12 Best News Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

In this article, we have carefully selected the best news apps for Android and iOS devices in 2021 for staying up to date with latest happenings cutting across entertainment, politics, sports, lifestyle, education, agriculture and lots more around the world.

These news apps works as content aggregators that streamline the best news headlines from many authority online news media in the world. Some serves news according to users interest and location. For instance, some apps delivers news to all Americans based on their location so about 80% of contents shown to this people relates to the United States while others serve similar purpose for people in other countries and continents. When you read news with these apps, you enjoy the beauty of todays technology.

Online news apps has gradually replaced classic newspapers, tabloids, and even radio/TV broadcast in todays world. Thanks to the popularity of Android smartphones and iOS devices because you can now read latest news comfortably at your fingertips. In fact, people that still buys newspapers and listen to radio broadcasts are seen as “old fashioned”.

Although there are apps that spreads fake news but I have tried to select the best, trusted and most reliable news apps that delivers at least 91% unbiased news for you to consume on daily basis.


Find below resources for the top apps you can use to read news online from the comfort of your home 24/7.

1. Google News

Google news app

As World’s most popular search engine and the most visited website in the world, Google is a household name in the online business with so many resources and services.

One of its most popular services is “Google News” formerly known as Play Newsstand. It is a news app that delivers latest content in the news feeds. It uses AI techniques to aggregate all news stories from different online publishers including blogs and tabloids and delivers same to you through the app. There is a “For you” tab, where you can find top headlines and news developments that are relevant and essential to you. Also, its personalized news list is curated based on your activity on Google-owned platforms. This means, you are most likely served news according to your interest. But occasionally, un-following some news sources can be laborious owing to Google’s intuitive approach for delivering breaking news. Google News app offers ad-free news stories and it’s available on both Android And iOS platforms.

2. Opera News App

Opera news app

Opera, popularly known for its web browser available on mobile and PC launched its news aggregator app called “Opera News” which delivers trending news articles around the United States and the world at large. In many countries, opera news has become the number 1 news app for smartphone users because of the quality of news delivered, frequency of news updates as well as real-time notification for top trending news headlines.

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Late in 2018, Opera introduced offline reading mode that allows you to save news articles to be read later when you are less busy. It also applied high-tech that improves speed so that news can be read at the fasted rate. Additionally the app has data saving features which reduces the amount of data, memory and other miscellaneous resources consumed while reading news via the app. Every update brings new features on Opera news and the app is frequently updated.

News are carefully arranged in categories for easy access based on interest. You can also choose to be served news related to your country by selecting your country from the list of countries in the app. The app is available for both Android users and iPhone users.

3. Microsoft News

Microsoft news app

Also known as MSN news, Microsoft news app provides users with latest news ranging from local politics, global politics, entertainment, lifestyle, crime watch, sports, weird news and even coverage of CBS news on frequent basis. You will enjoy smooth experience with its structured design, making it extremely easy to navigate through the app.

Just like google news, you will enjoy personalized news based on your interests and search queries once you sign in with your Microsoft account. The news will be synchronized over other Microsoft platforms, including MSN.com and Internet Edge news feed. You’ve the option of selecting the news edition from various countries under the “Setting” tab.

Microsoft News has a fantastic feature called “Night mode” which limits the eye strain while reading news from your phone at night or in dark environments. However, one thing that turns off some users from using this news app is the sponsored ads which can be difficult to distinguish from the normal news articles. The app is also available for both Android and iPhone users.

4. Apple News

Apple news app

Apple Inc. also has a news app called “Apple News” which comes pre-installed on all iOS mobile devices. Just like the majority of other Apple apps, it is not available on Android-powered smartphones and tabs. This app is reputable for fast loading of images videos.

Recently, top news media like New York Times and National Geographic entered into partnership with Apple to make their news content readily available to users.

You can follow trends or individual topics that ranges from politics, sports, geography, entertainment, technology and other news niche of your choice. The app is only available for iOS users and the app size is just 918kb (below 1mb).

5. Flipboard

Flipboard news app

Flipboard is a news aggregator with best user friendly design and aesthetic appeal. It is designed with an elegant magazine-like user interface and offers a print-style page layout, which makes it stress-free to navigate. With flipboard app in your hand, you have that feel of a classic newspaper in your hand because of its design.

Flipboard analyzes the news you visit often and give you similar stories. It even lets you add news articles to its custom-made magazine to read later if you don’t have enough time on your hands at the moment just as Opera news. It also allows you follow your friends’ activity and comes with other features, such as “See less new stories like this” and “Mute Site” to view lesser stories from a news source. However, one of the major downsides of this app is, you cannot remove similar news stories in your news feed. The app is available on Android phones and iOS.

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6. Scooper News App

Scooper news app

Formally called Eagleee news, Scooper news app delivers trending news articles ranging from sports, politics, comedy, video, entertainment lol, etc straight to your palm. The app mainly focuses on news from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and other parts of the world.

The app design is great and you can stream some beautiful videos on the platform. One of the best features of this app is that you can earn money by just referring your friends to download the app. The money you earn comes as coins but can be withdrawn as physical cash when you reach payout. You can also convert the coins as cash to pay for Dubai Visa and other important stuffs. It’s that great. Sccoper news app is currently available on Android platform.

7. BBC News

BBC News app

I believe BBC news needs no introduction here because it’s very popular and one of the oldest online news media based in the UK. Westminster, London-based BBC News channel is well reputed for presenting non-sensational, unbiased news; for this reason, the BBC News app remains highly rated in this category on the Play Store and App Store alike.

The software provides news feed in various layout options and shows the most recent reports from all countries with just a single tap. The news feed section also extends a live- streaming news channel, which is right within the app itself. BBC News lets you adjust notification settings and switch off background syncing. It is among the few news apps that give you control over data shared by the app; in other words, you can switch off “sharing stats”if you do not want any personalized results. BBC news app is available on both Google Play Store and App store known as iTunes.

8. AOL — News, Mail & Video

AOL news app

AOL (American Online) is a reputable news source in the United States. AOL is a news aggregator that is available on Android and iOS. It’s unique for presenting unbiased opinions and latest news. It has different tabs for e-mail, as well as videos, and comes with its own search search engine, which is powered by Bing. With this app, you get daily forecast and can be synced across Web and iOS.

9. Reddit

Reddit news app

Reddit News Feed delivers US and international news that is perfect for you if you seek a good mix of fascinating news and entertainment.

Reddit isa Multipurpose platform serving as a social media, news aggregator and message boards, which offers a unique and thrilling experience for readers. You can subscribe to specific Reddit topics, create sub-reddits, and search for any content based on time of update, popularity, controversy, and others. Reddit boasts the most engaged community and even offers you a chat option.

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In fact, reddit showers you with the best of internet in one place. Read breaking news, see fun stories, pictures, memes, videos etc in one app. It’s available on Android as well as iPhone.

Still on the best news apps for Android and iOS, the article continues below.

10. Smart News App

Smart news app

The name summarizes its functions. Smart News analyzes millions of news articles every second and groups them, accordingly, under each topic. You can setup and customize delivery time (4 slots) in the notification settings if you prefer to get headline reports at regular intervals.

The apps features a smart news mode which displays news articles with minimal graphics which in turn saves data. It also helps you in maintaining smooth experience, even when network is slow. You can equally get this app on both Android and iOS platforms.

11. Feedly

Feedly news app

Feedly is one of the best news apps today as it’s seen by many as Google Reader’s successor. This app gathers RSS news feed app from so many sources online and delivers to you in one place. You can add and customize which feed source to be shown to you. It updates you with posts on those sources immediately it’s published on their website or blog.

However, you should be careful which news source you should take serious because it can get news from sources not ideal for you.

Feedly can serve you contents according to your wish or demand or area of expertise. For instance, you may opt for feeds on football, technology, Cosmetics, wears etc. The app is available for Android OS and Apple Store.

12. InShorts — 60 words news summary

This is a start-up from Indian, which is gradually emerging as a news app capable of rivaling other leading options in this category with its unique concept of news delivery. It presents a summary of your news in less than sixty (60) words and, in the process, ensures that it stays objective and non-sensationalized. InShorts offers a “MyFeed” tab that contains news based on your needs.

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Now you know the best news apps for Android and iOS devices. This apps keeps you abreast of latest happenings around you and the whole world at large.