Two Ways to Backup C Drive to OneDrive Automatically

Discover two effective methods to automatically backup your C drive to OneDrive, ensuring your important files and system data are safely stored.

This blog post details step-by-step guides using both the OneDrive desktop app and CBackup service. Safeguard your data today with our comprehensive guide to cloud backup solutions.

Why Backup C Drive to OneDrive?

C drive often is the main partition of the computer, containing the Windows operating system running on the PC, system user setting files, and installed application-related files. Most of the files on the C drive are important, so it is wise to back them up.

As a popular cloud storage solution, OneDrive not only provides users with 5GB of free storage space but also allows users to access files anytime, anywhere through various devices.

Backing up C drive to OneDrive lets you restore system files and other important items if your computer system or hard drive fails.

Two Easy Ways to Backup C Drive to OneDrive Automatically

To back up C drive to OneDrive, you can use the following two ways – one is relying on the OneDrive desktop app, and another is with the help of the professional free cloud backup service – CBackup. Let’s dive into the details now.

Method 1. Backup C Drive Folder to OneDrive with OneDrive App

With OneDrive set-up, you are allowed to backup important PC folders including Desktop, Documents, and Pictures online automatically. If you want to back up other C drive folders, you can rely on the OneDrive sync folder to upload files.

Step 1: Run the OneDrive program on your computer. Click the OneDrive cloud icon on the menu bar or system tray.

Step 2: Tap on the Help & Settings position, and then click Settings.

Step 3: Select Sync and Backup on the left pane and click Manage Backup.

Sync and Backup

Step 4: On the Back up folders on this PC screen, toggle the switches to enable OneDrive backup for specific folders. Then, hit Save Changes.

Backup Folders on this PC

If you want to back up more folders and files on C drive, go to the OneDrive folder on File Explorer, and copy and paste to this sync folder from your computer. Then they will be saved on OneDrive.

Method 2. Auto Backup Entire C Drive to OneDrive using CBackup

As you can see, the OneDrive app only lets you backup certain folders automatically. To create auto backups of the entire C drive to OneDrive, CBackup is what you need.


This reliable cloud backup tool is capable of creating full C drive backups, as well as backing up individual files and folders. Here are some features of CBackup:

Complete backup: CBackup gives you the ability to backup C drive, as well as backup other computer drives and external hard drive to OneDrive.

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Various auto backup modes: CBackup offers 4 backup modes – One time only, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. So, you can set up a backup schedule for a certain event.

Flexible backup destinations: Apart from OneDrive, CBackup allows you to backup computer to Google Drive, Dropbox, CBackup Cloud, and more.

Cloud to cloud backup: You can create a cloud backup for your OneDrive files for data protection.

Download the CBackup app and follow our guide to creating auto backups of your C drive easily.

Step 1: Register an account on the CBackup website. Run the CBackup desktop app and log in.

Step 2: Choose Storage from the left menu, click OneDrive > Authorize Now, then connect your OneDrive account to grant access.

Add your first cloud drive

Step 3: Head to Backup, and select Backup PC to Public Cloud.

Backup PC to Public Cloud

Step 4: Select the whole C drive or certain C drive files/folders under the Source tab. Then, choose OneDrive under the Destination tab. Then, hit Start Backup to backup C drive to OneDrive now.

Backup C Drive to One Drive

To backup C drive automatically, please tap on Settings before initiating the backup task, and tick “Set a backup schedule for automated backup.” Then pick a backup schedule, and click OK.

Set Automatic Backup Schedule

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Wrapping Things up

On this page, we collect two reliable solutions to back up C drive to OneDrive to help you protect system files and other important items.

More Useful Resources

If you want to create a full backup of your computer C drive, CBackup is great for you to try. Hard drive backup to OneDrive is as simple as A-B-C with this freeware. You can also sync between cloud storage using this tool.

In addition, it offers you the “Combine Cloud” feature that helps you merge cloud accounts to get 1TB of free cloud storage, as long as you have enough accounts.

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