DRmare Review: DRM Audio Converter for Windows

Some digital contents such as music tracks, video files, ebooks, games, DVD movies, emails, documents, etc are technologically protected with DRM and you need to remove this restrictions in order to play or use these digital products across devices.

DRM simply means “Digital Rights Management” which is applied to most digital contents limiting unauthorized usage of such media contents. It may be a song or video. In fact, some iTunes song come with DRM restrictions so in order to gain total freedom to play such songs across media platforms, you will remove DRM.

You may ask whether it’s illegal to remove DRM from media contents. Well, removing DRM is not illegal but unauthorized distribution is. This is according to Abbey House.

From my findings, it’s not even recognized in some countries because of some controversies hovering over it.

Drmare Audio Converter

How DRM Works

DRM is adopted as the best type of digital product protection because the Police can’t keep an eye on all that goes on online in terms of copyrights.

Therefore DRM works by imposing some technological restrictions that control what users can do with the digital media. For example, a song can be listened to, but not copied or shared; an ebook can be viewed on a certain type of device; a single-player game can be played only with the Internet connection; an email can’t be forwarded. In other words, DRM creates a defective product, which completely satisfies the copyright protection needs.

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In all cases DRM is a two-part scheme. The first part is the encryption to protect the content itself and the second is an authentication system to ensure that only authorized users can unlock the files. Here various keys, licenses, login-password combinations are used.

When you buy a DRM-protected product or service, your device is regictered by the provider server and receives a key. If the digital content provider allows you to use their property on several devices, each of them also received the key once you log in into your account.

To know if your file is protected, right click on the media file >> properties >> details and you will see “protected” = yes.

Note that the way of checking for protection varies with media files. For example, the way you check for an ebook protection is different from the way you will check DVD or an app protection but they are slightly similar.

How To Remove DRM With DRmare Software

One of the best software to remove DRM is DRmare. It is a tool that let you enjoy the real freedom of digital life by removing any DRM limit permanently.

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So in this post, we will be reviewing this useful tool and how to use DRmare M4V Converter and audio converter.

DRmare M4V Converter for Mac

This is an important tool that can strip off DRM protection for iTunes M4V videos both purchased and rented iTunes movies, TV episodes and music videos losslessly and effortlessly.

Once you have removed the restrictions, you can then freely play any iTunes media file on any platform without issues. Isn’t this a great idea? Then try DRmare M4V converter.

Below are some of the features of M4B converter:

  • Remove DRM from iTunes Movie Rentals and Purchases
  • Convert iTunes M4V to MP4, M4V for Any Device
  • Keep AC3 5.1 Audio, Closed Caption, Subtitles

DRmare Audio Converter For Windows

Regarded as the best audio converter for Windows, this tool will help you remove DRM from audio files on Apple’s platform. Below are some of the e features s features of the app.

  • Bypass DRM iTunes, Apple Music, Audible Audiobooke
  • Convert DRM and Non-DRM Audios to MP3, AAC, etc.
  • Convert at 30X Faster Speed with Lossless Quality
  • Split the converted output files into smaller audio files.
  • Adjust audio parameters like codec, channel, sample rate and bit rate if you want.
  • Edit the ID3 tags of the audio.
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How To Convert DRM Protected Audio Files With DRmare Audio Converter

  1. First, download DRmare Audio Converter for Windows Here
  2. Install it and accept the terms and conditions
  3. You must have iTunes installed on your PC with your account logged in for this software to function correctly
  4. When the software opens, it will try opening iTunes and request you to follow some steps
  5. You can then load songs from iTunes and tap to add them
  6. Select the audio output and encoding format
  7. Then click on “convert” button to convert the audio.

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That’s all about DRM protection, DRmare software, it’s uses and how to use it to remove DRM from digital contents.