Lost Your Phone? Here’s How To Deal With The Grief

While it’s not the same as losing a loved one or a pet, unexpectedly losing or breaking your phone can be an incredibly stressful experience for many people. After all, how are you going to contact people, or how will someone reach you? Perhaps you had a bunch of important photos on there too! Until you get your phone replaced, you may even start to experience the various stages of grief, and this article will share with you some ways you can cope with it.

Did You Back It Up?

Your device might be gone, but that does not mean that everything else is. These days, a lot of data, such as your contacts, photos, and other documents, are backed up automatically if you’ve enabled this on your device.

For example, on most Android devices, you’re asked to connect your phone to Google, where things can be backed up to their cloud storage.

Therefore, you might be able to have some peace of mind if there’s a chance that your phone has been backing all of your important things all this time.

lost phone fell on ground

Did You Use Security Features?

Just like if you backed up your information, you should be just fine if you used basic security measures on your phone.

A lot of newer devices incorporate facial and fingerprint recognition, which can prevent unauthorized access. Even a lock-screen PIN code can be sufficient in most cases.

Losing your phone is terrible, but at least you can be assured that some stranger who finds it won’t be rummaging through all your personal information. However, you’ll still want to contact your provider and have them deactivate your SIM card and have them get you a new one.

Realize That It’s Not The End of The World

People depend on their phones for many different tasks, and losing one can feel like a tragedy – but ultimately, phones are replaceable, and once you get a new one, your life will continue as usual.

It will be inconvenient having to get a new one, and you might be financially set back for a bit if you didn’t insure the phone, but these are all things that you can recover from.

Initially, it will be hard to accept, and you will probably have all kinds of negative emotions, such as anger and frustration, because you weren’t more careful, but you’ll have this experience to reflect on, and one day you might even forget that it even happened.

More Resources On Grief

As mentioned earlier, losing your phone is not the same as dealing with death, but handling this event can be a learning experience that might help you prepare for more severe events.

However, if you’re looking for additional information on how you can develop your coping skills, you can find more articles on grief by visiting BetterHelp’s advice section.

You will also be able to learn how to find a grief counselor who understands the feelings and emotions associated with loss. You’re not alone, and knowing where to get help when you truly need it can help to cope with grief much more manageable.


If you’ve recently parted ways with your phone, it’s essential to understand that not all is lost – literally. There’s always the possibility your data was preserved and that you can retrieve it at a later time. However, even if you didn’t, you’ll move past this inconvenience in due time, but in the meantime, it’s best to remain calm and do what you can to procure a new device as soon as you can.


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