Why is My iPhone Alarm So Quiet? See The Fix

Some of you may have noticed that iPhone alarms aren’t always the most effective. When you go to sleep at night and set the alarm, you will have the feeling that you won’t hear it when you wake up in the morning. Your iPhone alarm will still be very quiet, even if you use a speaker or a third-party app.

Well, if your iPhone alarm is so quiet or not loud enough, check out the settings or try these fixes if your iPhone alarm is not as loud as you’d want it to be. If you are unable to figure out the problem, here are the fixes to try and see if they help in improving your iPhone alarm volume.

What are the Common Reasons for Quiet Alarms?

There is a wide range of common reasons why your iPhone alarm volume is so quiet and some of them are mentioned below:

  • System Bug
  • 3rd-Party Alarm Apps Installed
  • Low Volume
  • Wrong-Alarm Sound Settings

How to Fix My iPhone Alarm So Quiet?

Fix quiet iPhone Alarm

Turn Up the Volume

It’s possible to boost your iPhone’s volume by pressing the “Volume Up” button on its side. In Settings, choose Sound & Haptics, and deselect Change with Buttons if you don’t want the alarm sound to be affected by the volume setting. Regardless of the noise of other devices in the room, your alarm will now be audible at its full volume.

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Please be aware that “Do Not Disturb” mode does not interfere with your alarm, so you can stop worrying about disabling it. The same holds true for Silent Mode, as the alarm will still go off regardless of whether or not it is set to Silent Mode.

Restart Your Phone

If your alarm isn’t working properly, it’s possible that a software issue is at blame. This will literally take no time at all. Turning off and restarting an iPhone often fixes various problems.

Clean iPhone Speaker

There won’t even be a noticeable change if you do this, whereas the alternatives listed below will have a far greater effect. Nevertheless, if dirt is covering your microphone, then it does not matter what you do because your alarm will still not be audible.

Nothing to be worried about as cleaning the iPhone speaker won’t harm your entire phone. Once the cotton has been rubbed over the microphone to remove any remaining dirt and debris, you may take out the toothpick and put it in the holes.

Repeat until the cotton is clean. Since rubbing alcohol evaporates rapidly, it should prevent your iPhone from being submerged in water.

Use a Loud Alarm Tone

When setting your alarm, you need to make sure you choose the right tone. The question of whether or not you wake up in the morning may hinge on this. The inability to detect its ringing might be an issue if the chosen sound is either low or too loud.

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It’s easy to change the sound of your alarm clock by opening the app and selecting the appropriate tone. Here, you’ll be presented with various audio options, including the ability to choose a specific song if you want. If you use Apple Music, the procedure is quite simplified.

Check the Bedtime Alarm Feature

It’s likely that if you have both the Bedtime feature and wake-time alarms set on your iPhone at the same time, none will go off. Your normal alarm or Bedtime should be set at a different hour to prevent this quiet alarm issue.


Open the Clock app and then scroll down to the bottom to see the Bedtime options. You may uncheck the box to turn off Bedtime or drag the bell to a different hour.

Check the Health app if you don’t see Bedtime at the bottom of the screen. When Apple released iOS 15, they shifted several of the sleep-related functionality to the Health app.

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Update Your Phone

Your alarm can be too quiet if your iOS device isn’t up to date. Bugs will still be there on your phone if you haven’t updated it. Your loudness problems may be the result of a software defect. However, downloading the latest iOS version is the only way to fix the issue.

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Access the General section of Settings on your iOS device and then tap Software Update. Click here to check for software upgrades, and your iPhone will do so.

There is an option to update if one becomes available. The iOS software updates are only available through Wi-Fi, so be sure you stay connected before attempting an update.

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We very much hope that one of these methods has assisted you in resolving the issue with your iPhone’s alarm. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.


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