5 PC Gaming Tips For Complete Beginners

Playing games on consoles is a bit straightforward than using the PC. That’s why the journey into PC gaming might seem a bit difficult for many people, mainly if they’ve used game consoles for a long time. But don’t worry; we will help you with the tips for a seamless transition.

The truth is that PC gaming will expose you to many different games that weren’t accessible on consoles. So, it’s a good thing that you’re stepping up your experience by playing with the big screens. But, first, you need to prepare adequately and understand the basics of PC gaming from https://battlelog.co/.

Also, check out our five tips below to make things easier from the beginning.

5 Tips for PC Gaming Beginners

PC gaming tips

1. Invest in suitable hardware

What is the hardware you need for PC gaming? These include your CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, hard drive, etc. The secret to amplifying your experience is by using the proper hardware from the beginning. Even though you can use any CPU, monitor, or keyboard to play games, not all of them give the best results.

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So, if you’re serious about PC Gaming, invest in the hardware designed for gaming. For instance, there are gaming display units designed to offer the performance required by gamers. Also, gaming keyboards and mice have all the features you need for a better experience. If you get the best pieces of hardware, you’re sure of doing well while playing. For example, PC gamers prefer a mechanical keyboard to a membrane model because it improves their performance.

2. Choose the Right Gaming Platform

There are many platforms where you can download PC games online. But professionals recommend Steam above all others. The reason is that this platform has everything you need as a gaming enthusiast. It features all the games available in the industry. Not matter the genre you prefer, Steam offers a library that contains all of them.

Moreover, Steam is your one-stop shop for everything, including a large gaming community that can help you out. If you encounter any problem in this early stage, you can find solutions from other Steam users. Also, you can even join teams and make new gaming friends that can teach you more.  The best part is that every popular game you hear about is available on Steam. Once you find your game, you buy the game and download it on your device without hassles.

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3. Experiment with Genres

PC gaming offers another level of experience different from consoles. You’ll have access to different genres of video games and many games under them. Since you’re starting out, we recommend that you experiment with these genres to find your perfect match. Better still, you can start from one and move to the next after mastering it.

We know that game mastery requires patience, time, practice, and determination. But it is still worth it to expand your reach. If you focus only on one genre, you may not know that others offer a high level of excitement and fulfillment too. Besides, you may discover your talents in another game genre than what you’re playing now. So, experiment more and be an all-around PC gamer if you can.

4. Keep your game console.

Since you’re starting as a new PC gamer, we encourage you to keep your console somewhere around. This might sound odd since you’re planning to upgrade. But it is important to keep it around to fall back on if you decide that keyboard and mouse are not your things. We’ve seen many people who started PC gaming and sold their console only to regret it later.

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So, as you’re starting now, keep your console around the corner. Even if you don’t jump back to it entirely, there might be days you feel like playing those hundreds of games you’ve stored there.

5. Spice up old games with Mods

Do you know that PC gaming allows you to spice old games up? Mods stand for modifications, and they represent those tweaks, alterations, or changes that you can do on a video game to make it more exciting. Once you install mods, even the games that have lost their appeal to you can be brought back to life.

So, here is your chance of spicing games up whenever you like. Surf the web for the latest mods of a particular game and start enjoying new features and even characters in it.


PC Gaming offers wider opportunities for video game enthusiasts. You can now play different kinds of games that weren’t available on consoles. But to get the best experience, make sure your gears are suitable for it. Also, use Steam over all other gaming platforms as it offers you a lot of features. Finally, don’t forget to save your console for the time being and use mods to spice games up.

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