How to Check Glo Data Balance in Nigeria Using USSD Code

USSD code to check Glo NG data balance. This article is a quick guide on how to check your Glo data balance using USSD code, SMS, mobile app, or online method. So you can easily check the Glo data balance in Nigeria using USSD code. Check your Glo MB balance by just dialing a USSD code. The Glo data is used to brows the internet, download, chat, and stream videos online.

With the USSD code, you can check your Glo data balance in Android, iPhone, Windows, Mifi, and Java phones (feature phones). You don’t need to know anything about USSD codes to use them to check your Glo data balance. All you need is the correct code, which we provide in this post

From the information here, you can check your Glo daily data balance, weekly data balance, monthly data balance, social media bundle balance, and other Glo NG data balance.

how to check glo data balance

About Glo Nigeria

Glo Nigeria is the second largest telecommunications company and internet service provider in Nigeria. The telecom giant is only bettered by MTN NG in terms of subscriber base

Globacom has different data bundles at different prices to suit different categories of their customers. Customers have the flexibility of opting for the Glo daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, and even quarterly and yearly data plans at different prices.

The network is seen as the cheapest when it comes to prices of data plans in Nigeria as they offer cheaper data bundles than MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile.

What is Glo USSD Code

The official Glo USSD code is *777# which is the universal code to manage your Glo account including, recharging airtime, data subscription, data balance enquiry, and so on. It’s the Glo NG self-service code just as *131# is the general self-service code for MTN Nigeria.

Methods to Check Glo Data Balance

There are three major methods or ways to check your Glo data balance in Nigeria. These methods are listed below:

  • Via USSD code
  • Via SMS
  • Via online (internet)

I will explain in detail how to check your Glo data balance using any of the methods mentioned above.

1. How to Check Glo Data Balance Using USSD Code

USSD code method is the simplest and easiest way to check your data balance on the Glo network. The USSD code method works on all phones including Android, iPhones, feature phones, and windows phone. It works even if the phone has no internet access in it.

There are two USSD codes to check your remaining Glo data balance.

First USSD Code 

Dial *127*0# to check your Glo data balance at a glance.

Second USSD Code

  • Dial *777#
  • Select the current plan of a subscription
  • Choose to Manage data
  • Select Data Balance
  • Glo will send you an on-screen response displaying your current data balance.

The above methods is for checking Glo data balance using USSD codes. To know how to check the remaining MB in your Glo line using SMS and online methods, keep reading below.

2. How to Check Glo Data Balance Using SMS Method

This is another simple method that doesn’t require an internet connection to work. Also, this method works for all phone types.


Therefore, to check your Glo NG data balance using SMS, just type ‘INFO’ (without quotes) and send it to 127. You will receive a response message showing the remaining data balance and the expiry date of your current Glo Internet subscription.

3. How to Check Your Glo Data Balance Online

In this method, you can check your data balance using the Glo Cafe mobile app and the Glo HSI portal.

Using the Glo Mobile App

In this method, all you need is just install the Glo cafe mobile app and use it to manage your Glo account which includes checking your data balance and airtime balance at any given time.

Using the Glo HSI Portal

This online portal can be accessed with your internet-enabled phone or via your laptop. Just head over to Glo HSI portal and select “self-care portal to manage your data”. 

Glo HSI portal

The advantage of this method over other methods is that you can actually check your data balance with a PC or another phone that is not yours.

Video Guide: How to Check Glo Data Balance


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There you have it, these are the methods to easily check your Glo data balance using several methods. What else are you looking for? Use the comment box.

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