Some of the top paying jobs are in the entertainment industry, aviation, engineering, online business, law, medicine, real estate, media, banking, and even marketing.

The entertainment industry comprises of musicians, comedians and movie stars while in Engineering, we have Electrical/electronics, Petroleum, Chemical, Mechanical, Software and Computer engineering. These people are earning very huge amount of money and making it in life.

Actually, there are a significant number of highest paying jobs in Nigeria and by reason of this, many Nigerians try to find out the best-paying jobs in the country. Most of Nigeria’s highest-paying jobs often demand creative skills, technical expertise or formal education. If you boast of these qualities, you could be fortunate to appear among the highest paid professionals in Nigeria.

In this very write-up, we’re committed to discussing the Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2018. Without any dubiety, all the jobs listed here attract beautiful salary levels which should make you a comfortable and rich personality of your dream.


1. Entertainment {Musician}

In Nigeria and even in many other places, entertainment is not merely an act of delighting people but also a sure way of making money. After high-level entrepreneurs and business tycoons, entertainers usually come as the third-biggest earners in Nigeria. You might not be able to ascertain the exact amount some high-profile entertainers earn per show, it is still clear that a Nigerian entertainer –such as a musician –can earn within a few hours, what a common Nigerian might not earn over one year. In Nigeria, most entertainers make money during the prime of their careers –probably when their fame is still fast rising.

WizKid and Davido { Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria }

2. Acting

In Nigeria, professional acting is undoubtedly one of the surest ways to hit the jackpot. However, it isn’t a child’s play to become a prominent and high-earning actor in the country probably because the Nollywood industry is filled with thousands of stars. After Hollywood and Bollywood, Nollywood arguably sits in the third position amongst the world’s largest movie industries. Obviously in Nigeria, some Nollywood actors have sideline jobs probably because acting is not their major source of income. Meanwhile, those who earn big are the high-profile Nigerian actors who have made Nollywood their major source of income.

When kings decide (movie)

3. Aviation

Flying an aircraft is one of the jobs many Nigerians hold in high esteem. Though the job comes with certain risks, it remains one of the most precious jobs many Nigerians hanker after. Depending on the experience and level of expertise, a Nigerian pilot can earn around #500,000 to #1, 500, 000 on a monthly basis. Also notable is that Nigerian airlines pay better than each other. Therefore, an airline with a huge passenger base tends to reward pilots better. Regardless of the robust profit associated with flying jobs, one must be informed that it takes a series of tedious trainings to become a professional pilot.

Female pilot (aviation)

4. Sailing

In Nigeria and any other place in the world, sailors definitely feature amongst high-earning professionals due to the great expertise and caution it requires to sail a ship. One more reason why Nigerian sailors earn big is that sailing is learned only in few Nigerian universities. Owing to this, Nigeria has a low crew of sailors than the country actually needs.

5. Petroleum Engineering

Engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Meanwhile, engineers are of different kinds and they tend to earn better than each other. With respect to this, petroleum engineers fall into the guild of highest-earning engineers in the country. This isn’t a surprise since petroleum engineers are often employed by Nigeria’s multimillion oil companies. Even at entry levels, petroleum engineers still earn reasonable sums as salaries. If you’re fortunate to be a petroleum engineer in one of Nigeria’s biggest oil companies, you can have the average income of #12,000,000 on a yearly basis. Importantly, this salary tends to increase based on your level, experience and time on the job.

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6. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Notably, the other highest-paying engineering jobs are mechanical engineering, electrical & electronic engineering, petroleum engineering and software engineering. Like petroleum engineers, chemical engineers are often employed by multinational companies and even at entry levels, they’re rewarded with robust salaries. As regards the risks involved and the technical nature of the job, chemical engineering offers reasonable salaries in millions of naira. Some Nigerian chemical engineers working under global firms can have an average annual salary starting from #12,000,000.

7. Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical & electronic engineering is a dignified field of engineering that paves the way for employment in several engineering companies. Like petroleum and chemical engineers, Nigeria’s electrical engineers enjoy the privilege of securing employment in multinational companies where they can utilize their expertise and make money. If you’re an electrical/electronic engineer working in any of Nigeria’s multinational firms, you can expect an average salary that compares that of a chemical engineer. At the entry level, and depending on the firm you work for, your annual salary may range from #8 million to #12 million.