Download Who Wants to Be a Millionaire App Apk

Who wants to be a millionaire is one of the most popular TV trivia and quiz games which can also be played with your mobile Smartphone. So here, you will download the latest Who wants to be a Millionaire App Apk MOD 2022 for Android and iOS. Put your general knowledge to the test!

Experience the excitement, nervousness, and adrenaline when you become a participant in this contest and can win a million dollars. Answer each of the questions and use the “lifelines” that the App offers you.

In addition to participating in the contest, in this App, you can visit different countries and face your family, friends, or participants from other parts of the world. Just Download Who wants to be a millionaire on your Android and iOS Tablet and Smartphone and enjoy this magnificent experience of knowledge.

who wants to be a millionaire

Show Your Skills and Reach the Top

This application has the same virtues as the television contest and many more. You must take up the challenge and challenge your own knowledge. All questions are about general culture and are appropriate to different countries.

It allows you to participate in solitary mode, where you can play as in training and gain experience. You can also play online and challenge family, friends and other users from anywhere in the world in a multiplayer mode.

The sequence of the contest are very simple. You will see the first question of a series of fifteen with 4 options ( A, B, C and D ), where one of them will be the correct one.

In addition, on the screen, you will find some lifeguards that will help you answer correctly. For example, you will have “50/50” where 2 of the answers will be eliminated so that you have a better chance of getting it right.

Another lifeline is ” Call a friend ” to help you and the other is ” Ask the audience or the public .” However, in this version you will have new help: it is the lifeline of “ Call an expert ”. You have the opportunity to recruit and train experts from different countries, each with their own abilities.

As you progress through the questions, you can unlock new options. For example, new cities and traveling to different countries of the world, such as Brazil, Italy, the United States, and France, among others.

In the same way, you can earn many rewards in all these countries where you travel. Play offline in ” Offline ” mode wherever and whenever you want; you will not have time limits.

Features of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

  • It has a user interface totally based on the contest. It has both the same format and the sound of the television contest.
  • You can play online by inviting your friends or other random participants, or, conversely, playing offline in solo mode.
  • It allows you to climb the leaderboard and reach the top places, as long as you answer correctly.
  • You can use the skills and intelligence of the experts to answer correctly and move on to question number 15.
  • Unlock the different cities and win incredible rewards.
  • It’s fun
  • It’s educative.

Where to Download Who wants to be a Millionaire (WWB)

It’s totally free to play and win.

Enjoy the best quiz game of all time: Who wants to be a millionaire? Participate from your mobile phone and become a millionaire overnight




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