Download TweakBox App for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Here is the latest version of TweakBox app for iOS devices, an unofficial app store containing thousands of apps, games, Cydia tweaks and modded apps that can be downloaded for free.

tweakbox app

Therefore, TweakBox is apple store alternative for users looking for a shortcut to get paid apps for free. It’s similar to Blackmart app for android.

How to Download TweakBox

The app is not available on itunes so you need to download it from the official website. Follow the guidelines below;

Step 1:

Launch Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad and open TweakBox App website to download TweakBox app for iOS.

Step 2:

Click on the Configuration Profile Download link and wait;

Step 3:

Click Allow >> Install when the information page opens

Step 4:

Settings opens to the Profile page, click Install Profile

Step 5:

Enter your passcode/password and Safari will open

Step 6:

Now click on Install and Settings opens again

Step 7:

Then click Install >> Next

Finally, click “DONE” and wait few seconds for the app icon to appear on your home screen. You can repeat same steps if the icon isn’t visible.

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How to Use TweakBox

Are you among people that thinks tweakbox is difficult to use? Then you are wrong because the app is as simple as ABC. Below is a guideline on how to use it.

  1. Launch TweakBox app – tap on the home screen app icon
  2. Tap Apps and then choose an App Category
  3. Find the app or game you want to download
  4. Tap it and follow the TweakBox instructions to install it.

Features Of TweakBox App

The key TweakBox features are;

  • App Store Apps – it is a complete iOS app store with frequently updated free and premium apps inside.
  • TweakBox Apps – It contains apps in some of this categories; Cydia tweaks, games emulators, streaming apps, screen recorders, and other exclusive content
  • Tweaked Apps – There are many stock apps beefed up with new features
  • Modified Games – It contains modded games, all in-app features unlocked and extras added on many of the best-selling games – all free

Frequently Asked Questions On TweakBox:

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers:

What Do I Do About the Untrusted Developer Error?

All you have to do is trust the app developer – here’s how:

  1. Open iOS Settings>General
  2. Go to Profiles and tap the developer name
  3. Tap Trust and close Settings
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That’s it

Is My Warranty Safe?

Yes, it is because TweakBox is legal to use. It requires the same standard permissions to download like any other app and doesn’t need root access to iOS. What might cause a problem if your device has to go into an Apple Store is if you are using tweaks? Just delete them and reinstall them later.

The App won’t Download or Verify

All you can do here is wait. Because the app runs on expired enterprise certificates, Apple revokes them. The developers replace them, and that’s probably what is happening when you try to download it. Delete TweakBox, wait a few hours and try again. Also, check that you are not trying to use a modified app with the stock version – if you download Snapchat++, for example, remove the official app first, or conflicts arise

Can I Ask for an App?

Yes, just post your request on the developer Twitter feed. They do get many requests though, and they may not be able to honor them all

Common Error Solutions:

While TweakBox is a reliable app, there are a couple of common errors – all easy to fix:

Blank or White Screen:

  1. Open Settings>Safari
  2. Tap Clear Website Data and try TweakBox again – it should be back to normal
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TweakBox Has Stopped Working:

This is because Apple can’t verify the app source but you can:

  1. Remove TweakBox and install it again
  2. Open Settings>General
  3. Open Profiles and tap the developer name
  4. Tap Trust and exit Settings
  5. TweakBox will work

I Get a Profile Installation Failed Error:

This is down to the Apple Servers being bombarded with traffic. Wait a few hours and try again; if it still happens, follow these steps:

  1. Put your device into Airplane mode
  2. Open Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data
  3. Tap Clear History and Data
  4. Take your device out of Airplane mode and wait a minute or two
  5. Install TweakBox again, and it will work


So if you are looking for TutuApp or Cydia alternative, then get TweakBox. It’s got thousands of apps and games, all for free; download it and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.