GB Instagram 7.0 Apk Download for Android (Latest Version)

Hello IG lovers, it’s time to download the latest GB Instagram V3.60 apk from here if you want to enjoy more features at no cost.

GB Instagram is a modded (molded) version of the Instagram app that allows you to use two Instagram apps and accounts on one phone. This app is similar to GB Whatsapp. GB Instagram comes with so many features which you can’t even get in the official version.

This latest version of GB Instagram 1.60 lets you download videos and pictures from Stories. You can also change and customize the notification screen and theme of the app. This update includes bug fixes and some improvements from the last version.


App Customization:

There is close to a little limit to what you can achieve with the refined customization features of the GB Instagram app. I mean, the app comes with some beautiful customizable features that will leave you dumbfounded.

Copy bio:

With the GBInstagram apk, you can now copy other people’s bio with ease. In other words, you can copy anyone’s bio update and use it as yours but it’s advisable to seek permission from the original owner to avoid copyright infringement issues.

Copy comments:

Just like the ability to copy people’s bio, you can also copy other users’ comments and use them as yours. This normally happens when one sees an interesting comment and chooses to use it on his Insta update or even story.

Play audio with Video automatically:

The most annoying thing with Insta is whenever you click on a video it will play the video on mute mode, you have to click once more to get the sound, but with GB Instagram you don’t have to worry about that, cause it will play videos with sound every time you play a video.

Dual Instagram:

Like I said earlier, with GB Instagram installed on your Android phone, you can run two Instagram accounts on one phone if you also installed the official Instagram app. Both apps will be installed successfully because GBInstagram uses a different package name just as GBWhatsapp does.


There is never a dull moment with GB IG themes so if you are tired of the official and regular Instagram themes, you can choose a different one fully customizable to bring out another beautiful and class to your Instagram app. The themes on GB mods give you the ability to customize your Instagram and make it the way you like it. You will get a ton of themes to choose from and experiment with.

GB Instagram V1.60 Apk

Download Videos and Images:

You read it right, the best and the most popular feature of GBInstagram is this one, let’s say that you are scrolling through your Instagram and suddenly your eyes are stuck on a post and you download that immediately but you shouldn’t able to do it cause you are using the official version of Instagram, so sad. But if you are using GB Instagram then the download will one click away from you. Although there are apps that help you download pictures and Videos on the Instagram app.

Comment Translation:

So you are a cool person and you are also a famous one on Instagram. You have worldwide followers, and that means you get a lot of comments outside your known language. So what are you going to do now, well you stuck the whole time to translate those comments. Well, GBInstagram got your back now With GbInstagram you get an inbuilt translator that lets you translate those comments in a few seconds.

Zoom profile Pictures:

In addition to allowing you to download images, GB Instagram Mod allows you to zoom pictures and see details before deciding on whether to download it or not.

No Required Root Access:

Whether your Android phone is rooted or not, this GB Instagram app will work perfectly on it. So you have virtually nothing to lose.


GB Instagram comes with regular updates to keep you up to date with the Official version. Not only that when you get an update it also gets some new features on this one.


Notification Count:

GB Instagram also comes with a notification count feature that will help you to get an idea of how much pending notifications you have.

Remember, download GB Instagram V1.60 Apk from this link.


Name GBInsta Mod
Version 7.0
Size 40MB
Platform Android
Category Social Media
Updated November 11, 2022
Downloads 10,000,000+
Developer Atnfas Hoak


Download Here

GB Instagram Installation Video Guide



  • Version 1.60
  • New Base Updated to
  • Added Support for IGTV
  • Added Video Calls
  • You can make a chat favorite
  • Now can Add Voice Notes in Story
  • Now can Add Tag to Story
  • Fixed Bubble Color when Reply to Story
  • Fixed Themes after Viewing Posts in the Search
  • Fixed Crash when Click on Download/Preview
  • Many More Fixes



Instagram is one of the best social media platforms in the world now with billions of users but just like WhatsApp, this GB Instagram offers even more features to keep you addicted to the app. Though you should be careful about data security issues as it’s not an official app.