How to Create a Virtual Number to Use WhatsApp

Today we will explain how to have a virtual number for WhatsApp. A virtual number can be USA phone number, Canada phone number, Germany phone number, UK phone number, France phone number, South Africa phone number or any other countries number. A virtual number for WhatsApp can allow you chat with people from your real location but with a foreign number. You can manage customer service from a non-personal account or it can also be used to verify different services or sites without exposing your real phone number.
WhatsApp is an app that we use almost daily and has become indispensable. The only downside is that, if associated with a phone number, it allows us to have only one account. But fortunately, there is a way to create a second WhatsApp account without deactivating what we have on our mobile phone. Apps like dual space and multiple parallel allow you have multiple whatsapp accounts in one phone.
Having a secondary account, for example, can be useful to differentiate a WhatsApp for professional use from another for personal use. Even if you want another account maybe for dating or forming big boy or big girl as someone using a foreign number, all you need is create your own virtual number.

What is a Virtual Number?

In simple terms, virtual numbers are nothing more than a digital cell phone number. Unlike standard phone numbers, virtual numbers have no physical presence.
Virtual numbers are generally hosted on private servers where it is possible to receive messages just like the normal mobile number.
Virtual numbers can be used anywhere for verification purposes and as many times as you want or even to create your company WhatsApp account.
There are dozens of applications that allow us to obtain a virtual phone number to create your WhatsApp account on Android and iPhone mobile devices. Each of them has its own peculiarities, but basically they work exactly the same way.

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Benefits of Having Virtual Number for Whatsapp

  • Use two or more Whatsapp accounts with different numbers
  • Use phone number from any country as yours
  • Easy verification of numbers from sites that requires it
  • Chat people with foreign number
  • Have different Whatsapp accounts for family, work, friends, flirting, etc.
  • Be seen as a big boy and big girl using US number while you are still in your village
  • It is free to get.

How to Create a Virtual Phone Number to Use on WhatsApp

The only thing you need to get the virtual number is to use certain tools and apps that will help you in this regard.
The application we have chosen is called “Hushed” for android which is also available for iPhone.

Download Hushed APK

Some Key Features of Hushed App

  • Get a virtual number for chatting on Whatsapp
  • Get a virtual number to shop on classified sites
  • Get US🇺🇸 + Canada🇨🇦 + UK🇬🇧 numbers for UNLIMITED calling and texting in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom
  • Good for a professional business number
  • Supports SMS and MMS
  • Integrated with slack and dropbox
  • You have up to 60 different countries numbers to use
  • Low roaming charges when family and friends call you on your virtual number when you travel unlike the high charges on traditional phone numbers.

This is how to use Hushed app to get a virtual phone number

  1. After downloading and installing the application, open it and click Start.
  2. Click Register and use your email address and password here.
  3. You will be asked for permission to access the microphone and others, accept it, but you can deny them if you do not use this application to communicate.
  4. Next, simply click on the Get new number button, then choose the country of the virtual number from the list as shown in the image below.
  5. Different countries numbers
  6. In addition to choosing the country of the virtual number, you can also choose ( in some cases) the type of line. Select Mobile, because it is the one that offers all the services.
  7. And finally you can also select the area, which will be determined by the numbering prefix of your virtual line to create the WhatsApp account. And once this is done, a large list will appear from which we could choose the phone number we like best.
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Is the Service Free or Paid?

The service is basically free to use, however, for unlimited plans and premium services, it can cost up to $ 3.99 but depending on the country selected you may have to choose an international rate.
In reality, what interests us are not the SMS to be sent, nor the minutes of the calls that we can consume, but having the virtual line to be able to receive the confirmation SMS when registering on WhatsApp or other websites or receiving verification calls .
When you have created your virtual number, it will work like a conventional telephone line. The difference is that it must always be managed through the hushed application and we will not be able, for example, to use the Telephone app.

Using Your Virtual Number For Whatsapp

Anyway, you can create a WhatsApp account with a virtual phone number and the way to proceed will be as simple as it would be with a conventional phone number, or almost.
WhatsApp will ask you for a phone number to register the account. Just enter the virtual number you have just created and, of course, you will consider the prefix to be used depending on the country of the phone number created, because by default WhatsApp will use the prefix of your real country.

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Virtual number for Whatsapp
Once done and accepted, WhatsApp will automatically send an SMS message to that line and you could find it in the Hushed application; in this case, just enter it on whatsapp to verify the creation of the account.
If the SMS is not displayed, you should wait for the counter to reach at 00:00 and, at that moment, request verification by call. In doing so, they will call you on the phone number of your virtual line and call out a numeric code which you should enter in your whatsapp as verification code.

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This numeric code must be entered in WhatsApp and from that moment on, the registration of the account with your virtual phone number will be confirmed.

Chatting with virtual number

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You now have a foreign phone number or virtual number used for many purposes including chatting on WhatsApp.

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