Places to Track Daughter’s Phone in 2024 for Her Safety

Teenagers get exposed to dangers like alcohol abuse, bullying, and drug abuse, more than ever. Such issues have become graver as kids have started using the web.  1 in 5 kids between ages 10 to 17 receives sexual requests via the Internet in a year. 1 in 33 children receives an online request for meetings and phone calls.

Parents worry about their kids, especially their daughters, as they can end up in potentially dangerous places. Many people worry about kids when they are outside. Parents must install a phone tracker on their kids’ phones to track them outside.

That being said, the best way to track your daughter’s phone is Eyezy. It’s one of the most popular phone monitoring software that you can bank on.

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How to Track My Daughter’s Phone Location?

Installing Tipsy

1. Install TiSPY

To install third-party parental control software like TiSPY, you should have a phone with GPS and an internet connection.

TiSPY is a location tracker app for Android that lets the receiver gets an alert when the target device leaves a safe area. The user should install the TiSPY app on his/her android phone and daughter’s phone. After enabling location and creating a Geofence around the child’s designated areas, you will get an alert when your child tries to leave these areas.

Setting the location tracking helps in tracking the exact location and time of your daughter. The app provides location-related information and views the location history of the kid’s phone. Geofencing allows tracking of real-time locations.

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2. How Can I Track My Daughter’s Android Phone Using Android Device Manager?

To track your child’s android phone, turn on the device’s GPS. After this turn on the location settings. Parents have to find the kid’s android device location in the Family Link app.

For a parent, you can look for where the Android device is by using the location in the Family Link app. Below are the steps:

  • Open the Family Link app
  • Select your kid
  • On the Location card, tap Set Up
  • Tap Turn on; Find your kid’s device location.

3. How to Track My Daughter’s iPhone Location Using iCloud

If your daughter has an iPhone, download and installs the Geofencing software. Users can get the Find My Friends app from Apple. As you install the app on both devices, follow the below steps to set it up:

  • Launch the Find My Friends app and send an invitation to your kid
  • Accept the invitation and set a passcode
  • Launch Settings and turn on the notifications
  • Click on the kid’s name in the Find My Friends app on the iPhone; check the option – Notify Me
  • Choose if you wish to get a notification when the kid leaves or enters the Geofence area

Places Where You Should Track Your Daughter’s Location

1. Prom Night

Prom Night tracker

Prom night is a vital occasion for any teenager. There are many opportunities for the students to drink and take drugs at prom and the after party.

Dangerous activities can occur at this time. To prevent these scenarios, track your daughter’s phone to encourage a safe environment through supervised tracking. Prom night events can be much safer if you ensure that the kids are in a safe place.


2. Club

Club house Track

While visiting a club, there is an opportunity for the kids to partake in dangerous activities. Tracking software should ensure the safety of your daughter in such a scenario.

This will ensure the best supervision in case they visit a club. Parents incorporate these safety apps into their kids’ phones to ensure that their daughters are constantly monitored and do not leave designated areas.

3. College

college girls

Kids spend the longest time in their schools and colleges. There are many cases where students can get involved in dangerous activities intentionally or unintentionally.

Colleges should encourage a safe environment in the college for the kids. Parents also need to do their bit through supervision using location tracking software.

Parents are incorporating tracking software into their daughter’s phones to ensure they do not enter dangerous areas.

4. To Track Location during Family Picnic

family on vacation

Whenever kids are outside the home, even during a family picnic, there are many opportunities for outsiders to harm them.

Such a situation can welcome many dangerous activities and encourage strangers to meet unsupervised kids. It is vital to avoid such a scenario to keep kids safe. If Geofencing gets activated on their phones, they will stay safe.

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Other Benefits of Tracking Daughter’s Phone

1. To Find Her Lost Phone

Find Her Lost Phone

Even the most responsible kids can lose their phones by mistake. A situation occurs many times with many family members. People lose their phones inside or outside their home premises.

If you have the right tracking software installed on your phone, you get to track lost devices. The app helps to find the phone that has fallen out of their pockets, accidentally wandered off, or been stolen.


2. To Keep the Phone Away from the Wrong Hands

Many of us have been in a situation where we need the exact location of our phones. This could be to ensure that the phone doesn’t fall into wrong hands. Good tracking software will help you to locate your phone in such a scenario.

It is also useful to track if a person is not to be found. You can use tracking software to find someone who’s lost or injured. You should set a rule where in case of an emergency everyone’s tracking is turned on so their location can be tracked.

3. Emergency Safety

Kids safety

Children who have a Smartphone have a benefit as it can help in their emergency safety. A phone with the right software can help young children and teenagers to stay out of trouble.

It can help to track your kid’s safety and to keep them safe in an emergency. Even in school or college, the tracking software can ensure that the kids do not visit friends without permission.

While tracking your daughter’s phone, there are some points to remember. You should use the best phone tracking software like TiSPY. It can tell you the device’s location and much other important information.

The GPS on phones might differ, so good software can show the precise location on the map. You can also get an idea of location history and get an idea of where the device has traveled. Good third-party parental control software makes a real difference and ensures your daughter’s safety.


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