How To Find Your Missing IPhone With Ping Feature

Misplacing or losing your phone can be one of the most miserable situation for anybody as phones are now part of your life. No matter how you try to keep it away from you, you will still discover that you must use it for one thing or the other ranging from making calls, sending messages, checking time, date, performing easy and faster calculations, keeping tabs of the latest news and happenings in the world and lots more.

However, most times when you misplace your phone and try to locate where you mistakenly kept it, you usually call the phone with another phone and when it rings out, you can now find it. But with the iPhone Ping feature, you no longer need to call the phone from another phone but with Apple Watch.

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Missing iphone

How The Ping iPhone Feature Works

  • First you need to pair your Apple Watch your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi beforehand. Otherwise, it won’t work. If yours was paired before it got missing, your are lucky but it wasn’t, then you need to try alternative method
  • Here’s what to do to ping your missing iPhone with Apple Watch:
  • Swipe upwards from the Apple Watch clock face to get to Glances.
  • Swipe right two times until the Control Panel opens. You should see some features like Airplay, Do Not Disturb, and Ping iPhone.
  • If there is a green indicator shown, tap Ping iPhone. This will make your phone ring out loud, so you can follow the sound to find your phone.

A variation of this feature lets your phone flash blink when you ping it. This is helpful when you search in dark areas and also helpful for people with impaired hearing. To use the flashing LED light, tap and hold the ping button instead.

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Now, you do not need to ask your room mate or spouse to call your iPhone any longer when you can’t find it.

Note that if you do not see a green indicator displayed when carrying out the above steps, your device is too far (perhaps you forgot it at the office or somewhere else you have been), the ping iPhone feature will not work. In that case, you will have to try finding your phone using iCloud.

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