What is a Moddded APK?

You would have heard the term Mod APK quite often in your life right? This is a very common terminology and you may be looking for its exact meaning and usage. Well, this article will help you analyze all the details related to Mod Apks, what they are, their safety concerns and where to download them. Consider giving a read to the article mentioned below.

What is Mod APK?

what is mod apk

As the name of this term indicates, Mod Apks are the modified versions of the original applications. They are not developed or released by official platforms, rather they are available on third party sites. These sites add additional features in the application or a game to make it look more fun and interesting.

Additional features may be better graphics, good sound quality, extra support provision, unlimited money or never ending weapons, it could also be a free access to the paid versions of the application etc. Since these versions of the applications are not signed by the official developers, these are not considered legal.

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These third party developers use the original developer’s code to crack the premium version of the application and make it compatible for users to download it on their device. The term ‘Modded’ is from modified and the term APK stands for application package file. These APK files can be downloaded in android operating systems to install various applications.

What is Mod APK for iOS?

We know that APK files are developed by third party sites and you cannot get them directly from the playstore. Downloading the file may be easy for android, but for iOS systems, this requires a lot of effort. APK files are called IPA in iOS systems such as iPhone, iPads or iPod.

Is Mod APK safe?

It is generally believed that Mod APKs aren’t safe to download and contain viruses which can harm your device. However, this is not always the case. Some of the files do contain viruses, but we must not apply this condition to ‘All’ such sites. There are some sites like Apk Soldier which are 100% safe and do not contain viruses at all. There are ways of analyzing whether a certain site is safe or not, and you must always carry out thorough research before downloading from such platforms. Antivirus tools are available on the internet and you can check the legitimation of these sites from there. Also, such sites requiring a lot of personal info by asking too many permissions are always scams and do not get trapped by them.

How to Download a Mod APK?

Consider following the given steps to download Mod APK files in your phone:

  • Open the site from which you want to download the application.
  • Click on the link available on the site.
  • The file will be downloaded to your device.
  • Then go to your device’s settings and allow third party sites to work on your phone. You can do this by going to Settings> Menu> Allow unknown sources.
  • Go to files and tap the file which you downloaded.
  • The application will be installed in your phone.

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Where to download Modded APK?

These days, many sites are offering Modded APK files for the users. However, we must warn you that all of them aren’t safe. Many creators insert such data into these files that can enter viruses in your device when you download them or these files can also be used in stealing your personal information. So, only download APK files from trusted sites like Apksoldier.com. We guarantee you the authenticity of this site.


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