ask for payment from fellow members without using admin as “Escrow”
  • Don’t post fake screenshots
  • No sharing of fake links

Any member that violates the rules is instantly muted or out rightly banned

As you can see, Telegram is far more better than Whatsapp, just that Whatsapp has been there for long so it’s more popular but I believe with time, Telegram will also enjoy a better share of the popularity.


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