Free Internet Trick In Philippines & Bangladesh With SkyVPN

Good news to people in the Philippines and Bangladesh as there is a new free internet trick currently working on all networks through an app called “SkyVPN App” In this post, you will learn how to configure the app to enjoy free browsing cheats in Philippines with Grameenphone network via SkyVPN.

According to SkyVPN blog, from last month, lots of users from the Philippines told us that “SkyVPN is like a Master in their country now because they can use free data of internet service providers by SkyVPN”.

How Philippines & Bangladesh used SkyVPN to enjoy free internet of Phone

Based on this information, we find out there are common bugs in internet service providers of some countries, and SkyVPN can allow people use free data of these internet service providers by these bugs. There are millions of people in Philippines & Bangladesh used SkyVPN to enjoy free internet of phone.

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As we know that the bug maybe exist in most of the internet service providers in Philippines, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico, South Africa and others. This is the reason why there are many free internet tricks in these countries from time to time especially in Nigeria where free browsing cheat is a norm.

Now, we need you to test the specifical name of internet service providers that can use free data by SkyVPN. Let’s try this, maybe you are the lucky guy that can use unlimited free data from your internet service provider.

If you find out that SkyVPN can help you use free internet in your country, please contact us and we will give you Dingtone Credits or Premium Traffic of SkyVPN as rewards.

Skyvpn free internet trick

How to Get Free Internet In Philippines & Bangladesh

  • Download SkyVPN App from HERE or via Google Play Store
  • At first you need active Grameenphone Easynet. to active Easynet internet pack. dial used code *5000*55# and click call. wait few times, you will get the confirmation message. When you get the message, just restart/reboot your phone.(For Bangladesh)
  • For other countries’ users, you need to text or call your internet service provider to allow them active internet data of your phone.
  • Open your phone network (For Bangladesh, it is Grameenphone)
  • Open SkyVPN app, then click “connect”, if it connected, then you can enjoy the free internet. If it failed to connect, then try again or switch other country’s server until it connected.
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NOTE: If you still have connection problem just try with some internet data, just load the apps then try with your local internet ISP. Don’t try it with balance or data.

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Enjoy while it lasts.