Top Design Tips To Make Your Gaming Setup Stand Out

One of the best feelings in the world is when you’re playing your favorite game, and it is presented to you in great detail. You can feel like you are there, seeing what is going on around you for miles. A lot of gamers say that they want their setup to be custom-made so that it feels unique and special. In order to accomplish this goal, here are a few tips on how to make your gaming setup stand out from everyone else’s!

A Custom Gaming Playmat 

A customized gaming playmat is one of the best ways to make your gaming set-up unique because you can design your own and make it special to you. You can put any scene you want on your mat, and there are a lot of options that will allow for full customization.

You can put a picture of your favorite character, or just have an abstract design. As the folks at explain, it’s a great opportunity to showcase who you are before the game ever gets started; choosing an impressive image can make a bold statement at a tournament or at your next meet-up with your gaming friends.

You could also add some other features like putting the game title on it so that you don’t forget what is where when setting up for gaming sessions with friends. 

There are some easy ways of customizing what type of material you would like for this piece: vinyl (for example mousepads), felt fabric (used in sewing – often more expensive than other materials), home decorator fabrics such as linen or cotton canvas; cork, and a PVC vinyl.

gaming setup

Add Lighting Effects

Make your set-up stand out with lighting effects. Whether you have a TV with built-in lights or need to purchase additional light fixtures, make sure your gaming area is well-lit.

Lighting not only enhances the atmosphere in your room but also improves the visibility of all sorts on screens like monitors and TVs. Plus, if someone walks into your playroom while playing after dark, they’ll be able to see everything without needing to turn any other lights on! 

The downside? Along with brightness levels come energy costs from keeping those bulbs burning for hours at a time. The good news: investing in some efficient LED lighting will lower power consumption and help save you money over time (not to mention give off less heat!).

Add a low-key light underneath your desk to illuminate the entire surface. You can also add lights around the screen and speakers for extra ambiance.

Add A Pop of Color

Add a pop of color to your setup to make it special and unique. The color options are endless, so you are not limited to just one. 

The options range from multi-colored LED strips for your case and keyboard or controller, colorful cables on the floor that lead up to a single gaming monitor, controllers with brightly colored grips, stickers plastered all over the desk (or whatever surface you’re using). Add some pizzazz!

One good way is by installing an RGB light strip in your computer’s housing unit. This does wonder when combined with bright lighting fixtures hanging overhead – it’ll make your setup look like something out of a movie set! If this seems too difficult/expensive, then consider buying yourself some colorful lamps instead. You can find these at most home improvement stores – they often advertise themselves as “gaming lamps”.

Decorate With Memorabilia 

Decorating your gaming space with your favorite memorabilia is a fun way to add your own style and personality while showing off your favorite games.

Decorating with video game-related items makes for a great conversation starter when friends come over, too. Just be careful not to clutter up the area, as it can make finding controllers difficult during heated nights of gameplay!


Add some posters on the wall. Whether it’s old school Street Fighter II cabinet art from local arcades or new age anime like Attack On Titan, there’s no shortage of beautiful artwork available in digital format these days.

Decorate With Memorabilia 

Helping to add the finishing touches of creativity and personalization, a custom gaming playmat is an excellent addition to any gamer’s space. Then, by adding lighting effects such as glow-in-the-dark or LED lights, you can create a unique ambiance while playing your favorite game.

For some added flair, try adding a pop of color with paint or customized artwork on one side of the mat. And don’t forget those accessories! Add pieces of memorabilia like dice and tokens that represent something meaningful to you personally, so it feels more like home when you start up your next session.

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