How to Convert Mov to MP4 Free (Online & Offline) Methods

If you have been searching for “how to convert mov to mp4” for free using online or offline method, this post is for you.

Of course, there are times you will need to convert .mov to .mp4 file formats for compatibility reasons because mp4 is more accepted by most digital devices including computers, smartphones, media players and so on.

What is a Mov File

A MOV file is a common multimedia container file format developed by Apple and compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms. It may contain multiple tracks that store different types of media data and is often used for saving movies and other video files. MOV files commonly use the MPEG-4 codec for compression according to

What is an MP4 File

According to Wikipedia, MP4 is a digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video and audio, but it can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images. Like most modern container formats, it allows streaming over the Internet.

Convert mov to mp4

Similarities & Difference Between Mov file formats and MP4 file formats

Both Mov and MP4 are similar in so many ways because they are encoded with the same codec and can be used as multimedia container. Also both file formats can be used in QuickTime environments and both produces the same video quality in the same codec.

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However, the major difference between mov and mp4 is that mp4 is more compatible with many devices as it has more tagging options while Mov has limitations because of proprietary issues, therefore streamlining its scope of usage.

For instance, mov file format is usually used in storing multimedia contents in DVDs and CDs for watching movies but may not be playable on most smartphones and operating systems. Unlike MP4 that can be played in virtually all operating systems and smartphones.

Now that you know the meaning of mov and mp4 as well as the difference between mov and mp4, let’s continue to the main reason why we are here.

Still on how to convert mov to mp4.

I will write on both online and offline methods of converting mov to mp4 video formats as well as other file extensions like .mp3, m4a, .mov, mp4 etc.

How To Convert Mov To MP4

Follow below guides to learn how to achieve this file extension conversion.

First Method: MOV to MP4 Online Converter Using

You will be able to convert .mov to . Mp4 online using website which is a simple and easy online tool used in converting many video and audio file formats.

Features Of Online All-in-one Audio & Video Converter

  • The tool supports up to 1000+ audio or video formats for input and output.
  • converting process is 30x faster than any other online converter.
  • It supports batch conversion in less time.
  • Can also convert and download unlimited videos to mp3 format. (In summary Mp4 to Mp3)
  • Zero waiting time for uploading and uploading files.
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How To Convert MOV To MP4 Online For Free

  • Open Mov to Mp4 Converter online
  • Click on the (+) sign to Add The File you wish to convert.
  • In the “Convert to” section, Select “MP4”
  • Now click “Convert”
  • Wait for your video file to convert.
  • Once conversion is completed, your file should be ready for download.
  • Simply click on “Download” to save your converted file to your device.

Media mov to mp4 converter online

If you follow this steps, you have successfully converted .mov to .mp4 video file online for free.


The conversion time will be faster if the file you are converting is smaller and if you have a strong internet connection but if you are converting a very large file, it could take some time.

Apart from converting Mov to MP4 using media online converter, there are several other file extensions that can be converted by

There are also other tools used to convert videos like YouTube to MP4 converter. But for audio convertion, you can see YouTube to MP3 converter in my previous article.

Other File Extensions Convertible To MP4

  • Convert MXF to MP4
  • Convert ASF to MP4
  • Convert DIVX to MP4
  • Convert AVI to MP4
  • Convert WebM to MP4
  • Convert WMA to MP4
  • Convert TRP to MP4
  • Etc.

Other File Extensions To Convert MOV Files To:

While you can easily convert .mov to .mp4 online, you can as well convert .mov to other file extensions as listed below.

  • Convert MOV to VOB
  • Convert MOV to MPEG-2
  • Convert MOV to YouTube Video
  • Convert MOV to M4V
  • Convert MOV to FLV
  • And many more…
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Still on how to convert mov to mp4…

Second Method: Convert MOV To MP4 Offline

If you prefer converting your files offline, this section is for you. One of the advantages of using offline method is that it requires no internet connection or wifi to convert your audio or video files. It also converts faster than online method especially when the network connection is poor.


  • Go to Media website and download wondershare Converter by clicking on “Get Desktop Convert” on the homepage.
  • Download and install on your computer.
  • Then follow the simple on-screen instructions convert your video files from mov to mp4 or vise versa.

Final Thoughts

While is a great online and offline mov to mp4 converter, there are still other video and audio converters available online but I singled out this one because of its convincing features.

But I will continue reviewing and writing about other useful converters in subsequent posts.

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But wait o, before you leave, can you share your own tested and trusted video converter(s) using the comments section.