Samsung’s new QLED Odyssey gaming monitor claims to be the first to reach 2000 nits

A Samsung is a well-known company of digital pieces of equipment like mobile, computers, laptops, and also gaming monitors. Samsung just launched the new gaming monitor Samsung. The name of this gaming monitor is Samsung Odyssey Neo G9. The displays of the Odyssey gaming monitor is already one of the most immersive and the largest display on the market and they update their device after every short interval of time.

The odyssey G9 gaming monitor has a panel that is updated to make the screen brighter. The screen size of the display is 49 inches with a resolution of QHD that is almost equal to the two QHD monitors. And the new gaming monitor of 2021 is very supportive of the 2,000 nits’ brightness that is at its peak. Too much brightness also affects the eyes so keep brightness as much as your eyes can tolerate.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

Samsung's QLED Odyssey gaming monitor

The odyssey Neo 9 is updated to the HDR2000 to make it more contrasted. Due to this feature, you will be able to see more details of highlights and shadows. It will be helpful for the identification of things in the absence of light or the lighter in your game’s scene. So you see how much this update will be helpful for you to see the hiding enemies in the background. You will play the game more conveniently with this update.

As Apple company also doing update in the 12.9 inch iPad Pro M. they just redesigned the technology of screen and the XDR monitor pro display and its brightness rate if 1,600 nits. The typical rate of brightness is 420 nits. The CPU is the main part of the system and the monitor is the most impressive part of the system. Graphics must be good to play the game. For the Samsung Neo 9, the monitor shape is curved. The curves are made by considering human eyes. In the start, this curve shape is irritated for you but you will become used to it. Especially it is a difficulty for the people who are just shifting from the flat screen.

To get the rating of brightness HDR2000 the Odyssey Neo G9 is using the technology of Quantum Matrix. This technology is also available on the television of QLED. The meaning of the Quantum mini LED’s array in the matrix refers to, it has the great resolution of the black light and the finer distinctions between the dark and the light. The new light source is enabled in this technology and all the Mini LED have thin micro players that are filled with the more LEDs


The Neo 9 technology is best for the display of black and white. This technology employs 2,048 zones of dimming and it is enhanced by the gradation of 12 bits for the control of the light source. The Neo 9 model is the up-gradation of the Odyssey G9 which is very famous for a long time in the market. That was the screen of 1000R and the ratio of the screen curvature is 32:9. The new model also retains the glossy uniqueness of the white finish at the backside of the Odyssey G9 design that is original.

The Samsung Neo G9 is the predecessor of the Neo edition that is supported by the both Nvidia G-Sync and the Free Sync Premium Pro for the images of tear-free and the games that are playing very fast. Port 1.4 is supported by the panel and the Port 2,1 is supported by the HDMI, it is the standard. With the use of these ports playing games on the PC becomes very easy. The frequency supported by the Odyssey G9 and the Odyssey Neo G9 is 240 Hz. It has a fast refresh rate and the response time is 1ms.

The panel of the odyssey Neo G9 is become multitasked by the use of the digital canvas in it. The digital canvas is very expensive to use. It is very helpful for the person who needs more screens to manage the different tasks at a time and to run applications side-by-side. It is also very convenient to view the multiple displays together by using the able clutter.


Shipping is also done by the Samsung company. Although they did not announce the official date for the shipping of the 49-inch monitor. Generally, the rate of Odyssey 59 is $1599 and it will also come in the premium model.

As it is the era of technology and everything is moving towards advancement. As many of the gaming monitors are immersive and the biggest are available in the market. The Samsung also upgraded to the Samsung Odyssey G9. It has a display of 49-inch and has more brightness than others. The contrast of this monitor is adjustable you can easily adjust it according to your easiness. Although its brightness rate is HDR2000 that is ideal for gamers. You can easily see the difference between the black and white display and the highlights or the shadows of the scenes in-game.

Gaming is also now become the source of income for the people. There are many games in the market people just play the games by sitting in their home or an office and earn the money. So due to this advancement, youngsters especially moving toward gaming. For gaming, a good system with good graphics is required to kill the enemies in the background. Mostly all the games are about fighting.


The odyssey Neo G9 Samsung monitors are curved in the shape and their brightness is adaptive. The LCD technology used in this monitor is awesome it has many benefits. To play a good game you must need a good monitor so you may easily see every scene of your game. Its resolution rate is very high and the distinction of the black and white is remarkable. You will love to use the Samsung Neo G9 for gaming purposes.

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