Xnspy: An Android Spy App for All Your Smartphone Monitoring Needs

The market is filled to the brim with Android spy apps, but only a handful of them are viable for both parents and employers. Today, we are going to talk about one such app in detail. The app is popular as one of the best Android spy app 2020. 

Let’s see why. 

Xnspy Android spy app 

xnspy app

Xnspy is a well-known alternative for spying on phones. It is not only an Android spy app. It works on iOS devices as well. Speaking of its features, the app packs a punch with its bunch of smart spying features that allows the app to compete with the top Android spy apps of today. The key reason being its ability to cover all aspects of spying on an Android phone with effortless ease and efficiency. 

Whether you are a grieving parent whose teens are giving about their excessive cell phone usage or an employer dubious of an employees’ strange behavior, Xnspy has got your back. It is a safe and secure app you can use for safe digital monitoring of the phone’s activities from a distance. 

Xnspy allows you to monitor all the activities taking place on the phone, such as text messages, call logs, social media activities, GPS location tracking, internet history, surround recording, Wi-Fi logs, keylogger, multimedia, and a lot more. Since smartphones today have taken over the good-old-personal diaries, you can find everything about a person on them and more. And Xnspy is one of the real-time tracking Android spy apps that get you phone data with accuracy. 

How does the Xnspy Android spy app work? 

It is easy to get started on the app. You have to download the app from the official site since you will not find it on the Google Play Store. The app gives you two choices. You can subscribe to the Basic edition with limited functionality, and monitor text messages, call logs, emails, contacts, calendars, multimedia, and location history along with Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber photos. Or subscribe to the Premium edition one that lets you use an array of features. 

Xnspy is very reasonably priced and offer regular discounts and promotions are going on all year round. Also, there is a variety of payment plans that provide further convenience to users. 

Editions  Monthly  Quarterly  Annual 
Xnspy Basic Edition  $49.99  $23.33  $8.33 
Xnspy Premium Edition   $59.99  $33.33  $12.49 


Xnspy – Installation 

  • Visit the official website and subscribe to the package of your choice. 
  • After paying for the subscription, wait to receive an email that is going to have an activation code, a download URL, the login credentials to your web account, and instructions to help you with the installation. 
  • Using the URL, now download and install the Xnspy Android spy app on the phone you want to monitor. Know that this would require physical access to the phone. You can carry out the monitoring activities remotely after that. 
  • The app requires a day or two to become fully functional and bring all the data from the phone to the web account. 
  • Now, log in to your web account by visiting the website. Use the details you got in the email. 
  • This is going to take you to the online dashboard, which serves as a control panel of the app. You can access all the phone activities of the phone through it. 

Xnspy User Dashboard 

Some of the best Android spy apps 2020 fail to impress customers due to the complicated functions and use of the app. Not all apps facilitate user-friendliness, unlike Xnspy. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Anyone can operate it easily and learn it quickly. 

xnspy dashboard

You can access all the phone functions and activities such as text messages, calls, and web browsing history, GPS locations, social media chats, and a lot more. Here is what the app’s dashboard looks like: 

Xnspy – Features 

Now let’s take a look at some of the features of this app: 

Text Message Monitoring

With Xnspy, you can access all the text messages with their contact details, date, and time. You can also access messages of instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Skype, and Tinder. test message monitoring

You can set alerts on particular words, phrases, and even contacts in the app’s Watchlist and get automated alerts regarding all relevant activity.         


Call Monitoring

You can see a detailed analysis of the call logs. Xnspy automatically records all the calls. You can also see the top 5 callers and top 5 call durations. You can also see the weekly call activity punch card that lets you see the call frequency throughout the week. 

 xnspy call monitoringAccess to Multimedia, Emails, Address Book

Using the Xnspy Android spy app lets you access multimedia, emails, and contacts of the phone user. You can see the images and videos the phone user sends or receives through different messaging apps. You can also see the installed apps on the phone. 

GPS Location Tracking with Geofencing

The app lets you see the current location of the phone user through its GPS location tracking feature. The app records data in real-time, and by adding locations to the Watchlist, you can employ the geofencing feature along with GPS location tracking that lets you create virtual boundaries on the map. The app will send you automated alerts whenever the phone user enters or leaves those areas. You can also see the recent location history. 

Monitor Web browsing activity

You can also view all the internet-related activities of the user. You can see the top 10 most-visited websites and get to know about the kind of content the phone user accesses on the internet. 

Surround Recording

With Xnspy, you can record both calls and surroundings of the phone. By sending a remote command through the dashboard to the phone, you can switch on the mic of the phone you are monitoring, and then record for 30 minutes without any sign or indication. The entire process is done silently, and to continue recording, send another command. You can listen to the clips later on by downloading them from the dashboard to your PC or phone and listen to them. 

SIM Card Change Alert

You can set alerts on the SIM card change. The app would notify you when the phone user changes his SIM card. 


Xnspy offers a diverse range of monitoring features. You can also record the keystrokes of the phone user when he uses any of these apps: 

xnspy keylogger

  • Facebook 
  • Facebook Messenger 
  • WhatsApp 
  • Skype  
  • Viber 

Offline monitoring

Another rare quality of the app is how it continues to record data without the internet. Xnspy efficiently supports offline monitoring, and as soon as the monitored Android device gets connected to the phone, Xnspy uploads all the data on the dashboard for you to see at your convenience. 

Remote Features

You can even control the phone remotely and perform several activities such as: 

  • Access to address book 
  • Live screenshots 
  • Listen and record surroundings 
  • Remote lock of the phone 
  • Shut down the phone 
  • View installed apps 
  • Wipe data from the phone 

Wi-Fi Network Logs

Xnspy is a thorough app. You can the details and history of the Wi-Fi connections the phone user used recently. 

 xnspy wifi network logsAnalysis Reports

To save your time from rummaging through heaps of data, the Xnspy Android spy app provides analysis reports so that you can see information regarding calls as well as web browsing history at a glance. Xnspy shows you: 

  • Top 5 frequent callers 
  • Top 5 call durations 
  • Top 10 browsed websites 

Xnspy – Compatibility & Performance 

Xnspy is compatible with all Android devices running OS 4.x till 10. The app works silently and seamlessly on the phones without hindering any of the phone functions. The phone user cannot find the app in the installed app list, nor does it show its icon on the home screen. 

Xnspy – Customer Support 

For assistance regarding the installation or the working of the app, Xnspy has a 24/7 customer support service to resolve your issues. 

Xnspy – The Good  

  • The app is simple and user-friendly. 
  • The app is affordable considering the range of advanced features. 
  • The users can enjoy excellent advanced monitoring features. 
  • The site has demos and how-to guides for customer help. 
  • Xnspy supports offline tracking. 
  • The customer support is available 24/7. 

 Xnspy – The Bad  

  • The app does not come with a trial version. 
  • Customer support is not available on call. 
  • There is no option for remote camera access. 

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Final Thoughts 

Xnspy packs an impressive range of features without breaking your bank. The advantages certainly surpass the few drawbacks. With excellent functionality and compatibility, Xnspy ranks among the best Android spy apps 2020 that is great for both parental and employer monitoring. Customer reviews suggest the same. If you want to use an app that covers all aspects of monitoring on an Android device, Xnspy is your best bet to do so. 

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