How to Keep Your Computer in Good Condition as Long as Possible?

One of the biggest computer problems many people experience is slowness, often caused by poor maintenance. Do you love to play Draftkings casino online, and you find that the performance of your video games decreases more and more over time? The problem is most likely that you are not maintaining your computer well enough.

The recurring question is the same: “How to properly clean your PC”? It gets dirty over time. Games, software, programs, viruses, etc., your hard drive and memory (RAM) host a multitude of data which, as it accumulates, inevitably causes your computer to slow down but also prevents you from navigating it. Your computer then becomes a real jungle in which to navigate is difficult. Your only mission is to clean it regularly. Here is a guide to help you take care of your precious!

Thoroughly Clean the Outside of Your Computer

tips to keep your computer in good condition

Our computers are subject to wear and tear, dust, repeated keystrokes of our fingers on the keyboard, as well as a multitude of external aggressions. Cleaning your computer externally is, therefore, just as important as cleaning your system. However, less technical, cleaning your hardware requires knowing specific techniques not to damage your hardware and make matters worse by cleaning it. Choosing the right products and the right cleaning technique is essential to get rid of dust hidden in nooks and crannies, greasy marks and dirt scattered all over the place.

To do this, you need a soft or microfiber cloth, a receptacle containing clear, soapy water, a canister of “dry air” type compressed air, a solution of household alcohol and a product specially designed for cleaning screens (gel or others). Before starting the big cleaning, be sure to turn off your device and disconnect it from all cables (power supply, mouse, keyboard, external peripherals).

The use of household products on a live machine could cause an electric shock causing injury and damage. Next, you can start by cleaning your computer keyboard. This is possible in two different ways. The first method consists of removing the keys from the keyboard to clean them individually to clean the keyboard’s surface emptied of its keys finally. The second method of cleaning your keyboard is to clean the keyboard without removing the keys.

This method requires the use of an “air-dry” type aerosol canister for computers. Take advantage of this cleaning moment to also clean your mouse. Cleaning with hot soapy water will dissolve greasy marks and disinfect the surface of your mouse. Next, use a cotton swab to clean the optical sensor on the bottom of the mouse. Allow your computer and keyboard keys to air dry in your home before replacing them.

Clean the Components Inside Your Computer

You can also clean the components inside your computer. Before taking your computer apart, make sure you know what you are doing and check your computer’s warranty conditions. Many manufacturers and resellers void a computer’s warranty after opening it. To clean the inside of your computer, open your central unit to facilitate access to the various elements and components.

Use a dry air canister or paintbrush to loosen dust from the nooks and crannies. If you opt for an aerosol canister, be careful not to tilt the head of the canister downward so as not to spill liquid on the parts of your computer. I prefer small, short sprays to belong and continuous ones to preserve maximum pressure in your bomb.

Do not Download Just Any Software.

When you download software, viruses may creep in and infect your computer. Plus, when you install software, the manufacturers may include small software, toolbars, search engines, and other programs that you absolutely don’t need. The symptoms most often encountered are the change of the home page and a toolbar on the internet browser. You should therefore download your software from trusted sources only. Finally, when you start installing a program, be sure to read the small conditions with a checkbox. This simple tip can save you considerable time on uninstalling and hunting down unnecessary programs.

Perform Regular Computer Updates

The components of your computer and the software installed on it need to be updated regularly. Whether for security or performance reasons, it is essential to keep them up to date. Therefore, you should check as often as possible for the availability of a new update for your software or the drivers of your computer components. For software, most often, a notification informs you of a new update.

Have a Quality Antivirus

Antivirus is used to protect your computer from computer attacks and threats that you may suffer while browsing the Internet. You must have one because you are never safe from malware. It is therefore important to consider which antivirus will be the most effective for your computer.

There is Windows Defender, which is the native protection software for the Windows operating system. Although less efficient than its paid competitors, it remains a very reliable solution for free software. It will be able to detect malware and other common threats lurking on the web.

If you opt for a Paid antivirus, you will have the guarantee that your computer will be protected. Many solutions exist, among which: BitDefender, Kaspersky and Norton. Usually, in the form of a year-round subscription, you can choose to protect 1 or more computers with a license. Another solution is Malware Bytes.

This is not antivirus but anti-malware software. Programs that are specially designed to cripple your system and prevent it from functioning properly. Once launched, it will scan your computer, detect any threats present, and then eliminate them. Convenient and easy to use, this is software that we recommend that you use regularly.


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