How to Copy Text on Instagram Posts, Comment and Stories

It’s very possible to copy text on Instagram. You can actually copy Instagram posts, copy Instagram comments, copy Instagram stories and even Instagram post links. All it takes is to follow the simple trick I have unveiled in this post.

Of course you and I know that in a normal scenario, the Instagram app does not allow us copy texts.

However, with simple tricks you can copy texts from Instagram app and paste (share) on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email and so on.

How to Copy Text on Instagram

Follow this simple trick to copy any text on Instagram comment or caption

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Locate the Instagram post you want to copy the caption or comment on.
  • Touch the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the published post

Instagram post

  • Tap Copy link in the menu that opens

Copy Instagram post link

  • Now, open any web browser of your choice and paste the link in the address bar and tap the Enter key on the keyboard to access the post in the web version
  • Highlight the text (caption or comments) you want to copy.
  • Then, tap Copy.
Copy text on Instagram

Copy Instagram Post Text and Comments Text

The text will be copied.


To select a text, touch a part of the text and hold your finger for a few seconds. The text will be highlighted. Drag your finger to select exactly the part you want to copy;
To share the copied Instagram text, just open the application in which you want to share the text. It can be Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Google Docs or wherever you want.
To paste, just touch the text box for a few seconds and then the Paste option will appear.

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How to Copy Instagram Post Link

The process for copying Instagram post links is the same for copying captions and comments text.

  • Open Instagram app
  • Access the post you want to copy its link
  • Tap the three dotted icon
  • Select share URL, the link will be copied.
  • Now paste it into your preferred browser and access the Instagram post in a web version.

If you want to copy a link from Instagram Bio, you must first click on it. The link will open in an Instagram app’s own browser.
Then, tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner, and in the menu that opens, go to Copy link. The same goes for links to sponsored and shared blog posts on Stories.

How to Copy Instagram Stories Text

Copying text from Instagram Stories is a little more complex. After all, content published as a story is always an image or video. Depending on the reason for which you want to copy the text, there are simple alternatives that can also work well and meet your needs.

Through OCR Technology

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology is capable of extracting textual content from photos and, sometimes, even interpreting and translating it, if necessary.

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It is worth noting that formatting, that is, font type and color, most of the time, cannot be replicated. Only textual content. Some sites do this for free, like the ones listed below.

All the tools listed above work very similarly. For example, we use Online OCR, which allows you to copy the text directly from the website, without having to download any files. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Access the Instagram Story you want to save and snap or screenshot it on the screen. To hide elements such as the profile of the publisher and the comment field, touch and hold the screen before taking the capture
  2. Now open the site to the OCR service of your choice. In our example, we use the Online OCR. Tap Archive to upload the image
  3. Select Files to use the image stored in the screenshot folder of your smartphone
  4. Choose the language in which the text to be converted is. Tap on English and search for the desired language in the list. You can still select English to convert it to English language.
  5. Next, decide the format in which you want the file to be converted. You can choose .docx , .xlsx or .txt
  6. Finally, click on Convert.
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The converted content will be displayed in a text box on the website itself. Copy and paste the text wherever you want.

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That is all about copying texts on Instagram app. If this post helped you, kindly Share it to social media by hitting the share buttons below. Thanks once again for reading my post today.

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