Top 3 Most Popular Old Games for Mobile

If you are a fan of old mobile games and looking for some fantastic old video games, then this post is for you. Be ready because we will share with you the three most popular games on your Android devices.

The best thing about these apps is that they are free and require an Android device with normal specifications, such as 2 GB of RAM only. So, this is the best low-cost solution to enjoy gaming.

And the fantastic thing is that these games are still being downloaded, played, and enjoyed by millions worldwide. In fact, according to Google Play statistics, these three games are the third, fourth, and fifth most popular games on the platform. So, what are the top three most popular games on Android? Let’s check it out.

1. Mini Militia Old Version

Mini militia old version modwas the most popular game in 2015. It still has millions of fan bases. In this game, you enjoy the multiplayer feature, fabulous weapons, attractive maps, and other enjoyable gaming features.

There’s a lot of new stuff with the latest version of the game, including a ton of new weapons and some new maps. We’ve got a lot of new weapons, and there are some excellent new maps.

You must eliminate the opposing team by shooting their players. As you move around the map, you can attack enemies from afar or melee them if you get close enough.

You can pick up weapons to use in the fight. You can also pick up a special weapon called “Rifleman” which lets you fire faster than your opponents.

Popular old games for mobile

2. PUBG Game

The previous version of PUBG was also famous among millions of gamers. It is a free-to-play online multiplayer game where players fight in teams across the map. In addition, the game is available in multiple languages, and the developers have even launched an iOS version of the game.

To date, the game has been downloaded more than 1.3 billion times. So, it is also the best choice for you.

Traffic Rider Game

In the list of famous old games, traffic rider is third. It is one of the best options to play the game free on any Android device. Traffic Rider is a free mobile game for iPhone and Android devices.

The game lets players ride a motorcycle through a city landscape that includes traffic and pedestrians. Players are tasked with collecting coins, and powerups and avoiding traffic while collecting the most points possible. Players can unlock new vehicles and customize their bikes as they progress through the game.

Idea Behind the Game

The idea for the game came from the creators’ experience in the car industry. While riding with their children in the car, the creators noticed that children often played games on their phones while sitting in the back seat of the vehicle. They decided to turn this observation into a game.

So, if you are a person who loves heavy bikes, luxury cars, and car racing, then this game is perfect for you. Go and play it.




There are many old games available for Android and iOS that are still popular and fun to play. So, if you are looking for some fun old games to play on your mobile device, you can find them here.

I have selected the top three games you can download and play. I’m sure you’ll not regret it after playing these games.

If you know about some other famous old games, you must let us know in the comments. We’ll be happy to mention them in our blog post.

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