This post contains Top 10 Richest Actresses In Nigeria 2018. Some of the names that made the list includes Rita Dominic, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola, Mercy Johnson, Patience Nzogwo, etc. See full list later in this post.

Over the years, Nollywood has featured among the leading movie industries across the globe. On this note, it is important to give credit to the impressive characters who have made the industry a great feature to reckon with amongst other movie industries like Bollywood and Hollywood. { Top 10 Richest Actresses In Nigeria 2018 }.

In Nigeria, entertainment is one of the legit paths to fortune and thousands of Nigerians have seized this opportunity to garner reasonable magnitudes of wealth for themselves. Under many circumstances, actors/actresses have come to be regarded as part of Nigerian dignitaries.

So, who Is The Richest Actress In Nigeria 2018?
Some Nigerian actors/actresses are not really wealthy probably because they are not prominent yet but this doesn’t conceal the verity that top Nollywood stars are substantially wealthy.

In point of fact, it is ridiculous to assume that male actors are the only ones making it big in Nollywood whereas we have plenty of female actresses who continually earn their own bulk of Nollywood wealth.

In the belief that many Nollywood enthusiasts would be delighted to know the richest Nigerian actresses, we have made veritable findings and in this article, we shall be discussing the Top 10 Richest Nigerian Actresses 2018 and the net worth each of them has garnered so far. If you’re bent on finding out these lucky female characters, endeavour to read this article to the full.

Top Ten Richest Actresses In Nigeria 2018

Rita Dominic

1. Rita Dominic

Born Rita Uchenna Dominic; the veteran actress is a Nigerian of Igbo descent and her sojourn in the Nollywood industry has made her feature in hundreds of movies.

Rita Dominic is currently the richest actress in Nigeria and her presence at the top of this list means her net worth is bigger than that of any other Nigerian actress.

Besides being a wealthy character, Rita Dominic has made her mark as one of the most popular Nollywood actresses. As we speak, Rita Dominic’s net worth is estimated around #950 million, distinguishing her as the wealthiest Nollywood actress. Though Rita Dominic hails from one of the wealthy family backgrounds in Imo State, the vibrant woman has taken the advantage of her acting career to amass more wealth. Also, reports claim that she is among the highest paid actresses in Nigeria.

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Genevieve Nnaji

2. Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji is another prominent actress of Igbo descent. She features on this list as the second richest actress in Nigeria with the net worth of #850 million.

A beautiful Nollywood character, Genevieve is greatly admired for her charisma and her acting career so far has yielded great repute within and beyond Nigeria. Besides her astonishing wealth as a Nigerian actress, Genevieve Nnaji has graced her acting career with a plethora of awards and this makes her one of the most influential actresses in Nigeria.

In addition to her Nollywood roles, Genevieve Nnaji has featured as an ambassador for various Nigerian brands and this has buttressed her wealth and fame in no small measure.

Mercy Johnson

3. Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is one of the most vibrant actresses in Nigeria. Her fame continually soars as she features in movies on a regular basis. In fact, some people claim she occasionally features in about 5 movies weekly and it is quite beyond doubts that she is one of the highest paid Nollywood actresses.

A native of Kogi State, Nigeria, Mercy Johnson is admired for being a versatile actress. In her career so far, she has appeared in over 100 Nollywood movies and regarding her age and commitment, she has got the good reason to feature in more movies in coming years. With the net worth of #600 million, Mercy Johnson maintains her stance as the third richest actress in Nigeria.