How to Search for Telegram Groups, Channels and Profile

In this post, you will learn how to search for Telegram Groups, Telegram Channels and Telegram profiles.

Telegram is an instant messaging application and very popular due to its useful features. The platform is available on different platforms including Android, iOS and windows. This means that no matter what equipment you are using, be it Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone, you can enjoy the app without worry.

Over time, Telegram has become an excellent alternative to WhatsApp, its functions are varied and ranges from the possibility of making calls, sending and receiving messages (chat) or sending a heavy file, downloading music and you can even communicate through video calls.

Telegram group searchWithout a doubt, one of the most striking aspects is that it has a wide variety of useful bots , secret chats, video messages and the ability to join groups and channels. Doing this is very easy, this time you will learn how to search for groups and public channels on Telegram, step by step.

About Telegram Groups and Channels

One of the things that attracts the most attention in groups and channels is that they can host thousands of members, to be specific a group in Telegram can accommodate up to 200,000 members, while the limit of the channels is infinite.
This is against just 256 members that WhatsApp groups can accommodate.

The groups and channels may be similar at a certain point since their purpose is to disseminate information, tutorials and make fun. It all depends on the type of group or channel you join.

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However, groups and channels are not the same because in groups, members are allowed to post things while in channels, only the admins can post. So in a bombshell, Telegram groups are interactive while channels are not really interactive.

In telegram group, there can be interaction between the members, whether through messages, stickers, audios, among other things.
This would be a key point when it comes to locating them, since you could search according to your interests.

How to Search for Groups and Channels on Telegram

Now that you know the differences between a channel and a group, it is time to know how to find them. The way to access new channels and public groups on Telegram is very simple.

  • Start the Telegram application, either by mobile or computer.
  • Locate the search bar and click on it, it is located at the top of the application with a magnifying glass icon .
  • Write the name of the channel or group you want to access.
  • Searching telegram channels
  • Next it will show a series of profiles, channels and groups. Channels are identified with a megaphone icon followed by the name, and groups are accompanied by a two-person icon. You can also identify channels by name of participants as “subscribers” while that of group is “members”.
  • Select the channel or group of interest and click on the name. To finish press “Follow” to join the channel or “Join the Group” .
  • Done, you already belong to the channel. You should only be aware of the rules and regulations of each one to avoid suspensions.

The other way to enter a particular channel or group on Telegram is through the Channel link or Group link. In this case you just have to click on it and it will automatically send you to the group or channel window to join. This method is the fastest and safest, the only drawback is that you must have the URL available.

It should be noted that you can join these groups or channels as long as they are public. In this way you can easily find them from the search engine.

Links to Some Popular Telegram Groups

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There are several categories of Telegram groups and channels ranging from Technology, news, sports, music, lifestyle, relationships, finance, cryptocurrency, Jokes, and others.

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