How Do Oracle Licensing Experts Help You Save Money? Find Out Here

Oracle licensing is not very easy to understand. The typical sentiment is that your organization may end up paying too much to use Oracle products. Even then, it is often unclear if you are compliant due to the complexity of the rules. Given the current economic situation, many corporations are now finding ways to reduce expenditure on Oracle licensing and support. An excellent hack would be to hire an Oracle licensing expert to aid you through the process.

Cut Down on Extra Costs

Oracle is inclusive of language in their agreements. Usually, the agreements would allow Oracle to increase the fees of Software Update License and Supports ( SULS ) by up to 4% annually. Similar language can be found in the corporation’s older and current agreements. Previously, Oracle raised the fee of SULS by 3% annually, but recently there has been a hike in prices, and the current fee is at 4% per year.

The increasing prices can cost organizations a ton for Oracle’s products and sometimes they may end up paying more than the listed price. Oracle licensing experts can identify and eliminate any unnecessary costs. They can help you strategize to get rid of or at least minimize the extra costs. You can also discuss whether it is worth continuing with the same licensing or purchasing a new one entirely.

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Oracle Feature Usage Validation

Typically, Oracle will provide you with an array of options and combinations of features that can be used with the software. You can either have them activated on the spot or later when it comes time for an upgrade. Typically, the license is not required if the feature is enabled. However, the problem arises if you decide to use the enabled feature sometime later. Whether it is for regular use or by accident, the system does not warn you that you require a license.

It is essential to have your feature usage regularly validated. The information provided by the experts at Redress Compliance helps in preventing compliance gaps during Oracle audits that arise due to features like Partitioning, Advanced Compression, and security being used accidentally. The process can also be reverse engineered to locate features that are not in use but are licensed. It can help you identify any features that are not being used currently or were not required in the first place. After having them removed, you will enjoy the benefit of lowered costs.

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Experts Can Help You Decide between Oracle Standard and Enterprise Edition

Choosing between the two editions can be overwhelming, and typically, organizations will go for Oracle Enterprise Edition. It may be due to a particular application’s requirement or simply because the Enterprise Edition was proposed in the agreement by Oracle. An expert can help you decide if investing in Enterprise Edition is worth the cost as numerous applications are compatible with the standard edition.

Currently, the Oracle SE2 processor license comes at a price point of $17,500. In contrast, Oracle Enterprise Edition’s license is listed at a hefty price of $47,500. Experts can look into the workload and recommend buying an edition that fits your criteria. Moreover, they can determine if it would be helpful to downgrade from Enterprise to Standard edition to lower the annual cost.

Look into Alternatives

Oracle is not for every organization. Whatever the reason may be, an expert can look into alternatives and present viable options for your organization. Some organizations are migrating to AWS’ Aurora PostgreSQL from Oracle Enterprise Edition on C2. They are reporting savings of up to 70%. Moreover, the service includes maintenance alert/monitoring, database software patching, and O/S patching.

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An expert may also suggest using a combination of Oracle and an alternative. You can run some operations on Oracle, and the remaining workload will be transferred to the alternative platform. Each platform can be optimized according to the workload, which can lead to an increase in productivity.

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If your organization is using Oracle Enterprise Edition, you can downgrade to the Standard Edition after dividing up the workload and saving costs. Most applications running on Oracle are compatible with alternatives available in the market.


Significant savings are possible if your organization currently runs on Oracle. While hiring an expert may seem counterproductive since they will also charge you a fee for the operations, if implemented, their observations and suggestions can help you save millions of dollars each year. Management of licenses on a regular basis can help you identify and eliminate factors that are increasing your costs.

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