Why Does Your Business Need a Domain Email Address in 2023?

When you start an online business, there is a long list of steps to take to get your company off the ground. One task that is sometimes overlooked is setting up a domain email address.

It’s often tempting for new business owners to use a free or private email account to save money, but there might be better solutions.

An email address containing your WooCommerce private store helps improve your professional image by making your brand more stable, recognizable, and trustworthy.

An email address that uses your company name gives it a professional feel.

Continue reading to learn more about why you need a dedicated email address for business use below.

Why Does Your Business Need a Domain Email Address

Strength of a Domain Email Address

One of the first challenges a small business owner faces is building a solid foundation of trust. Your business must be seen as authentic by customers.

How do people know about real business?

The most common goal is that a company will have a business name, some level of branding (such as marketing materials that include the company name and logo), and a website.

Fifty years ago, the first item on this list was an actual business address, but today, a company needs an authentic website. Your website will be your domain name, such as yourbusiness.com.

In many ways, this name is the face of your business. It includes your company name, how people can find you online, and another place that can be useful for you every day: at the end of your work email address.

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Using a business model for your email will go a long way in building trust in your business.

Top 6 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have Its Email Domain.

  1. It Projects Professionalism

Unlike most business solutions, the choice between business email and free email is black and white. A corporate email address is essential if you want your company to look professional.

When you give your work email address to clients and prospects, expect them to recognize that you are using something other than a business email address.

It’s more about avoiding the other thing – using a free email for your business prospects is a big mistake.

Which of these email addresses looks more professional – contact@motifcreatives.com or motifcreatives@gmail.com?

Using a Gmail account makes customers and potential customers think that your business is more of a practical side than a serious business.

Operating a business profile gives people the impression that you are serious about your business and have created an integrated network to serve your customers.

  1. Instant Credibility With Customers

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a company with free email? Be honest. Like most people, the business could be more reliable and trustworthy.

You might wonder how secure their business is if they’re not willing to pay a few monthly dollars for a professional email account.

Trust and credibility are essential, invisible assets in the business world. Customers will only buy your products and services online if your business looks fishy.

You also look like an amateur when you contact advertising companies and other industries. A professional email address and your domain name will give you more credibility.

  1. It’s Secure

If you have your email, it is hosted by a trusted company that also hosts your domain name. Your username is associated with a specific email address and vice versa.

So, just as your website is protected by an SSL certificate and other security measures, your email address is also covered.

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Any confidential information sent by email is encrypted and secure. This ensures that all personal and confidential information that customers email to your company is safe and will not be shared or shared online by third parties or spammers.

In addition, we should rely on something other than a free company. What would you do if Gmail implemented a pricing model tomorrow and added a required price to email – would you still be using their services? What if they decide to remove your email address for a variety of reasons? How can clients contact you?

Having an email address associated with your domain name ensures that those email addresses will also be recorded if your domain name is registered to you, and any information (personal or business-related) will be protected from hackers on the Internet. Having a unique email address is secure for your business and your customers.

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  1. Can Help Improve Email Delivery Rates

Another great thing about an email business is the high chance that spam filters won’t flag your emails.

Spammers and malware often plague free email services. So, emails you send from any public email address will be marked as spam.

To ensure all emails you send are received, use a secure email account from a trusted company like GoDaddy.

  1. Helps With Your Marketing Efforts

If customers see your emails coming from your company email address, they will quickly recognize that they are legitimate and are more likely to open and respond to them.

However, if you send marketing emails from a free email address, those emails are more likely to be flagged as harmful or blocked as spam.

This will not only undermine your email marketing efforts but also put your other business emails at risk of not being delivered to their intended recipients.

Do you want to let the client not receive your offer or the client not receive your invoice?

  1. Less Likely to Go Into the Spam Folder

Did you know that some companies block emails from free email accounts? So, saving money on a free bill could cost your business millions in lost sales.

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For example, let’s say you’re looking for a hot lead with a free email address. You have sent five emails and still are waiting to receive a response from them.

You did not know that your emails were marked as spam and were not accepted. By the time you connect, it will be too late, and this network has decided to work with a competitor.

Emails are also less likely to be marked as spam if you make an excellent first impression with your welcome email.

Bonus tip: Reinforce the Connection Between Your Website and Email with a Domain Email Address 

Stranger danger is real, especially on the Internet. You don’t want your customers to ignore your emails, and they don’t wish to have spam in their mailboxes.

Match your email address with your username to establish yourself as a professional, stand out from the competition, and help potential clients decide you’re the right person for the job.


Using a domain email address helps create an image of professionalism and trust, showing people you are serious about your business.

This helps build and maintain a brand for your business and separates you from competitors who use a free email account.

Add to these reasons the increased privacy, access, portability, and security associated with an email address. You can only come to one conclusion: creating an email address is the action. This is smart for your business.

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Do you have a domain email address for your business, or do you want to use free services?


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