Major WordPress Development Trends In The Market

WordPress is becoming more popular since its inception in 2003. It is a widely used open-source website development CMS platform for businesses of all sizes and industries.

With over 35 percent of the top 1 million websites, WordPress development services dominate over other CMS platforms. They are popular because the platform keeps updating itself with new trends and technologies to offer the latest features. 

It is a preferred choice for web developers because of its user-friendliness and drag-and-drop feature. The WordPress market is also booming due to its fully customizable themes and plugins.

Although WordPress offers ease of use, you require an expert to create an up-to-date market-ready website. Otherwise, you may miss out on the latest WordPress trends available in the market. This blog will discuss some of those trends.

Top WordPress Development Trends To Consider


WordPress is an open-source CMS. Due to its extensive features and trends, it is expected to grow more in the coming years. You can see a WordPress update every now and then as it keeps updating with new trends. Let’s discuss some significant trends of this popular CMS platform in detail.

  • Voice Search Optimization

Voice search has become prevalent these days and is expected to grow in the coming years. Hence, due to its popularity, almost every website offers voice search functionality in their website. Due to the rise in voice assistant technologies like Siri, Alexa, etc., the website needs to be voice search optimized.

A WordPress development company has expert developers that can install plugins to create voice search optimized websites. It can also help in maximizing business ROI.


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  • Chatbots Integration

AI-driven Chatbots are another popular trend, you can easily spot a chat pop-up on almost every website you visit. It helps in offering human-like chatting and a user-friendly customer experience with AI advancement. Due to its advantage of 24*7 availability, it has become an essential WordPress emerging trend.

You can partner with a WordPress development agency to integrate chatbots driven by artificial intelligence. They can help you offer easy and convenient customer support based on project requirements.

  • eCommerce Solutions

Every retail business wants to be available online due to the boost of the eCommerce industry. WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, helps retail companies build an online store on WordPress.

Combining with WooCommerce, WordPress offers extensive benefits. It offers SEO-friendly websites for ease of use, inventory maintenance, payment gateways, and marketing features.


Using WordPress with WooCommerce, a WordPress website development company’s developers can build a full-featured eCommerce store.

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  • Drag and Drop Mechanism

The drag-and-drop page builder of WordPress has recently become a new trend. WordPress developers can build a feature-rich, responsive website without using extensive coding. The most powerful drag-and-drop page builders are Elementor, Divi, WP Bakery, etc.

When you seek professional WordPress development services, they can instantly customize a website or blog without writing a single line of code. It can be possible by using the interfaces of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). 

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

Users can incorporate Virtual Reality content into their websites and blogs with augmented and virtual reality development. It enables users to interact digitally and enhance their visual experience

The entire tech era has reached the next level due to this future technology. An online store provides customers with a stunning and highly functional look at the products and enhances their functionality.

VR/AR technologies offer virtual demos, virtual tours, 360° views, and a more interactive and enhanced product view. Businesses can hire a custom WordPress website development company to incorporate AR/VR features into their website. 

  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain development has started gaining popularity recently and is widely used in the eCommerce industry. This technology is available with WordPress as a plugin to integrate Bitcoin payment systems into websites.

Blockchain technology can also help resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Various countries have adopted the concept of cryptocurrencies and are now accepting payments through the same. Therefore, WordPress development services can be adopted as their developers can integrate various plugins to accept cryptocurrency payments.

  • Parallax Effect

In the coming years, website development will focus on using 3D visuals, animation, parallax effects, and more such features. By using parallax effects on your website, you can make images and content more interactive.

The parallax effect can be integrated into the website using present themes, page builder elements, or custom coding. It will provide an attractive and trendy appearance to your website.

  • Dark Mode Performance

The dark mode is an increasing trend in website development services. You must have seen websites offering dark mode options for a user-friendly experience. It also provides comfort to users’ eyes.

It is more effective outdoors in daylight, especially when it is very sunny. Because of the dark theme, websites do not need additional brightness and automatically consume less battery. In addition, it has a sophisticated user interface and various other features that make it more appealing.

The dark mode was initially adopted by Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. It is expected to be one of the leading developing technologies in the future.

  • 3D Content

The 3D viewer is a 3D model embedder plugin that lets you beautifully display your 3D models on your website. It supports various 3D model files, including .glb and .gltf.

Using 3D content on your website will create a good website impression on your site visitors. Thus, it is a WordPress website development trend to provide the best website experience to your customers.


WordPress is a popular CMS platform for website development, known for its comprehensive features and functionalities. It can be used to build a reliable and scalable website for every business at all levels.

WordPress trends have changed dramatically over the years, offering various modifications. Implementing these trends to your business website can help you make a market-ready website with the latest technologies.

Using these trends, your developer can build a user-friendly website. You can partner with a website development services company to build a website with the latest technology.

Developers keep updating themselves with new technologies and trends in the market. Hence, when you hire professionals, you can be sure of getting an up-to-date, fully-featured, market-ready website.

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