Top 10 Most Important Tips For A New PC Gamer

There are some essential tips for a new PC gamer. Want to know those tips? Continue reading to learn the tricks.

You might agree that with each passing year, the gaming industry is growing bigger. There are several great games to try and many communities to join. While many people are interested in joining the PC gaming community, others seek to broaden their console expertise to PC gaming.

Every new PC gamer has to face a couple of challenges, from game lagging to the dilemma on how to select a game. But do not worry. There are video hacks that allow you to dominate any game confidently and efficiently.

No matter where you start from, PC gaming is always exciting and thrilling to experience the virtual world. If you are a new PC gamer, these top 10 most important tips will help you play PC games.

pc gaming tips
1. Download Steam

Do you know that Steam is the best way to play games? It is a digital distribution platform that keeps you updated if anything new comes up. It has the most extensive library that enables you to find most PC games on the platform. Steam has in-built community features like groups, in-game voice chat, and instant messaging to keep you informed.

2. Check Reddit

Start checking Reddit regularly if you are looking for a fantastic deal for PC games. There are always various sites that provide some fantastic CD-key deals and discounts. You might not find them otherwise anywhere else. You can also find different gaming communities with whom you can talk about games and learn important tips on the platform.

3. Get the right accessories

No matter what, you have spent a good amount of money on your display and CPU machine. But it will not be fair if you do not match them with the best quality accessories. You need to invest a bit in the accessories like a keyboard, gaming mouse, and a headset with extra features to enjoy the whole gaming experience.

4. Be comfortable

Playing PC games is so addictive that you will have to sit in the same space for hours. While it is fun to play the exciting games that keep yourself glued to one place, make sure that you have comfortable surroundings. Please ensure that you have a comfortable chair and table that suits your height.

5. Steam Refunds

What if you realize that a game is not according to your interest as soon as you buy it? Do not get disappointed! Steam has now added a refund option to game purchases. You can request a refund if you did not play the game for more than 2 hours and not owned it for more than 30 days.

6. Try new things

The golden rule of PC gaming is to keep trying new things. Each type of game is impressive in its way. It is ok if you are a first-person shooter and like action games, but you can also try other games like mystery and war strategy games. Trying out new games helps to become a versatile PC gamer and expose yourself to various games.

7. Explore Mods

You can install mods on PC gaming to turn your game into an entirely new one. It is a luxury that console video gamers are not able to enjoy. If you enjoyed playing a particular game, but you feel sad because it ended, then you can check the internet for mods. The mods enable you to add a new storyline or characters to your game.

8. Play with settings

Regardless of whatever hardware you use, do not be afraid to play around with your in-game settings. Each game has its specific settings that will enhance the feeling of virtual situations. Keep a check on those settings to get the best possible performance of your hardware.

9. Install an extra fan

If you happen to live in a place where the temperature goes higher in summer, install an extra cooling fan on your PC. When you are enjoying the high fps games, your CPU will put extra power into it. If the game is heavy, your PC will work more and make it hotter. Make sure that it is not overheating.

10. Sell your old games

What if you have played a game several times? Well, you can sell it later. You can get the game on DVD or Blu -ray and sell it. A game loses its value over time, but buyers are looking to buy games at a cheaper rate. If you do not wish your favorite games to go to waste, then selling is an excellent option.


That’s it! The above PC gamer tips will help you play and enjoy an incredible gaming experience. Find the best suitable game for you, and make sure to follow the above tips. So, get ready to dive into the overwhelming world of PC gaming!


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