How to Clean up and Speed up Your Computer?

In just one software, you can clean up, speed up and optimize your computer’s performance; believe it or not, Advanced SystemCare 15 is the tool that helps. Powerful for your PC by its friendly interface, easy to use, and contains no adware, spyware, or viruses along with its effective maintenance program.

Clean and Optimize 

The first is Clean & Optimize. In this section, you will select any options related to cleaning and optimizing your computer system. Select Select All if you want to check all items and click Scan to proceed with scan operation. Details of the selected items will be:

  • Startup Optimization: Optimize startup items to shorten computer startup time.
  • Privacy Sweep: Clear your activity history and skim the tracks.
  • Junk File Clean: Clean junk files to recover disk space.
  • Shortcut Fix: Scan and fix invalid shortcuts.
  • Registry Clean: Cleans the registry to improve computer performance.
  • Spyware Removal: Removes spyware and other security threats.
  • Internet Boost: Test and speed up the Internet.
  • System Optimization: Optimize and repair system configuration.
  • Registry Defrag: Compact and optimize the registry to increase computer performance.
  • Security Reinforce: Strengthen the security of the system’s weak points to prevent hackers.
  • Vulnerability Fix: Scans and fixes windows vulnerabilities.
  • Disk Optimization: Optimize hard disk to improve computer performance.

Advanced system care scanning

Speed Up

The second item is Speed Up. It will help your computer clean up plugins and free up unnecessary applications to speed up your computer. More specifically, the items will have the following effects:

  • Turbo Boost: Stop unnecessary apps/services to free up RAM and speed up your computer.
  • Hardware Accelerate: Outdated drivers can slow your system down & destabilize your system. Check your system for any outdated drivers.
  • Deep Optimization: Number of items that can be optimized to speed up your system.
  • App/Toolbar Cleaner: Number of plugins/toolbars found. Use IObit Uninstaller to remove unnecessary parts for smooth browsing.

You can also go to each item in Turbo Boost to remove system services, background applications, services outside the system.


The Protect section will be the settings for your computer and Windows system. Blocks ads and malware that can get into your computer and wreak havoc on your system. The entries will effectively be as follows:

  • Face ID: You can use Face ID to protect your computer from unauthorized access and catch intruders in action with facial recognition technology.
  • Browser Anti-Tracking: Automatically remove security traces after you close your browser to prevent them from being tracked.
  • Real-time Protector: Proactively protects against spyware and viruses from entering the system.
  • Surfing Protection & Ads Removal: Protects your browser from various online threats and blocks annoying ads for safer surfing.
  • Homepage Advisor: Monitor and notify you of any changes to the homepage and search engine in the browser if there are any unexpected messages.
  • DNS Protect: Prevents malware from modifying your system DNS settings.

DNS protect


Next is the Toolbox section. In this section, you will see system support, security and system editing, delete junk files and perform cleaning of your computer system.

  • IObit Products
  • System Optimize
  • Security & Repair
  • System Clean

Action Center

In this control center section, you will have two notification items about software related to system security, driver update software, and application updates that are installed on your computer.

  • Security & Performance
  • Software Updater


Advanced SystemCare 15 is so easy to use, with a friendly interface, simple operation. You need to click to scan to protect your computer data, to data cleaning, optimization, data encryption, hard drive acceleration.

A versatile software, helping your computer not need to install too much software, helping you save data on your computer’s hard drive, download Advanced SystemCare 15 right away. Install Advanced SystemCare 15 on your PC and optimize your PC.

I hope the article will be useful for you when protecting and optimizing your PC.

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