7 uTorrent Cheat & Trick to Make Downloads Faster

If you are not satisfied with the slow operation uTorrent and want to speed up your downloads, there are a number of tricks and tips (cheats) that you can put into practice to increase the utorrent cheat engine speed. This is particularly recommended if you have a good internet connection and the download speed is still low.
uTorrent is perhaps the most used torrent file client in the world, as it is one of the most versatile and customizable applications of this type. It also has a good number of configurable options so that we can adjust its operation to the maximum.
Not everything depends on the intake of multiple MB of optical fiber. Sometimes you can modify some parameters of this program to make uTorrent work faster and the downloads are much more fluid, although you must keep in mind that the speed will always depend on the amount of people sharing a file, as in all P2P programs.
Undoubtedly, torrent downloads are the current trend, especially because there are websites that even allow you to download such files without having to install any programs, not to mention the number of web sites that distribute these files, even legally

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Without further ado, we explain how you can make uTorrent faster on any operating system, even on mobile devices.

Utorrent trick make download faster

Tricks to Make uTorrent Work Faster

Don’t forget that this client is available for free for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android, but not for iOS devices, including the iPhone. Most users log in from their PC, although it is increasingly common to see it on cell phones.

Download uTorrent for Windows

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Download uTorrent for Android

1. Assign maximum bandwidth

To begin with, we will tell you that if you are in a hurry when you download a specific torrent file, you should assign the maximum bandwidth to the program. Therefore, to make uTorrent faster on downloads, you will customize the allocated bandwidth. The fastest way to achieve this is to right-click on one of the torrents, which interests you in this case, to assign the maximum possible bandwidth .

2. Choose the torrent with multiple seeds

If you access any website to download torrents, you will see that there is a variety of data appearing next to the name. One of these refers to the seed or seeds. In utorrent, uploading of file is called seeding.
What is this? That’s the amount of people currently sharing that file. Obviously, the more seed a file has, the faster it will download since you have more options to access a specific fragment of the file online.
Ideally, sort the list of results from plus to minus seeds. Download what you have most to make sure you share it with as many users as possible.

3. Focus on important downloads

In the uTorrent settings there is an option to limit the number of simultaneous downloads. What does this imply? That if you only have one download at a time, all the speed and bandwidth will go exclusively to it.
Limit yourself to a download only when you’re in a hurry to download a specific file, even if your connection is good, there should be no problem downloading two or three files at once.

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4. Make sure you don’t have a limited speed

At some point you may have “unintentionally” limited the download speed of this program. In this case, it is normal for it not to exceed a few kbps.
If you want to check it, you have to go to uTorrent Settings and then to connections. There is a section showing the maximum download speed. Deselect the option to limit the download and upload speed to make sure that uTorrent is not working slowly for this reason.

5. Start uTorrent with your computer

If you use it on a desktop PC, a trick to make uTorrent faster is to start the program with the operating system. This will cause you to start entering the “virtual queue” for download as soon as you start your PC.
The longer you are in this queue, the faster you connect and the faster the download. Of course, keep in mind that while it’s on, other network features may not work well. Bandwidth issues.
You can automatically start uTorrent from its Settings. When you turn on the PC, whatever the operating system, there will be its green icon in the system tray.

6. Enable UPnP mapping to get around the firewall

There is a setting that can make uTorrent work much better if the problem is your PC’s firewall that’s interfering. It is absolutely not recommended if you are concerned about your safety but you can use it if you are in a hurry to download something.
It is the activation of UPnP mapping to bypass this program on the firewall. It will connect directly to the peers to download the file in question.
You have to go to Preferences> Connection and then check the corresponding box, called Automatic map of doors or Map automatically ports. Click OK and restart uTorrent for the changes to take effect.

7. Use a cable instead of WiFi

If you want to speed up uTorrent downloads easily, all you need to do is connect your computer via an Ethernet cable. Okay, sometimes it’s not possible to pull a cable from the router where the computer was connected.
A good alternative is a WiFi repeater, as this program may not give 100% of its capacity simply because the WiFi signal strength leaves a lot to be desired.
Keep in mind that sometimes it has nothing to do with speed, but with network stability. If WiFi constantly fluctuates in intensity, it is normal for your downloads to be affected immediately.

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However, what we recommend in these cases is to acquire a PLC, a device that sends the Internet signal through the electrical network. They are also found with the ethernet cable port, undoubtedly the best option to bring the wired network to the whole house.

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