Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheat for June 2021 in Nigeria

We promised to be updating you with latest Airtel free browsing cheats 2021 from time to time on this blog and we have another working cheat. So if you have your Airtel SIM and Android smartphone, come here and see how to browse free.

There are several ways to enjoy free internet with Airtel NG so we will concentrate on the methods that are still working as at the time this post is updated. So let’s see the currently working Airtel cheat now.

Airtel Social Pak Cheat

This is a data bundle meant for social media but with a powerful tunneling app, you can use the social plan to power every other app on your device. It’s similar to 9mobile social Pak cheat which gives you 2.5GB of internet data.

To start using this cheat;

  • First of all subscribe to Airtel social bundle.
  • To activate any Airtel social plan, dial *948*4# to start. Or simply dial *141*104# to activate Airtel social plan of 500MB for N100.
  • Alternatively, see all Airtel Social Plan activation codes.
  • After activation, install latest HTTP Injector
  • Download Airtel config file here or request for latest config file here.
  • Once config is downloaded, open your HTTP Injector and click on the paper icon at the top left right side of the app
  • Select “import
  • Locate the config file and import
  • Now, return to app homepage and click on “CONNECT”.
  • It should connect under 7 seconds.

Download More Airtel Social Pak HTTP Injector Config Files

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Download and upload any of the files above into your HTTP Injector app to enjoy airtel social free browsing cheat.

Airtel Social Plan Cheat Without Config File

This is the easiest method as it requires no config file of any type. Once you have a good VPN with inbuilt config files, you are good to go.

So to enjoy Airtel social plan free browsing without config file, follow below steps;

  • Download TunnelTweak app
  • Open the app
  • Click on “custom” to see all cheats and servers
  • Locate Airtel | Social-Pack and click on it
  • Now click the back button and click “START”

It should connect within some seconds.

Benefits of Airtel SocialPak Cheat

  • It can be used to power all apps including web browsers, Youtube and social media
  • It is an official plan so it won’t get blocked quickly
  • It works with config files and also without configs, depending on the cheat app used.
  • You can subscribe as low as 100 Naira to get 500MB
  • Validity period depends on the plan you subscribed to; there is daily plan, weekly plan and 25 days plan.

Airtel social pak free browsing cheat works day and night without restriction until the data bundle is exhausted or the validation period elapse.

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat | Airtel 0.0kb Cheat

Android and PC users, checkout Airtel free browsing cheat currently working with a valid config file of HTTP Injector. The cheat is commonly called “Airtel 0.0kb cheat” or Airtel unlimited cheat.

The amazing thing about this Airtel cheat is that it works in so many countries including Nigeria, Kenya, India, Gabon, Malawi, Bangladesh, Seychelles, Uganda, and Zambia. All you need is just get the correct Injector Config file for your country, import it and enjoy free internet.

HTTP Injector is a very powerful virtual private networking app used to bypass geographical and internet restrictions from any country and networks. In recent times, it has emerged as the best free browsing app used to enjoy several free browsing cheats including MTN free internet. The HTTP injector configurations can be created by anyone and imported by others so even if you are not quite a tech-savvy fellow, you can actually use this app by just importing the already configured config file.

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Airtel is one of the popular mobile data networks in Nigeria, India and some other African countries with several data plans that includes a cheap N25 for 500MB night plan, yet some users prefer completely free internet browsing without paying a dime.

Well, be that as it may, you are covered and we are solidly behind you if you are looking for ways to enjoy free browsing at no cost.


  • A registered Airtel SIM
  • 0.0kb balance, no active data bundle
  • An Android phone
  • Stable 3G or 4G network
  • HTTP Injector app (install here)
  • Latest Config files for HTTP injector with Airtel cheat (get it here)
  • A little patience.

Airtel Free Browsing Settings With HTTP Injector Configuration File

The setup for this latest Airtel cheat is pretty easy once you have a working config file with you. That’s why you need to join this free internet Telegram Group to request and get newly updated configuration files for your airtel free browsing. After that, follow below procedures to set it up and import the config.


Install the latest HTTP Injector app from the link provided under “requirements” above.


Open the app and click on “file icon”

Http injector file icon


Click “import config file”

Import config file


Now locate the config file you downloaded from Telegram or from mediafire. If it’s on Telegram, you will find it here Android > SDcard > Telegram > document but if you downloaded from mediafire you will find it here SDcard > downloads or SDcard > UC downloads. It depends on the web browser used to download the file.

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Note that HTTP configuration file is in .ehi format.


Now that you have found the Config file, simply click on it to import to your HTTP injector app.


Finally, click on START to connect. Once it’s connected, you can minimize the app and open your web browser to browse free or open just any app on your phone.

Airtel free browsing cheat

Note that this airtel free browsing cheat with HTTP Injector Config file works better on 4G network using Airtel 4G SIM card so if yours didn’t connect with 3G network and SIM, simply get a 4G SIM and enjoy unlimited free internet while it lasts.

However, if you want to enjoy free browsing with other networks, just check this updated free browsing tricks for all networks and countries. Alternatively, you can also enjoy Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat with HA tunnel VPN.

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Enjoying Airtel Free Internet on PC

To use the cheat on PC or your laptop, check out this apps used to share VPN Internet cheats on PC. This will help you to not just enjoy the Airtel free browsing cheat on your Android but on PC too. Use the comment box to share your thoughts about this cheat and also let us know if it worked or didn’t work for you. Enjoy once again.


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